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  1. I wonder if that would be close enough for them to see me give them the finger. What a waste of resources.
  2. What’s the goal of arraying these in a residential setting? Line arrays are a directional tool and there are trade offs. For directivity to be affected, you’d need a way bigger array, though as mentioned you’ll get some horn coupling from the bass bins. The lobing you’ll get from the HF horns will likely jack things up more than anything else. You’ll get less even frequency response than a single speaker, and the minimal narrowing of the vertical dispersion attained is probably not going to worth it. Then again, it’ll look wild, and may not sound very different in your room. No harm in trying, though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had some interest for some "best I can do tonight" quality pics. I'll still post better ones during the day if they're still available. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0hO7pAdmpxZGeZI5lZx2UKq5w
  4. $200 delivered in the US for the pair. Both made in Blackburn. One 1967, the other 1968. Bottom halo, double mica up on top. Brown base. I've been sitting on these so long... but priorities... Looking to raise some cash to put into my production rig, and Black Friday deals are over soon. NOS pairs on eBay will cost over $300 to your door, and online dealers even more. These have the reputation of being one of the finest rectifiers ever made. I have not used them except to test in my basic tester. My recollection is that they were represented as testing very strong, as new and my tester corroborates this. I actually recall them being NOS, but upon looking closely at them, that's not the case. I do know I wouldn't have bought tubes this expensive without a high level of confidence. They were going to go into a pair of Heathkit W5M that I planned to have restored but sold off years ago. Stock pic for tonight - they are this style and factory code. I'll get pics up tomorrow when I have some light. Getting this up to take solid offers or even "dibs" messages pending pics because there are no issues. Bases are tight, pins straight. They're beautiful.
  5. Yorkville put them in a mid-size front loaded box with the back wave horn loaded. One of my VTC line array early adopters bought 12 of them cause they didn’t like our 2x12 tapped horn. The first show in the US they were used on was a rap artist named Young Jeezy or something at the hockey arena in Dayton, OH. You know that moment at a general admission show where the headliner comes out and the crowd rushes the stage? They said that happened, but when the bass first hit, it stopped the crowd in their tracks. They had the subs stacked on their sides 6 over 6 along the front. One guy’s job was to watch them and replace the broken heavy duty ratchet straps they were secured with. They broke numerous straps. The office section of the building had just been remodeled. All the pictures fell off the wall, along with loads of ceiling tiles.
  6. That B&C 21 is serious. Yorkville used that in some subs. First to mass market, I believe.
  7. Right on! He’s a super humble, nice guy too. I met him at the VTC Elevation series product launch when I was point for the brand in the US. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The story I heard about its origin is that Danley was tasked with designing a subwoofer to use in studying elephant rumble communications across long distances.
  9. interesting! That's just the rack/motor though... I sold off my vinyl years ago to be more nimble in the world so it's been a while.
  10. man, the good ones are tough to find used. I remember looking for ages for a used one. I finally just broke down and bought the VPI 16.5. Great machine.
  11. Replied! I don’t think they will work in your MA2275. They are not a direct replacement for KT88. Unless your amp can take multiple tube types, I don’t see that they will work for you.
  12. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0KisQtj6PgOBdAKEtNOTT626A Photos here! Full resolution at the iCloud link above.
  13. I have a matched quad of these that I bought around 2005-6. Auditioned briefly in Mc30, and put away. No issues, just did not suit my preference in my system at the time. They probably have less than 10 hours on them. $90 shipped in the the US - willing to ship elsewhere for additional cost. Paypal or Venmo. This is right about half the cost of new from what I'm seeing. I welcome offers as well to keep these off ebay. Pictures to come.
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