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  1. Hello, i have 4 K55V drivers with spring terminals. On all of them the red colour marking the positive terminal has faded away. All i can see are markings "1" and "2" on the driver case. Can someone tell me which one is the positive one? Many thanks in advance to everyone, Volker
  2. Many thanks to everybody for helpfull response! I have cut the parts for the doghouses according to the plans Akirk mentioned, used 30/60 deg for the wings and everything went together correctly. Has anyone tried EV SM120/1823/DH1506 as midrange for LS? Good Greetings, Volker
  3. Hello John, "Beware of the German Plans" : I am just cutting the parts for my DIY-LaScalas and I had to use these plans (converted to 18mm board). From an older thread I learned that there are incorrect mounting dimensions of the mid and high horns (no problem), but are there more severe problems like perhaps wrong back chamber volume, incorrect woofer slot or horn geometry that will spoil the function of the bass horn ? Are there perhaps some important parts missing in the plans ? Thanks for any information, Volker
  4. Many thanks to everyone, I will use the drivers ! I was worried about fs because I heard such a lot about the exact matching of the K33-TSP and LS. Volker
  5. Hi Bernd, I absolutely agree to you that the K33 is closely matched to the Klipsch Horns and that it is diffcult to replace it with an other type. This is the reason why I am concerned about the parameters of my drivers, FS 25HZ instead of 35Hz and qm much to low. I will build a test enclosure and see how it works. Please send me the contact information for Vienna Audio Tuning. Compared to the prices for used drivers on Ebay, 180E for new drivers looks quite reasonable. I intend to build the complete LS, for now i have 2 woofers, 2 unknown squawkers (said to be Belle Klipschs Drivers) , 2 ACR-copys of K400 and EV-Tweeters. I am looking for a pair of crossovers. Thanks, Volker
  6. Help needed, can someone identify the drive unit on the attached picture? It was sold on Ebay as an original Belle-Klipsch Driver. It looks like an atlas product, but is much deeper as every K55V i have seen. It has an alnico magnet, 16Ohms, phenolic membran, no phase plug and no signs of type or manufacturer on it. The only mark is "REFLEX DRIVER". On a K400 it is very linear from 300 to 3200 HZ and drops like a stone above that. Thanks to everyone, Volker
  7. Thanks to everyone for kind response ! To BerndH : Unfortunately I cant send a picture, but the drivers look exactly like the one in mace´s sick woofer thread. It has a glossy black laquered stamped frame with a square mud magnet and a Klipsch Logo on it. The magnet ist bolted together with two screws. There is a Part Number 67-7811 on the magnet and a sign "KLIPSCH K33" on the rim. To mace: For a good explanation of TSP and the measuring procedure try this site: http://sound.westhost.com/tsp.htm To djk: Last night i measured the compliance by adding a weight of 120g and got CMS=0.7 mm/N. BL is 11.4 N/A, Re=3.2 OHM I mounted one driver in a closed box of 125l and got fsb=48Hz --> Vas~=335l. Is it possible to re-stiffen the spider with some sort of impregnation (PVA, thinned silicone or rubber solution)? Perhaps some reader of this thread knows which impregnation of the linen spider is used in manufacturing. Could be of interest for a lot of vintage driver owners! I have a pair of Eminence Kappa15 Drivers on hand. Could they be used as a good replacement of K33 in LaScala ?
  8. Hi, yesterday i managed to buy a pair of used K33E´s on Ebay for an intended DIY LaScala projekt (Not easy to get in Germany). I took them home and measured the TSP. From posts on AA I expected something like: fs=35HZ and qts=0.4. To my surprise i got: fs=25HZ, qms=2.6, qes=0.313, qts=0.28, z(fs)=29 OHM The readings were quite the same on both woofers. Is an fs=25HZ normal for used K33, are the spiders worn out or are the posted parmeters wrong ? Measuring was done with constant voltage method, Um=1V. Many thanks for information, Volker
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