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  1. I would take those C535 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey folks, I would be willing to entertain offers with the Jensen step-ups (the Cream option) removed. I understand this adds cost, but not value to HOMC or MM users... Motivate me.
  3. Still looking to keep cash flowing... didn't make my number to move a mountain, but things worked out just fine and joshnich got a stellar deal on a great guitar and amp. Altec drivers are going to ebay really soon if they don't move here. They'll probably end up in Japan...
  4. I have a Bill Fitz Tuba24 for sale. Located in 14067, near Buffalo, NY. Not powered, but easy and cheap to power.
  5. Boom. Harmony Meteor & Vox Pacemaker SOLD!
  6. Lol! Replied to your pm, Josh. Thank you. That's how you make an offer!
  7. Thanks, John! I drool over it all the time, too.
  8. Come on guys! There's blood in the water! No sharks out there smelling it?
  9. I've got a Juicy Music Blueberry for sale. Sending you a pm...
  10. Thanks man! Onward and upward. Slainte!
  11. Here's a link to the VTC Pro Audio processor. http://www.vtcproaudio.com/dlms4080.html $600. It's made by Xilica and is simply killer. I installed in a friend's clean Yoga studio and bought back directly when they simplified and needed some other gear. Super clean - living room friendly.
  12. Looking at $275 each for the K, $250 each for the Giants with the metal concentric phase plugs. $175 for the 292, $225 with the new 4 ohm 'phragm installed and tested. All plus shipping unless buying with the horns. These are amazing with my Altec 203B 40x20 multi-cell horns. Spooooky midrange. $400 shipped US48 flat rate for the horns but wheeling and dealing if we're bundling and paying right away. Steve Schell hipped me to these years ago. I'm very sad to let them go. They are so good. No pics handy but nicer than this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALTEC-LANSING-203B-Long-Throw-20-x-40-Vintage-Horn-gray-/220539504011?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Speaker_Drivers_Horns&hash=item33592dc58b
  13. I think these are both C types. Both 4 ohm. GIANT VOICE! edit - oops one is a C, the other E. Jeepers... and the C is obviously 16 ohm! can load with the 4 ohm phragm if still available.
  14. Pair of nice 8 ohm 290K. Tangerine phase plugs.
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