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  1. We have a winner! (a fellow Texan at that....)
  2. I just happen to have one that's new, first email to asmuck@sbcglobal.net gets it....
  3. Look terrific Michael. I have to say, my new speakers have Speakons and man is that a more user friendly connection, nice work!
  4. Best part might be that it's a definite sign that she's given up on trying to stifle the spend on my audio habit!
  5. Thanks, I thought it was pretty cool myself! Here's their site Bill http://www.customisolation.com/
  6. Absolutely Check out what my wife had made for me...I may have to keep her [A]
  7. Great point Carl, good catch. Oldbuckster, Bill at Response is in upstate NY, you should drop him a line to discuss the Jolida and I believe he offers modded versions, not positive. You can find him over at Audio Circle as well.
  8. Kind of odd given that I know Bill at Response, have worked with him and am working with him on gear currently, and he is the exact opposite of what the seller describes. Bill is a very quick communicator and really customer friendly in my experience.
  9. There's a right or wrong answer for every individual, but not universally. Personally, I have a decent level of playback rig for both CD and vinyl, and enjoy both in pretty equal amounts....mood, music, recording, number of glasses of wine, all play a role in which sounds better to me in a given listen...
  10. Dang it Jeff, I'll be in Chicago at a wedding that weekend, I always seem to get aced out when you're hosting something...bummer...have an enjoyable day everyone who can make it, the systems look great!
  11. Lamm makes sweet gear, true enough....sounds like a great system
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