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  1. I've decided to clean them up as best I can, as well as replace the fabrics on the front. Then I will try to sell them. But I'm still not sure what they are worth once I'm done. They will not be perfect looking but they will look good for their age. There is not mold, cat spray, or odor. The images with reflections are because I wiped them down and the light from my sliding doors caused a reflection. I'll take better pictures when I'm done. Thanks, and I'd appreciate any additional advice or directions.
  2. I am moving on from my Klipsch Corwalls which I bought new in the 80's. I have questions and need some help. 1) The speakers are in fine working order but as you can see from the image my cats have scratched up the material. The cabinet is good and the speakers are great. Should I replace the material before I try to sell, or is it better to leave as is? 2) How much are these worth? I see wild price variations on ebay. Thanks for any help.
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