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  1. Bumping up. These have a nice quality to the bass. Adding a tweeter or different coax would help them out and make them viable primary speakers. Tons of potential and not easy to find.
  2. I am fondly recalling those Jensen type A of yours I quite enjoyed... against medical advice.
  3. This is sold? I’m in WNY and wanted to see if you wanted to trade for some speakers I’m letting go.
  4. I’m open to creative trades and solutions to find these a home. Shoot me a message - it doesn’t hurt to try! I know the picture looks lame. I’ll get more up if there’s some interest and when I can rearrange my room a bit.
  5. Hey, old friends. I have a pair of Karlsons I’m looking to sell. They are 1950’s, made of Philippine mahogany. They are currently loaded with 12” Celesta coaxial speakers. Tweed cloth grills are in great shape, the cabs are fair to good. They have some scuffs and nicks but would restore well if you want to put the time into it. I bought these years ago from the original owner owner who built them while he was in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines. I’ve used them for the past 6 months as my main system and the bass is really nice. The highs from these coax are a bit hard, since they have a paper diaphragm. And I’ve replaced them with Yorkville Unity horns which are quite exceptional in that regard. My place is very small these days and I need them out of here. Looking for $300 or trade. Located in 14012, near Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Willing to drive a bit to help move them out.
  6. I would take those C535 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey folks, I would be willing to entertain offers with the Jensen step-ups (the Cream option) removed. I understand this adds cost, but not value to HOMC or MM users... Motivate me.
  8. Still looking to keep cash flowing... didn't make my number to move a mountain, but things worked out just fine and joshnich got a stellar deal on a great guitar and amp. Altec drivers are going to ebay really soon if they don't move here. They'll probably end up in Japan...
  9. I have a Bill Fitz Tuba24 for sale. Located in 14067, near Buffalo, NY. Not powered, but easy and cheap to power.
  10. Boom. Harmony Meteor & Vox Pacemaker SOLD!
  11. Lol! Replied to your pm, Josh. Thank you. That's how you make an offer!
  12. Thanks, John! I drool over it all the time, too.
  13. Come on guys! There's blood in the water! No sharks out there smelling it?
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