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  1. I always opt for spending $$ on the audio portion of equipment first. In response to a couple of previous posts, from a psychological perspective, it is the SOUND that draws your attention into the theatre experience the most. Agreed that the human sense of sight is probably our primary sense. It is simply that the acoustical phenomena of surround sound really triggers something deep within us that makes the experience very real. Imagine a huge projection screen setup with a tinny, mono sound system. Now move to a setup with say, 27" screen with a killer audio system. The later will bring much more enjoyment! Regarding projection systems, have you looked into Canon? They have a model, I think 7450, that is XVGA, 1800 lumens, and comes with a spare bulb ($500 bonus) for about $1800 at discount houses. good listening (and viewing) Michael
  2. I recently replaced my 27" Mitsu with a 35" Sony direct-view (tube) television. Due to space constraints, the Sony now sits on a stand directly adjacent to a Klipsch Cornwall. For the first 12 hours or so, pink or green discoloration appeared in the corner of the TV tube closest to the Cornwall woofer. THEN IT DISAPPEARED! I know this was due to the proximity of the tube to the woofer magnet and the Cornwall being 'unsheilded'. Question: Why did this phenomena disappear after a few hours viewing, and am I possibly causing long-term damage to my Sony TV? Is there a way to block/shield the tube from the magnetic interference ? Michael
  3. agree to above posts- for HT, get the biggest, baddest centre speaker you can afford! You can always turn it down using your receiver's balance control. What you need is the full bandwidth (LOW end) and imaging that a dedicated engineered center channel box gives you. Therefore RC35 or RC7 would be my choice! That is why i can't see the number of heritage purists who use cornwalls, heresies, or LaScalla's for center channel speakers based on the timbre matching principle. I think that arguement is minor compared to bandwidth and imaging which are both highly critical for HT centre channel IMHO. (no, I'm not trying to 'flame' you guys, and no I havent tried heritage in my system, YET! )
  4. They ARE expensive. The lamp for my canon 7105 is $400. There is a retailer selling Canon 7405? with a sparebulb for only about $2000. You might try local camera store for leads on getting replacement bulbs. Also try online projectorpeople.com
  5. Hey LoLo, welcome to the forum. I use an AudioControl 2x10 band eq with my Yamaha receiver. It is connected using the pre-out/in rca terminals provided with this receiver. Many receivers do not have this provision, so you end up using a tape monitor loop, which may severly restrict the source material you can use the eq with. On my setup, my two Klipsch Cornwalls are eq'd regardless of the source material OR THE SURROUND MODE used on my receiver. With rock and roll, straight stereo, eq works, with 5 channel Home theatre, Corns are still being eq'd and OTHER CHANNELS ARE NOT. This is critical to your setup. If you are using seperate pre and power amps the eq just goes between the two. For most home users, a10 band eq works best, it gives you gentle eq slopes at one band per octave of sound, so yes you can control the entire frequency spectrum. Used in conjunction with a good test cd and a calibration device such as the Radio Shack dB meter and you can obtain flat frequency response (as a starting point) from your system. Regardless of the test curve of your Klipsch speakers in an anechoic chamber, the REAL OUTPUT will change based on the size of your listening room, damping materials such as drapes, heavy carpet, upholstered furniture, mass of you dog, etc. These conditions all change the real world response of your speakers. My advice, use the above tools to eq to a 'flat' response at your prime listening position (mount dB meter on mic stand so it always measures from same location), Mark the position of all the eq sliders for future reference, then re-tweak your 'personal' preferences in if you wish. 31-band 'third-octave' equalizers are IMHO too much trouble for home users and you're more likely to screw up the sound with their narrow bands and steep curves. Good luck- email or msg me for more info on eq-ing. I'm an ex sound and lighting engineer for bands and theatre.
  6. Congrats on purchase. I'll send you specs on building Cornwall I speaker grill boards from my dimensions. For woofers, don't replace, if your fixes don't work, have your baskets reconed (old pa guys use clear fingernail polish to fix tears, you don't want anything flexible and heavy, you want hard and light like woofer cone material. Look for a local electronics repair company that works on guitar and pa amps and speakers, they can get a recone kit and do the work for about 1/2 what a new woofer will cost you.
  7. Emerson Theatre (back in midnight movie days- or way is daze) was a huge Altec system, perhaps they changed for Klipsch when they went live rock and roll. Wonder what happened to those Altecs- about 8' tall stack, and that was the rear 'surrounds' way up above yer head- really scary. It really pains me to lose out on a bid for some of my city's r'n'r history. That MCM stack would have been great in my barn!
