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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm another one to consider on its preamp because the general comment are they can beat a lot of preamp that's twice as much as it's own price(maybe it's amp too, or other brands, lots of choices for amp out there). But I am waiting for the new model or firmware to support new audio format before taking action, while building up the purchasing power in the mean time.
  2. What sound card are you using? The reason you will need RCA plug to coaxial is they come out as 3.5mm and digital signal. Otherwise the sound card which offers coaxial out you will only need coaxial cables going straight into your DAC
  3. Most of the current players which play SACD and DVD-A will only allow in analog output for the sound which you will need 6 RCA cable to connect to your reciever. Solution can be getting 6 RCA cables if you already have them or get the new Oppo 970 player which allows SACDs to be sent through HDMI since the cost of 3pairs of average RCA cables would cost about the same.
  4. Experiment and compare how they perform at different settings. Theoretically, as low frequencies send to the driver which would move the driver slowly and interfere other higher low frequencies before hitting the crossover since they use the same drive. Especially hitting 40hz or lower which will make the sound comes out from the same speaker muffles. Quantity of the bass would be higher but you get much lower quality in overall in turn. Theoretically infinite number of drivers would solve this problem but it gets impractical [:S]
  5. It looks fine to me........... what's the question? []
  6. I have it ordered for NSD and we will see whether it's a snake oil or really upgrade at the beginning of July. SVS offers 45days satisfaction guarantee anyway, you can always return it if the new driver does not offer enough boost for quality
  7. How come no one's up for foobar? M-audio Revolution with Foobar with digital out here [] And I've both Audigy2 and Revolution. Switched from Revo to audigy 2 once I bought audigy2 for recording on another computer and turned it back to Revo within a week. Both are output through digital(coaxial).
  8. here's what Dolby recommends for the positioning of 5.1 speakers http://www.dolbydigital.com/consumer/home_entertainment/roomlayout.html I have RB-5s as surround that they are all directed and it makes a big difference on positioning. However if you have surround speakers like RS would be afffect less. Yet you can set up the whole house now so you can position them wherever you want anyway []
  9. For RC-62: Keep your center to be closer to the level of your ear in listening position as much as posisble. Dunno whether it would be above or below of your screen [] You don't need those banana plugs at all. The benefit of banana plugs over barewire isjust good for keep moving the speakers around.
  10. Or try RB-5IIs with RC-7? Grab a second hand RB-5IIs for cheap and I believe their price will be just similar to a RB-35s. I had my pair for $500 and they are comparable to RF-3IIs in various area(better in some, worse in some) [] You will need around $400 for RB-35s anyway and I believe the RB-5IIs can go lower than $500 nowadays
  11. I would recommend getting RB-35s. The smaller 25 series can barely keep up with the PB12s. I have it's brother(12/V) which my RC-3IIs(6 or 6.5" woofer. same size as Ref 25 series) center are too small to reproduce the mid to keep up with the rest and RF-3IIs(8" woofer) are barely able to keep up with it. Go for the front and middle first. If you watch movie that much, invest most on the center []
  12. Definitely quote of the week [] Instead of laughing at people who use Bo$e, we should educate them to steer clear of Bo$e in rest of their life for helping our ears whenever we visit them again. I think that would help our own ears the future reference. BTW it spells karaoke, it's japanese words []
  13. Welcome aboard! Where do you live davidsonm? Your local dealer's pretty deep on that..... 2500 is actually the MSRP. Try to call some dealers that is a little more distant but they are willing to deliver for lower price. I think that'll even be lower than 2500. Yet you have to let your wife know what's going on [+o(] And never believe the sentence "it's not the money!" because wifes won't complain if the speakers were only $5 []
  14. It depends whether you want to spend money into the system in the future. A whole system is a good block to stop you from buying new stuff as you already have one. Get a pair of main will keep yourself buying more if you watch movies often. Make sure the main fits into the new apartment too! Or it'll be big big headache for just position them with better sound reproduction []
  15. Craig, I am sorry to hear about your father. Vince
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