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  1. Yes there are 4 screws just inside the 4 white feet.
  2. Sorry no help on grilles, I use mine without. My 82s had risers on them but they were in bad condition so I replaced them.
  3. Put these low budget open baffles together recently. A tube amplifier for the wideband drivers and a couple of plate amps for the subwoofers.
  4. Playing the stereo too loud again? Can't even hear yourself think.
  5. I don't know what a 3 channel receiver is, but I would want to replace that Sony with a more capable amplifier (or a good tube amp).
  6. https://reverb.com/item/83408356-klipsch-klipschorn-kb-wo-l-f-walnut
  7. I wondered the same thing and then found this ad that says Northwest Missouri.
  8. On my (recently sold) Snell KIIs I used the tweeter + and the woofer - Paper clip jumpers were not changed.
  9. Will it cost anything to try? Get another set of cables and bi-wire. 😉
  10. If the subwoofer has speaker wire inputs or you use a converter no issues.
  11. Large for front speakers and "Plus" for subwoofer according to the manual. Note • If you select SMALL for the front speakers, the subwoofer will automatically be fixed to YES. Also, the center, surround can’t be set to LARGE if the front speakers are set to SMALL. In this case, all bass frequencies are sent to the subwoofer. • If you have a subwoofer and like lots of bass, it may seem logical to select LARGE for your front speakers and PLUS for the subwoofer. This may not, however, yield the best bass results. Depending on the speaker placement of your room you may actually experience a decrease in the amount of bass due to low frequency cancellations. In this case, try changing the position or direction of speakers. If you can’t get good results, listen to the bass response with it set to PLUS and YES or the front speakers set to LARGE and SMALL alternatively and let your ears judge which sounds best. If you’re having problems, the easiest option is to route all the bass sounds to the subwoofer by selecting SMALL for the front speakers.
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