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  1. I heard a friend's pair of Spatial Audio Lab OB (can't remember model) speakers and would take them any day over Fortes, yes even the Spatial's bass was better. IIRC they are a 2.5 way with a plate amp on the bottom open baffle woofer.
  2. More proof to confirm why I generally don't ask people on the internet what they think.
  3. Listed in St Louis last week and before that somewhere else.
  4. All of them or just ones with autoformers? Electron Kinetics Eagle 2
  5. 1985 MEL Macassar Ebony Lacquer Rare Spec Order
  6. MC = multi-channel? 2 ch amplifier with a 1.5 ohm load rating. I didn't run it that way all day with it cranked though. 🫣 Was listening to compare 1 full range/rest bass only vs. all full range paralleled for detectable comb filtering effects.
  7. I will try to explain, if you take a speaker with a passive x-o and a normal freq response that rolls off on the bottom and use bi-amping to boost the bass, you boost frequencies that don't need to be boosted. To some people it may sound good, cool, whatever for a while but the speaker will not sound balanced and most tire of it in the end. The Heresy woofer goes up to around 700 Hz, why boost all of those frequencies when they don't need it? It may seem to fix one problem, but it creates another one, whereas subwoofers integrated properly boost only the frequencies that need it.
  8. Yes, but when expectation bias is part of the horn subwoofer experience then different becomes better. 🙂
  9. I knew that, just joking with ya because the OP has a tube amplifier. Also used a solid state amplifier in the same scenario above, but it weren't no garden variety ss.
  10. The tubes or the output transformers? Both? I paralleled 4 - 6 ohm (nominal) wideband drivers on a 2 watt EL84 set amp, it didn't care.
  11. On the other forum his departure wasn't about that (it may have been the start of him there, it was shut down quickly), but rather just his posting in general.
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