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  1. I have some fairly inexpensive in-wall speakers by Elan that feature a positionable tweeter so you can aim it somewhat. Otherwise recommend any smaller Klipsch speaker mounted to the wall so as to avoid vibration! Use real center channel-designed speakers whenever possible as that sound is critical for the theatre experience. Michael
  2. How bout a real 'cheap and dirty' way of getting three channels. I believe (please correct me if I'm wrong), but Mr. Klipsch himself used to do something like this in the old pre- HT days. With a regular stereo receiver (your into saving $$$, right?) hook up a normal L and R channel. Now using the positive leads from both L and R on the Amp, create an 'electrical third channel' which is essentially a mono mix for a 'center' speaker. This will not be a Dolby 'dialog' channel, but its a great way to fill the 'hole in the middle' I belive I read on Forum that Mr. K used to use this with a two K-horn setup very wide in the room, with a Belle K as the center channel. Otherwise, I echo the thoughts that you should go into your DVD menu and tell the 5.1 system that there is no rear speakers. Obviously this will work only with DVD playback and not with VHS or normal TV broadcast modes if that is what you have in mind. Some of the Yamaha delay modes are just stereo mixes with delay or a center channel feed. Perhaps you could find a salesman at a local shop who could demo some of these. Michael
  3. I'll second the vote for Led Zeppelin DVD! It makes Song Remains the Same look like a home movie. Mr. Page went to the Nth degree to locate the absolute best concerts from the standpoint of performance and technical aspects, then did an AWESOME job of making the film clearer and the sound almost studio-like. What a labor of love! From one who was maced at Zep Indy 1977 Michael Also favorites Motley Crue- Lewd, Crude and Tatooed- great song selection with Samantha from Hole on Drums Black Sabbath- The Last Supper- A Birmingham only get together of the original four Ozz,Geezer,Tony, and Bill. Great song list and performance. Sprinkled with several interview that give history etc. Yes- House of Yes- ok, no Rick Wakeman but Igor does a commendable job. No Yes vid is complete without Chris Squire on vocals and bass. Great set list and performance. just my .02 Michael
  4. Yeah Indy, the Industrial LaScalas I used to work with at Indy Pro Audio (then Calliope Sound) were 3/4 plywood (the good void-free stuff) with fiberglass or gel-coat in black and aluminum edging. The cabinets were split with folded horn woofer in one cabinet and the mid/high horns in another. I don't think they had any passive crossover at all, since I always tri-amped those babies (grinning). We usually used four units, with two per side, stacked from bottom to top woofer-woofer-midhigh-midhigh. The total height was about 7 feet so the top midhighs just shot over the audience at those 80's disco parties. They travelled quite well and one man ( ok, a BIG guy like me) could carry a bass bin up a flight of stairs when properly motivated by Jack Daniels. I'd love to get my hands on a pair of those babies now!Thanks for bringing back some great memories! I'll give ya tales of humping the BIG MCM stack later!!! Michael
  5. Are your Corns still for sale. I'm in Indy and interested. please im or email me. Michael
  6. I have a set of Cornwalls. They have each of the pair of parallel walls (bottom, one side, back) covered with a 1/2 blanket of what looks like compressed tissue paper stapled in place. I suppose you could substitute an insulation-like material, but remember the purpose of the insulation. You are only trying to dampen standing waves between the parallel walls, therefore the insulation does not need to be very thick. Smaller speaker cabinets are sometimes 'stuffed' with insulation which caused the apparent size of the cabinet to be larger. This is not necessary with big boxes like Corns! Happy listening! Michael
  7. Here's the old 'efficiency equation' from when I worked at a pa/lighting company. The boss would always make the new guys work this out to understand why we carried Industrial LaScalas for our portable disco/pa rigs. If you had a pair of LaScalas and a Crown DC300 amplifier, how many Bose 901's and amps would it take to equal the SPL? here's how to get started: The LaScalas are what, 104db with one watt input? each doubling of amplifier power increases SPL by 3 db. So the DC300 being 150 watts per channel (I'm going from memory here) gives you 2 watts=107db, 4watts=110db, and so on. Then figure the BOSE at around 86 dbSPL and you would have to carry a room full of them and a ridiculous amount of amps to equal the kick of one Klipsch stack. Work this out and enjoy! you might also substitute your favorite modern speakers into the equation, like RF7's and Bose 'lifestyle' baby cubes. Michael
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I purchased an RSW12 sub from a reputable Indy audio dealer who shall remain nameless. I was greatly reduced in price and I am very happy with the sub. REGARDLESS, the local dealer (with whom I've spend beaucoup bucks and am on very personal terms) DID NOT DISCLOSE the 'B-stock' classification of this unit and I only found out after I got it home and noticed the label on the box! Moral of the story- buyer beware! Michael- who's so very sorry to have missed you all this weekend in Indy.
