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  1. Some subwoofers have speaker level inputs that can be used with your amplifier, those that don't and only have L & R rca inputs can still be used with a speaker to line level adapter. Russound makes one (ADP=1.2 $40) and there are many very inexpensive ones aimed at car audio that will work fine. PS give the LS more time and follow some of the suggestions above.
  2. Good pieces, but a lot of options for tube preamps, tube amps, and tube integrated amps. The Sansui should be looked at by a tech if all original due to age.
  3. There are many (most?) people that would disagree with this generalization. No, I'm not a vintage guy, but have owned or listened to plenty of vintage electronics that sounds great, is clear, and has accurate bass.
  4. I would recommend staying with solid state (even though it pains me being a tube guy) because you will not find any tube amplifier worth buying for a few hundred.
  5. 1984 See this thread from the top of this section:
  6. It's hard to tell, but I think there are tube cages on a couple of peices.
  7. The first thread at the top of this section has the info you seek. "KLIPSCH HERITAGE SERIES HISTORICAL REFERENCE DATA"
  8. Got it, good in '74, rubbish now. lol Poor guy was born at the beginning of the wrong century. He wouldn't have wasted his time with all those tube amplifiers and that horrible low DF solid state pile of junk from the 70s.
  9. No doubt one of the better amplifiers, only because of its DF I'm sure. Did he use a BGW 250 at home or just at work? So 230 is high enough?
  10. I have gone down in power and gained better bass more than once, but all things were obviously not equal. Not one thing on spec sheet would have caused me to expect going down was actually going up in sound quality. Had a pair of demanding @90 dB, 4 ohm, dual 10" speakers that had better bass with a 15 watt parallel SE sweep tube amplifier than some @100 watt solid state I tried. Didn't see that coming, decided to try it after running a vg 100w ss on the woofers (110hz x-o) and the tube amplifier from there up. The bass wasn't better with the tube than the vg solid state amplifier, but it was close enough for me to just use the PSE. Would any 15- 20 watt tube amplifier have performed the same? NO Obviously I don't listen at dance club levels.
  11. Wrong I have owned amplifiers with high DF, some were really good and others not, just like lower DF amplifiers. I was making a point (which somehow I knew you would miss) that it's not a good idea to throw a dart at a board with only high DF amplifiers on it and think that it doesn't matter which one the dart hits it's going to be awesome as if choosing the best amplifier for a pair of speakers and individual taste is that easy. Yes I'm fully aware that many amplifiers with good bass also have high DF, but there are also amplifiers that don't have impressive DF numbers and yet they have good solid bass. You repeat that high DF will give tight punchy bass without giving a number of where the line is between high and not high, good bass and not so good bass. How high is high? If you are telling someone to base their purchase on a spec they need to know. DF I will go with well known amplifier designers and what the real numbers show (amplifiers don't work so good without speakers hooked up).
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