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  1. Hi guys, I'll be posting photos soon of some items for sale. Time to repurpose a couple rooms and clear some shop space.


    Don't feel bad for me, Here's what i'm KEEPING - I'll move the 60th Anniversary Khorns to the gallery, and have a setup of pro gear for an eventual home theater as well as maintaining the MCM1900 for the shop stereo. Oh, and a 3 pack of LSI for outdoor cinema ( that I haven't used in a half dozen years, but NOT selling), as well as keeping some numerous other pairs of pro Klipsch. That should be enough for anyone.



    I've had fun collecting these over the years and meeting so many of you folks but it's time for these to make music again instead of collecting dust. 




    These will all be FOB Indianapolis NO SHIPPING please don't even ask. I drove to get them, you can drive to pick them up ok? 







    1- KP600 complete setup, 'kit' form as I never cared to get into the painting, final assembly/rewiring(if you choose to, original is all still there) , or mounting the 4 NIB K49 woofers (NEW IN BOX) . 6 cabinets with all working drivers (that's 9 speakers per side 2x18, 2x15, 10, 2x mid drivers, 2xK77 tweeters. Asking $1600 





    2- KHJ/KPT402/K69a standard Jubilee setup. That is the bass bins, the LARGE horns, and tweeter drivers $4800 .       Also avail with Crown Xti2000 amps x 2 already setup with Jubilee curves for additional $600 for the PAIR!  Total price for plug and play Jubilees $5400! 



    3- Klipschorns KWO 1970's vintage very good condition with BEC A/AA networks. Original factory cartons and packaging available. 





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  2. Hey guys, it's been a while. Thought I should stop by and say hi. Life as a 'roadie' continues since I've joined the local IATSE stagehand's union. So I'm now working the stadium/arena shows locally as well as some Broadway and the usual corporate A/V work. Still got most of the collection although I've sold a few pieces off in the past year or so since hanging around here. 


    What'd I miss? 



    yer buddy Michael. 

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  3. On August 5, 2017 at 7:42 PM, Schu said:

    That's nice... even the pair with the paint don't look that bad.


    On August 5, 2017 at 7:42 PM, Schu said:

    That's nice... even the pair with the paint don't look that bad.

    Yes at least the wood appears solid. So many of them have lived in basements, garages, or bars and smell like smoke, cat pee and beer.  Delamination is the worst issue in a LS bin because wood working is so difficult on them. 

  4. 15 hours ago, 32blownhemi said:

    My Industrials came with metal trim all around the sides. I see that your's didn't but just wanted to show how I used the metal corners to help with my lack of carpenters experience  Lol... You could maybe find these if you needed to.... Bill20170808_170047_resized.thumb.jpg.60dc046ed8b5d675390a94e5502c47d5.jpg20170808_170149_resized.thumb.jpg.1e3c918b28e831ee78837b71d06b23a9.jpg

    There was a forum member who made a die to recreate those corners, espeically the tricky angles ones for the top sections. The most highly prized of the LSI is the BG split models, which feature black fibreglass mat/resin as well as all aluminum edges/corners. 

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  5. 14 hours ago, Maximus89 said:

    Just got a chance to take out the drivers. Not as easy as I thought and seems like it's going to be difficult to put back together. 

    Now how do I remove the crossover network? - nevermind. Found the 4 screws


    Also can someone tell me about this type of xover and the difference between it and others? 

    Type AL s?





    'S' is simply for the split cabinet configuration. It's an AL electronically. You might look up some of my threads on LSI restoration. I've done probalby 6 sets over the years. 

  6. When using Duratex, I get the small 'trim' rollers 1" dia x 5" wide? at Lowes - the poly kind. The Duratex roller puts the texture on too heavy for me and uses a TON of material. Using this method I've recoated 8 EV 2x18" subs, 8 EV 2x12 tops two coats each with 1.5 gallons of Duratex. 

  7. Wood is Retro

    Retro is Cool

    Be Cool buy LaScalas 



    I mean, c'mon. How cool is it to have a basic plywood, 'industrial but pretty', totally retro folded horn loudspeakers in your living that totally make live music sound like live music (because it's a PA cabinet really)?  Besides Colter has them in his living room so there you go.


    Trust me get in the truck now. 











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  8. 85 db 'average' measured how, and over how long of time span? 


    I'd probably be a good candidate for tube amps. I rarely utilize a watt I suppose. 


    You can tell a sound man's car, it's the one with the stereo turned OFF on a Sunday morning after shows. We relish silence. As I sit here typing this on a quiet Thursday morning when you'd think I'd be enjoying my music on one of many stereos throughout the house - it's dead silent here. 


    Yeah, I need to sell some stuff.... 

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  9. On September 23, 2016 at 11:56 PM, jjptkd said:

    Well, I've been sitting here listening to the new RF-5's and figured I'd pull out the old SPL meter. It appears as though my normal listening volume at my seated position is about 65 db. With speakers rated at 98 db at 1 watt I'm guessing I'm barely using any of the 405 watts on tap but it sounds very good with plenty of detail and bass. I know the room plays a big part in that being only 13x14.

    Yeah, after shows I usually cool down with my LaScalas at a whopping 60 dbA at home. Any more I try to keep even pro PA systems around 90dbA at FOH (console) position, this is usually more than ample at the first 10 rows/dance floor. 


    We all listen too loud. That's why the damned titanium tweeters sound good to so many of you guys - you're all going deaf. 

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  10. Buy or don't buy. A lot of uncalled for mud-slinging on this post. 


    These fine speakers sure don't look road-weary to me. If they had been in a smoky bar the pebble finish would show signs of being washed off but instead looks nearly shiny new. I seriously doubt if they have been even played hard or abused in any way based on their physical appearance in the photo shown here. I absolutely do not see how anyone could draw the negative conclusions posted on this thread. 

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