  9. I'm looking for a device that will automatically switch the TV audio/video to a Jenna Jamison movie whenever a commercial comes on!
  10. I dunno, I'm pretty happy with my Cornwall/RC7 setup, but then, like OZZY, I've been subjected to 35 billion decibels for 30 years. LOL I like the sound quality of the Cornwalls for stereo listening, but also appreciate the hi-tech approach the RC7 brings to Home theatre listening. Isn't there room for both without having duplicate systems in my main listening/viewing room? I'm an ex-sound engineer and appreciate the arguement for 'timbre matching' which can only be derived by speakers of similar driver design, etc. but can some of the more seasoned listeners please explain more fully why my system is such a no-no? Thanks gang, Michael
  11. Hi and welcome to the confusion world of HT. Our dear friend Carl C has it right. In my opinion, buy the BIGGEST, BADDEST center channel speaker you can afford and mount! Reasons: you may upgrade your mains later, best to have a center that can keep up efficiency-wise (My RC-7 ROCKS with my Cornwalls!), The center channel speaker is absolutely CRITICAL with HT as most of the dialog comes from it (the 'tapered array' of RC7 is great here) The best position hint I read on Forum was to tape a LED flashlight to top of center cabinet and use the light beam to positon/tilt the cabinet for optimum (read- DIRECT) angle to primary listening position. I have my RC7 under my Sony 35" and it is angled up substantially, which keeps early reflections (blurring) off of the floor. Also I have a heavy small carpet on the hardwood floor directly in front of the RC7 Good listening! Michael
  12. Hi gang, it's been a while. I've just gotten the new DSL working at the new home. Got to get all 11 pairs of speakers (mostly Klipsch! wooohooo) wired up as well. Our friend Pathos has got the question right... "If you connect two sets of speaker wire to the same output of your amp how are you going to seperate the high and low freqs? Do you need to connect to a crossover first? The whole advantage of bi-wiring is to have the signals carried over different wires to avoid the congestion on one set. The LFE signals are supposed to be cleaner and the Higher freqs are supposed to be more pronounced.(Or maybe the other way around) How can this work if you use the same outputs? Wouldn't the same signal be sent down both sets of wires to the speakers? This is all taking in account that I would be using the same speaker wire for the runs. Is this why they would say to get wire suited to the signal? " You have to run two separate types of wiring to take advantage of Bi-wiring. The theory is something like, the high frequencies get confused with so many turns in the wire, or the number of strands vs the wire gauge. Bass frequencies travel through the wire in a different manner and require a larger gauge. So there is THEORETICALLY an increase in 'definition' when bi-wiring. I've not tried it yet, but I'd be interested in a technical report or listener review on an A-B comparison. On an editorial note, I also do not believe in Monster cable, oxygen free wire, etc. Just use BIG gauge wire, solder the ends or use banana plugs to reduce corrosion, listen and ENJOY! Michael
  13. Nice setup- wish I could get my hands on some Heresy's! However, remember that by laying the center cabinet on it's side, you are altering the dispersion pattern of the mid and high horns. They were designed to give wide pattern when aligned horizontally (cabinet set upright), which is not currently the case. Depending on the polar charachteristics of the horns, you may have created a somewhat narrow 'sweet spot' in the critical center channel zone. I'd check my owners manual or Heritage Classic on the web to see if the horizontal vs vertical dispersion is very different in these horns. It may not be much of a problem, but ya never know. I know several Forum users with Cornwalls who purposely get the cabinets with the horns oriented horizontally with the cabinets on their sides ( or make a modification so this is the case) in order to correct the dispersion pattern for their center channel. Good Listening!
  14. Hey Indy, please reread my post. I concurred with John A, create power spikes with other equipment with AMPS OFF, saving speakers, by switching amps ON LAST and OFF FIRST. This is in agreement with your theory. I always remembered it by thinking of the signal flow at the beginning of a gig- you should follow this path in your startup procedure- never turning on a component earlier in the signal path than the last one on.Shutdown at 3 am was always the reverse, if you could think at all!
  15. hey ek, I remember this phenomena from my PA days. The rule was, in order to keep the signal spikes from damaging your speakers (we're talking massive tri-amped systems here), you always turned the amps ON last and OFF first. This way, if your mixer or any processing gear created a 'spike' when powering up/down, it would NOT be amplified and sent to speakers as the massive 'POP' like you are experiencing. So my advice to you might be to turn your receiver or preamp off first, then shut down the amps. If the POP is being created by the amp switch itself, there might be a fix through HK. This situation is not only bothersome, but could possibly cause speaker damage, so I definitely would not just ' live with it'. Hope this helps.
