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  1. Next week!! I must say I was used to the look of the e-480 so when I opened the A-48 I was quite impressed by the difference. (Stated another way I believe the e-5000 will look similar to the e480..) 100% accurate sir. Thank you 👏 sir. Live in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  2. Speakers arrived today!!! Another week for the e5000 (and before I can listen to them...). And yes, the pool table will be moved..
  3. It's being used on Cornwall IV's currently.
  4. Lol appeciate that babadono. And will do on the pics. Had been lurking for some time though and recently had the opportunity that allows me to pull the trigger on this. I ended up going with the new e-5000 and P4500. I think the Jubilee's are something like 4-6 weeks away from delivery now..😍
  5. Thanks dtr20. You're correct - was considering using the e480 for the preamp --> (klipsch) active cross over --> back to e480 for bass. Maybe the P4500 for the mids/tweeters. Although the E-5000 just dropped recently and is looking really nice.
  6. Hey all, Decided to go with a pair of Jubilee 75th edition and looking to setup with Accuphase gear. I currently own an Accuphase e-480 integrated amp on another system but was thinking of pulling that for the Jubilee's...any suggestions on what the total setup should be if only using Accuphase? Thanks guys in advance. Andrew
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