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  1. should we make a forum called "Member's Who Left Discussion" ... i mean trey c. did it for some photos, i would say this is the hottest topic of the minute and it would keep amy from having to hunt all over for the "hot" threads ...unless the earlier post was by an imposter unger? (twitching with paranoia) no one is who they seem anymore...(twitch twitch)
  2. dodger, no, i have been the ONLY one to claim to be the fake fini. it has always been me, just in another thread saying the same thing...i think the thread was "gentlemen...." i can't remember the rest. so just to recap, the fake fini was me, i have been the only claimant to come forward. rd, probably would not be a good idea, i could see the forum suffering greatly from such a stir up.
  3. Rdmarsiii, sorry not good enough, you could have p-shop'd the time on the screen shot and the system time...and.... just kidding, i believe you Rdmarsiii, i just wanted to clear the air again on my sillyness. (i will probably be shot for this, but i can't resist) what if a bunch of us started multiple accounts with periods after them, like "Amy Unger." or "tankhokie." "Trey Cannon." and then just posted normal replies under these new names... nothing like planting a seed of skulduggery...
  4. ha, "post-menopause" (got posted while i was typing) nice one
  5. the fake "fini." was ME!!! but i only logged on once with the user "fini." (notice the period after the name fini). i posted twice as "fini." and in the second posting 4 minutes later, came clean about the spoof and said i would NEVER log in again with that fake account. later that night, i logged on as tankhokie and de-bunked my tom-foolery again due to the fact some people still thought it was the real fini without the period. if you don't believe me, just look for the period (.) after the name fini - if it is there, i broke my promise, if not, it is the real deal. unless rdmarsii (sp?) did some creative photoshop stuff and pasted fini in the log on, that was the real fini and not me logged in yesterday. I REPEAT--I WILL NOT EVEN LOG IN USING THE FAKE "FINI." ACCOUNT I REPEAT--I WILL NOT EVEN LOG IN USING THE FAKE "FINI." ACCOUNT I REPEAT--I WILL NOT EVEN LOG IN USING THE FAKE "FINI." ACCOUNT I REPEAT--I WILL NOT EVEN LOG IN USING THE FAKE "FINI." ACCOUNT I REPEAT--I WILL NOT EVEN LOG IN USING THE FAKE "FINI." ACCOUNT man, i feel like i should build an idol to fini and worship it every tuesday...seems like some others here do seeing how much attention he gets
  6. that is funny, we now have the "log on police" looks like fini was busted...i have to admit, i have been glancing down to see who is logged on. face it guys, when you get around 100 posts, you are well on your way to being addicted. once you push into the THOUSANDS you are fully addicted. just settle down, they will be back...either as themselves or set up a newbie account and surf anon until they feel like posting something again. it is like a crack head saying one day..."i am tired of the rock, i think i am going to leave the pipe alone...i have only smoke'd up a couple of thousand times...." i would just leave them alone, they are probably just looking for the drama of their departure...and we are just feeding their ego
  7. ---------------- On 6/19/2004 5:56:36 PM fini. wrote: (For those who don't already know....this IS NOT FINI....just a mere clone account "fini" with a period at the end. So put your pants back on because this is the last post from this bogus account) ---------------- that wasn't fini...it was me, i thought i explained the FAKE account in the message. i guess though you never know with fini all i did was copy the avatar, profile, etc and slap a period after fini to create a look-a-like. i remember somebody else doing that....i think it was CAIN, CaIN, whatever. just a joke guys, wipe you chins!
  8. ---------------- On 6/18/2004 9:26:18 AM formica wrote: Audio is a hobby afterall, and should be enjoyed. Rob ---------------- it is more than a hobby!! and it should be miserable... ...especially when you realize that white van sold speakers are sooo much better than klipsch in every aspect...that and unless your a republican, who values their freedom of speech, and 100% for the iraq campaign but yet think saudi's and the nation of islam should.... sorry, just though i would give the moderators a laugh. (no trollism) i think a thread entitled "who do you know that is leaving" may have been more informative...this thread has already gotten up to 2 pages! i wonder why it is human nature to ask a question that will be answered by a large number of people when you really want to know the minority response...like a canoe instructor (standing lakeside) asking a large group of students "who here knows how to swim?" i'll be around now and then...(don't need as much knowledge since my white van purchase)
  9. i just love it that he paid the taxes for his new p-p-p-p-powerbook
  10. ---------------- Frank Speaker wrote: So you mean when we eat beef, we don't get as much iron as we used to? ---------------- you just have to eat the magnet and it's assorted debris too. i passed one just the other week i think...or was that the week of the cheese party...
