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  1. Thank you. Every time I listen to them I thank him and think of him, missing those sessions of listening to them together.
  2. Taking notes. And will check Youtube to see if anyone has done something similar. Youtube is a good teacher — pause, rewind, and rewind, and rewind some more.
  3. Thank you. We miss him. Great tip. We have those furniture pens. I will try one in the back first and see how it appears, then apply the Howard’s. My wife wants to eventually stain the Klipschorns a darker color to match our other funiture, but it does seem very tricky. From pictures I’ve seen on eBay, the veneer is super thin and easily damaged. We might just live with the oak look and not risk it.
  4. Thank you. Valuable information. Unfortunately, what I did not inherit was my father’s electrical engineering skills. I went the creative writing route. Is there a way to get the crossovers refurbished?
  5. Hello, I inherited a pair of Klipschorns from my father, who recently passed away. They sound fantastic! I grew up with him owning and selling a variety of tube and solid state amps and various types of speakers, including, if I can recall, Alta, Infinity, Polk, Bose 901, Quad, Magnepans, Carver Hologram and Timelens, equalizers, Stax headphones, and the list goes on. He became a big fan of NAD stereo equipment in the 80s. Some of my most fond childhood memories were stereo listening and shopping with my father. He finally settled on Klipschorns and listened to them for the rest of his life. Anyhow, enough reminiscing. I have a couple of restoration questions. First question: I think this happened during their move. I tried to be very careful, but there are a few scratches on the front of the speakers. I am wondering how to fix those scratches. Please see links to pictures below. I was thinking of using these items based on reading the forums here: Howard Restore-A-Finish Wood Restorer for Cabinets, Furniture, and Other Wood Products, Golden Oak, 8 oz Homax 10120000 Steel Wool, 12 pad, Super Fine Grade #0000, Rhodes American, Final Finish Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish & Conditioner, 16 oz, Orange, 16 Fl Oz Do I need to put a filler in the scratches? One of them catches my fingernail. Second question: One of the horn mid-range's black paint is coming off at certain spots. Is the metal aluminum or a metal prone to rust? Should I touch it up or leave it alone? Thank you! Pictures: Crossover Mid Range Horn Scratch 1 Scratch 2 Scratch 3 Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Label 1 Label 2
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