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  1. Done! That was a good time refinishing these speakers. Time to hook them up and rock out.
  2. First coat done. Waiting to sand and add coat two.
  3. Just got a pair of Heresys....my first Klipsch i've owned! So they have been abused visually...terribly painted with white over black stain. Removing the paint was easy. The black stain is DEEP into the veneer and I can't remove it all without going through the veneer. I've decided that painting is the best way to finish these speakers. But...what kind of paint? Has anyone painted their Heresys? How do they look? What kind of paint? Any tips for a finish?
  4. The problem is, the black is not paint, it’s stain and it’s pretty deep into the wood. In some areas it’s as deep as the veneer is thick. The paint that was over the stain was easy to remove.
  5. Another update. The black stain that was on the speakers went pretty deep so sanding it off has been difficult. Unfortunately I did go through the veneer in one spot on the side of a speaker. Given how difficult entirely removing the black will be, I'm thinking that painting the speaker might be the way to go. I think in the end it will give me the best results given my starting point. Here's a few pictures for the update...
  6. Quick picture update…thanks for the continued interest in my project! Top of speaker B is sanded…very smooth. I’ll grab more info off the speakers when I get time later tonight.
  7. More work done...The white paint is removed from the first speaker...it flaked off with a scraper. It is now down to the black stain. I have sanded the stain, and it can be removed with lots of sanding, but i think no matter what, any stain i select will have to be on the darker side. I've also opened the second speaker and found a different style of K-22 woofer. This one has a round magnet and silver basket, while the other had a square magnet and black basket. So...which is original? which is replacement? Could they have come from the factory that way? The square magnet looks much older to me, much more faded on the cone. Pictures attached....
  8. Sanding experiment number one...using a random orbit sander I have been working on the bottom of the speaker. This is the result after about 15 minutes of sanding. Seems possible to get this down to bare wood and then stain it. I had to remove three metal feet that were attached to the bottom, not sure if that was original. The other sides of the speaker have less dings and dents compared to the bottom, so I have hope this will come out very well.
  9. Here an update to the process... I've taken apart the first speaker and found that inside looks pretty good. It smelled like an antique store when I opened it up. The white is paint over black and the whole thing seems like sanding is the way to go. The copper Klipsch logo is there, but it is painted over so I'm taking my time and trying to get that back to original look. How do the crossovers look? What's a sign that they need replacing? Should I just assume they're going to need new components? What should get replaced? Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks for the info! I will start with the bottom and see how it goes. They are black underneath the white paint so I’ll just default to black if the sanding doesn’t go well for any reason. Another picture of the label on the back.
  11. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and would like to hear about my speakers! Just bought these Heresy’s on Craigslist and they sound fantastic…but they look rough. I’m looking to get opinions on how to refinish them before I get started. Also, any way to date them, or figure out any manufacturing codes? Serial number: 518615, also a ‘B’ in one corner of the rear edge. Label says: made for audio int’l Frankfurt/Germany Heresy E
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