  11. you have got to be kidding!!! cow magnet??? what kills me is that you get the cow to swallow this magnet (no clue how) and it keeps nails/metal away from the insides...and best of all...it STAYS in the cows tummy!! if you use this on beef cattle (or even milk cows), do you retrieve the magnet from the carcass? (never thought this would come up here on the klipsch site ) just wondering
  12. not to be mean sounding, but why not just burn the old tape and buy a new one? i can't imagine they are that expensive to buy. i am just curious why you are trying to erase a tape... you can always just turn the vcr on a snowy/blank channel, set the tape speed to lp (or the fastest speed...fast to slow = lp - sp - slp) then just record it overnight while you sleep. sorry if i am being nosey, my imagination is running wild why you are so interested in erasing an old tape, posting it twice, maybe not wanting anyone to see this "secret" tape.... sorry, i will stop now
  13. whew, after wading through all the porn, i finally found the link by searching for "mario" .... this guy had some serious time on his hands, but indeed impressive.
  14. joshua, uhhh, i am shooting a large "production" film and uhhhh was wondering if you could send over a set of the 7's? we are, uhhhhhh, trying to keep this picture quiet (on the down low) so maybe if there was no paperwork involved, that might be best....
  15. whoa, talk about going to the car audio extreme... did you read the details of that truck that won the record? stuff like 2.5" thick plexiglass windshield...doors that weigh 200lb each...72 batteries???? man, that is a lot of money to sink into a truck that is essentially useless outside of competition. that being said, i would have liked to experience what 172 dB would feel like, even if it isn't clean...i can imagine painful as the controls are made to crank it up from the outside of the truck. ha!
  16. deang, that brings up a question i have been wondering about. i know the reference line is great for ht (what i use it for) but how do you compare the heritage line w/ref? i have never heard a heritage speaker but always imagined them to bring out the best in 2 channel music where as the ref line brings out the best in 5.1 and up ht. am i anywhere on track here?
  17. frzninvt, maybe it was the 5200, it was a big slanted box, most all glossy black plastic with one button, the power button. the controllers looked like a mix between a brick cellphone and a stick style joystick. i did love my moon-patrol (not mOOn-patrol)
  18. just to echo what formica said and possibly put to rest a curious event that you probably notice... when watching a dvd, somehere in the middle of the movie or so, usually between a scene change, the picture and audio seems to pause just for a second...then pick back up. that is the transition point from reading one layer to the next. drove me nuts, i thought it was my dvd player, but after some research found out that little fact.
  19. my bubble has been burst! i saw this video back in the winter and i imagined this steely-eyed kid with bags under his eyes, skin as pale as milk, and reflexes of a cat... not sure what an emulator is, if i had to guess, it is some sort of variant of the percolator and have no idea what "save states" are....unless you meant "slave states", but i think that was abolished quite some time ago in the US. still makes me sad to think that there isn't a wonder geek out there that can do that. i remember timing myself playing games on the ole' original nintendo...and before that, the rare atari 5700. anyone remember the 5700?
  20. ---------------- Elephants are the only animal that cannot jump. ---------------- i hate to be the party pooper, but i would beg to differ that elephants are the only animals that can't jump... earthworms? snakes? ticks? etc.... maybe they are the only "mammals" ?? oh why am i even wondering about this???
  21. (said in shame) i have never heard a horn or any heritage series...(minus the heresies in my church, but i don't count those) i have never even heard the rf-7's... mainly due to a lack of heritage dealers here and also the fact i don't want to hear something that expensive...i like my reference setup w/svs now and do not want to get infected by the khorn-bug. keep your big horns away from me!!!!
  22. wow, either she and her 'roo are dwarfs, or that grocery store uses 12ft high shelves and 6ft tall shopping carts!!! maybe this is the grocery store's version for "big and tall" customers?
  23. i learned INVENTOR by autodesk first, then stepped back and learned AUTOCAD. from what i have seen, AUTOCAD is an older program and holds the basics for cad. INVENTOR is much more robust in its capabilities and is probably something like SOLIDWORKS (never seen it). i believe it will be one of those skills that build you a good foundation to learn from...you learn AUTOCAD, then other programs will be slight variations from that. my advice is to do a lot of "playing around" in the program, make whatever shapes you want, screw around with them and see what you can do. that helped me a lot in understanding concepts of the program. and have fun, it is like "microsoft paint" on steroids, you will be amazed with what you can render with the program!
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