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  1. The bevel on the bottom where the book sits isn’t flat so it’s going to buggar the bottom cover and pages.
  2. Small towns have a reputation for dope and love. Which came first? The love or the dope?
  3. You guys are pretty good at creating envy especially since there’s no extras. Arrrrgh!
  4. The subs don’t have much of a resale value because if they work they aren’t sold. Any new electronic is subject to part deterioration from heat/lightning and faulty wiring/misuse. You might see some resale in military towns, from the person that buys for YouTube reviews and resells, and from the occasional “I over-extended myself” seller, estate sales, otherwise it’s probably stolen merchandise. Others can add their two cents about used gear.
  5. Sorry I hurt your eyeballs. This is certainly not a generational issue.
  6. Not a hater but a lover of good commercial sound. This is worse than my Bose Wave Radio. What I want at a bar/restaurant is crisp clear music that doesn’t overwhelm conversation but is as discernible. Otherwise we just get conversations with mud that makes people talk louder.
  7. I have a 1985 or thereabouts high school annual from Arkansas with that very same cover. I laugh every time this topic has an update, but wish they would have printed some extras.
  8. This is the command structure under which the volunteer served. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/114th_Territorial_Defense_Brigade_(Ukraine) There is one specific company I found raising funds separately for the brigade the US volunteer was in. The team is here https://sigma.software/about/management-team They show fund raising for a separate reconnaissance unit of the 135th Territorial Defense Battalion but the link is bad here and points to the 40th…They claim “19 of our colleagues joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defence in the Vugledar, Bakhmut, Mykolaiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Chernihiv directions.” https://unity.sigma.software/en/ I have been donating to UNITED24 primarily because I didn’t want funds misdirected. They have these contact emails. If someone in the business wanted to ship some units I think the Brigade level or the UA24 contacted directly might be the most direct contact for coordination. GENERAL QUESTIONS: HELP@U24.GOV.UA FOR PRESS: PRESS@U24.GOV.UA FOR PARTNERSHIP: PARTNERSHIP@U24.GOV.UA
  9. I was watching a memorial for a fallen US citizen acting as trainer in Bakhmut and noticed the PA system they were using seems to be on the blink. Wondered if Klipsch or someone in the biz might take the opportunity to get them some gear that works correctly and honors the fallen soldiers and their families. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3739582-ukraine-brigade-holds-memorial-for-us-soldier-killed-in-ukraine-battle-against-russia.html
  10. Can your experience be translated into THD+N minimum specs for amp buyers to consider with Klipsch? Yamaha indicates residual noise at 40 uVrms. If an amp is audible at zero input there’s voltage that can be measured on speaker cables with meter. Surely one could just measure that and know if it will be audible on klipsch. Seems easy enough for a dealer to measure and communicate.
  11. Pass already told him the amp was operating normally and the noise floor was normal and audible with sensitive speakers. Nothing to troubleshoot.
  12. Klipsch should sell horn-loaded baseball caps so everything sounds better. I still cup my ears with my hands anytime I want to hear better. A Klipsch horny cap would be awesome until I get yelled at which is quite often. Nerds unite.
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