  8. Bill, I'm going tomorrow for a personal tour. Anything to look out for? I'm going to take my list of potential Cornwall mods to ask for their blessing, maybe pick up a few parts.
  9. Congrats and welcome to the CLUB! You are quite correct in stating the 'human' element and warmth of the wonderful design of the Cornwalls. From what I'm hearing, they are one of the fave heritage designs. I'm proud to be a 12 year member of the club. Just now looking at making some cabinet modifications to 'soup up' the sound of my babies.
  10. 1. What Heritage speakers have you owned, currently own, or want to own? Own Cornwalls, would like LaScalas, Khorns, heck ALL of em 2. What was your age when you first purchased a Heritage series loudspeaker? 32 3. What is your current age? 44 4. Why did you choose Heritage loudspeakers over another Klipsch model? Used and were available cheap, I'd worked for PA company that used LaScala Industrials for disco and also owned a MCM full stack! 5. If you currently own some Heritage loudspeakers, and could purchase some more Klipsch speakers(new or used), which ones would you purchase? Why? more Cornwalls cause I love mine, LaScala industrials for PA, Khorns if a new home allowed for a 'theatre' room 6. Do you think the upcoming Jubilee should become part of the "Heritage" line, since it was also designed by PWK?don't know much about these, but if they are PWK, they're IN! please publish survey results so we can all share ;-)
  11. Tom and Allan, Would love a pair if they're any left. I emailed earlier, didn't know I needed to post to get on list. Thanks Michael Colter
  12. If IndyKlipschFan once sang through this system, it is DEFINITELY BLOWN UP- he has the loudest scream this side of Roger Daltry! LOL
  13. oh yeah, the whole pile of speakers went for $530- the horns are worth that alone, even if all the cones and drivers were blown! ARRRRGGGHHHHHH
  14. ARRRRRGGGGHHH! Wish I'd bought this stuff- It's in my city (Indy) and I've got plenty of barns for storage/rebuilding! IndyKlipschFan- if you EVER see anything like this again, please notify at once! currently the Party Barn has a tri-amplified system, mostly EV, JBL and BagEnd cabinets- This 'pile 'o' Klipsch' would have made a great addition. Me, I just like having the stufff around- makes you feel good even if it's not plugged in!
  15. Beautiful work! Love that vintage grillecloth! Enjoy, I'm sure it was a labor of love.
  16. Got some good ideas and theories there! First, congrats on your acquisition of Cornwalls- the price was certainly right and you will be amazed at the sound you get from these babies. Applause on your innovative approach in including these in your main listening room despite archetictural obstacles. From an acoustical standpoint, your ideas are 'sound'. You are right about low end being primarily omnidirectional, but I'd try as much as possible to maintain some sense of the stereo soundstage by putting your horizontal 'bass bins' under or on the sides of your mid bins. The horns of the cabinet are not a substantial % of the interior volume of the cabinet, so you shouldn't need to compensate for this ( horn volume is about 12x4x3 inches approx is only about 144 in3/ cabinet interior volume of 11,388 in3 based on my actual measurements= 1%) Your concept of mid cabinet orientation/placement is correct. Horns should oriented as they were originally in cabinet (note that some horns actually have better dispersion when placed vertically), with their height and toe-in appropriate for the listening room (ie, usually toed- in slightly to avoid the Bosian approach of reflecting sound off nearby walls) From a construction standpoint, BEWARE!!! First, when modifying your Cornwalls, be certain that they are vibration free and that you can restore them to original design and cabinet finish. For that reason, seal the mid/high openings carefully, with lots screws and perhaps a non-hardening type of sealant such as rope caulk, thin cork, or foam. Be certain that the built-in cabinets you install the bass bins in are well constructed and free of vibration. Beware if you are using a turntable (used to play old-fashioned vinyl discs reported to contain muscial information), as the Corn's may create vibration that is picked up by the turntable. Pad the shelf of your built-ins prior to sliding in the bass bins, to avoid scratches. The distance between the bass bins and mid/high units is not so critical from an electrical distance timing standpoint as is the distance between each of these cabinets and your listening position. You will hear a timing 'blur' if the distance between each bass/mid and listening position is substantial. Good Luck and hope this helps, Also check out the post for Updating/tweaking Cornwall I's, with many helpful hints on electrical and mechanical updates to your units.
