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  1. billybob, Yamaha sounds good. It should be simple and reliable. Thanks for the recommendation. Tom By the way, I'm in California (you asked).
  2. billybob, Thanks for your input. I'm not sure I understand, are you saying the Yamaho is a good alternative to the Spinx or is good and better priced?
  3. Yes, I think an integrated amp is right for me. I went to the Heritage dealer today and they suggested the Sphinx V3 Amp because it's a highbred of tub and solid state. Didn't hear it so don't know.
  4. Hello, Thank you all for your response, I really appreciate it. Re: the above questions: I plan to enjoy LP albums from the 60's - 70s and I'd like to buy more LPs. I also have CD's from same period. I don't have a dedicated listening room and I'll be using a large room that holds our Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen. I like low to medium volume but my wife likes it loud when we're working on the house. I've always wanted something like Kenwood/ Pioneer stereo systems friends had in the 70's with large box speakers. I've been looking at the Cambridge Audio, trying to follow the Klipsch Heresy power advice, the AXR100 appears to meet the requirements but the CSXA81 might deliver better sound (at 2x the cost). Klipsch recommends staying within 20% of the 100 watt Heresy design, so it seems 80 watts/per channel would be fine. I've heard tube amps are good but I'm kind of scared of them, I'm not good fixing things and I live in a small town without dealers, repair, etc. I'm looking at the Fluence RT85N turntable (no preamp), and an audio CD that would match up with the Amplifier. It would be nice to stream to outdoor speakers and record on my iPhone or Mac. I don't have a use for Radio because we don't receive a signal where we live. Our TV has it's own sound bar/woofer.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a good amp to drive a pair of Heresy IV speakers. I plan to have a turntable (that will probably need a pre-amp) and CD, and my room is 24'x24'x10'. I've spoke to Klipsch and they say the Heresy's need going with an amplifier that can provide between 80 and 120W (at 8 ohms and sticking within 20% of the Heresy's rated power handling of 100W. not an audiophile (yet) but I have some friends that claim they have extraordinary hearing. I'm looking to fulfill a dream from my 20's with a family when I couldn't afford a good stereo. I'm 70 now andI don't want to start too small and move-up latter. I've read a lot of recommendations where smaller amps are good, so I really don't know. I'd like to stay under $1000. I hope someone out there can help on this. Thanks Tom
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