  16. Great link! Thanks guys. What would be the theory on changing the grill material on Klipsch speakers in relation to the 'resale' value of heritage? (Like I'd EVER consider parting with my beloved Cornwalls) I'm considering changing the grills on my oiled walnuts from black to cane, as well as making several of the cabinet/electrical modifications mentioned on the forum. Guess I could always cut new grill boards and keep the originals in case I ever wanted to change back. (You see, my girlfriends new kitty decided to use them as scratching post a while back. I was able to eliminate the frayed material by holding a lighter close to the grill and melting the frayed strands back, but they no longer look 'new')
  17. BTW, if you do use your projector in any type of portable capacity, do yourself a favor and get a PELICAN case for it. They have many sizes, they're plastic and waterproof, and you can get em with 'pick and pluck' foam so you can create a custom insert for your projector. Just remember to get a case large enough for cables and remote.
  18. GREAT maintenance tip! I've got a Canon projector that I haul around and use for client presentations of photos as well as for movie watching (it's got VGA and component vid inputs) It's also hung upside down, so I'll check all filters. Question- do ya just wash out the filters, let em dry and reinstall or is there more servicing, like vacuuming out the projector that we can do to help extend bulb life. My unit is so critical to my business that I keep a $400 lamp on standby.
  19. In the zenlike words of Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple- youngsters, ask your dads) MAKE EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE!!! seriously, your perceived changes in your system could be due to several things: Humiditity plays a huge role in sound transfer through air RS spl meter's angle is crucial, as is your body position to the meter, for best results, use a stand and get away from the thing. speaker angle, depending on the model, may change the beaminess of mid/highs substantially, so tell the housekeeper to keep her damn vacuum away from your cabinets. probably Artto could have some comments on this, being our resident accoustician (sp?) BTW, which switch settings and CD test sources have you guys had best results with?
  20. BUTTWAFFLE- LOL, this is the best thread I've heard in a long while. BTW, thanks Mitch for the info on MSA site I understand the absolute necessity for cupholders, but has anyone who has seating with the aforementioned 'shakers' ie built in subs or whatever please give an account of how these differ from having a good sub system. I'm interested in great seating for my new HT room, and understand the beauty of having one's 'arse' kicked (witness the 10" JBL in custom cabinet right behind the drivers seat in my Accord), but don't want to spend $$ unnecessarily. What's the best fabric for cleaning up the occasional 'butter' stain? Leather or Micro? peace out Michael
  21. Thanks for the review. I am remodeling a home and plan on including probably 3 rooms with HT, so I will need to use a couple of low cost HT receivers. Probably will relegate my Yamaha RXV 850 dolby pro-logic to the gallery room ( a secondary listening position), some NEW 6.1 or ?? receiver for my Cornwalls and new speakers in the basement party room and a receiver like you describe in bedroom.
  22. Thanks for the review. I am remodeling a home and plan on including probably 3 rooms with HT, so I will need to use a couple of low cost HT receivers. Probably will relegate my Yamaha RXV 850 dolby pro-logic to the gallery room ( a secondary listening position), some NEW 6.1 or ?? receiver for my Cornwalls and new speakers in the basement party room and a receiver like you describe in bedroom.
  23. Hey Indy! How bout some ORIGINAL MSA (Market Square Arena) seats? I think an INdianapolis Monthly magazine had them listed a few months back. They're solid plastic so they can't get beer stained- I know we sure tried back in the 70's and 80's! I'm thinking about getting a short row of them, mounting them on a small riser behind main seating for the 'overflow' crowd. It'll bring back memories of being MACED by the POLICE at LED ZEPPELIN back in 1977. I'm sure you have your own fond memories of this fine concert hall. Remember that THE KING played his last show at MSA! Michael
  24. Ovation had them on a one-day clearance, but they usually give me their 'best' price regardless. Castleton has one pair on reserve for me, one opened pair, and one demo pair. other Ovation stores probably have same deal. i'm going to go ahead and get these, if they don't work out, at least it'll be a good resale. Thanks for advice. Whats a good price for RF7's? They are the only 'old' line floor model that hasn't been replaced, correct? Michael- who still longs for real wood craftsmanship for such large furniture items. VINYL SUCKS!
  25. A local dealer has its last few pair of RF5 black for the price of $750/get one free. Is this a good deal? I could use these in my home photo gallery/2nd HT room. Or should I hold out for RF7 or keep with the Heritage line ( I have Cornwalls in my ROCKNROLL room) Thanks Michael
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