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  1. JohnA, after reading your reply I went back and took another ohm reading. I have entered the Twilight Zone, they now measure 6.4 and 6.5. Sadly the higher reading did not help the weak sound. They sound half as loud as my other alnico K77 when run with a 2uf cap for comparison. So it looks like I'm back to square 1. I don't really need them right now, was just looking at a future fix. Thanks
  2. Thanks to everyone for the replies. KT88 the German video was interesting. Would anyone know if there is a place in Seattle that can do this job. I live 150 miles from there. Thanks
  3. Howdy, not a newbie, joined 2000 or 2001 as stig. Something changed and I lost post count etc. Oh well on to the tweeter topic. I have 2 alnico k-77 tweeters with weak magnets in my collection of Klipsch parts. They have ohm readings of 2.6 and 3.5. They are very weak volume wise. How do you recharge these things? Thanks to anyone who has an answer.
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