  17. I too, have a pair of Cornwalls, circa 1975, and considering the refinishing and regrilling path. Does anyone know of a possible modification to mount the speakers (mainly the squawker and tweeter) closer to the front of the 'motor' or baffle board? It seems like the sound from the horns would get severly diffracted when exiting the horn and striking the edge of the 3/4 plywood baffle board. This would probably involve some routing from the front of the cabinet for the tweeter and possible thinning out the mounting area for the squawker (midrange). Also, wouldn't some crossover components leak or lose value over time? How could one test this theory and possibly rebuild the crossovers while inside the cabinets for the refinshing job? Just a thought, while we're going to all this trouble. Damn, this sure is a cerebral board! Michael
  18. Speaking of CATS, mine have used my old Cornwall grilles for a scratching post. I've been able to melt off the handing threads with a lighter, but they're not as nice as they could be. I'd like to refinish my 'oiled' walnut cabinets and replace the grille cloth. Is there any catalog of 'original' type grille material, where can this be obtained, and at what $$$. It appears that the cloth is glued to the masonite grille board, how to remove it? Or do I have to cut a new grille board? How to catproof these speakers? I was thinking of a plexiglass panel in front of the cabinets, like those rock drummers have, it May affect the dispersion pattern, though! LOL Michael
  19. When my Cornwalls needed rebuilding (they lived through a house fire- thank GOD), I replaced the stock drivers with some PA speakers I had in some monitors, since I'm an ex sound-engineer and happen to have that like of stuff lying around the barn. In my case they were Electro-voice 15" and I think they were EVM15B (orL). If memory serves, they were a bit more efficient and a little peaky in the low end, but no more so than the LaScalas with stock speakers- just look at the frequency curve on those at 400HZ! They sounded pretty darn good to me, until my stock cones came back from reconing. Any rate, if it's a cheap fix, probably no big harm, of course, being purists, we'd rather see you fix em up right! If your originals are blown DON"T THROW THEM AWAY- save the frames and if the voice coil gap is not scored, you can have them reconed. Look for a rock and roll electronics repair center- they do this work all the time and it's way cheaper than buying new drivers! Michael
  20. hey Bill, i recommend you add a REALLY BIG doghouse to the rear of the main house, say about 22x 30 feet, with room enough to let your Scalas BREATH! I remember using two pairs of the industrial (split cab fibreglass with metal edge) LaScalas back in the 80's for travelling disco/DJ shows! They KICKED! Michael
  21. Oh yeah, AMEN to not needing a Sub with Cornwalls. I'm a firm believer that the ear can localize even low frequencies, down to the last couple of octaves. My bro has the Quintet/Sub setup and it drives me crazy with about half the audible spectrum coming from that box in the corner. I want to hear the original stereo/HT spread as the engineer mixed it. CORNS ROCK!!!! If I ever need more low end, I've got a couple of JBL 18" theatre/pa cabinets and a Crown 1200 amp, that should do the job! Michael
  22. Thanks for the help gang. I"M KEEPING THE CORNWALLS. I just LOVE the sound of these babies so much I can't move em from the main listening room. I've got a 10 band eq on them (through my Yamaha receivers main pre-out/in loop- very cool) so the timbre closely matches that of the KILLER RC7, which I consider a necessity because of the imaging necessary for HT useage. I cannot see how some users justify using Cornwalls, Heresy, or LaScalas for centre channel, but hey, it's your ears. Likewise, for the sake of efficiency and imaging, I'm going to invest in RS7 rears, possibly move the more inefficient Definitive BiPolars to a side listening position as 2nd set of surrounds. Also going for the new Yamaha 3300 unless you have some advice regarding that purchase! Been shopping EBay for Klipsch, and there's some beautiful stuff out there. I recall paying $300 for my pair of Corns, but they had been in a fire and I had to rebuild all drivers. Peace and happy listening, Michael
  23. OUCH- could NEVER consider selling my Cornwalls! These babies actually survived a house fire before I owned them. They sat in this guy's closet and the house burned down around them. I replaced cones and all drivers, they sound great, but stunk like high hell for the first three years I owned them. They're really ugly beat up oiled walnet, though- don't look real good in the LR and take up lots of acreage! I think I'll just keep em, perhaps buy the RS7's for surround (I don't have much wall space, but need something more effiecient and full range than the Definitive Bii-polars), I think I'd probably be disappointed with the RF7's as replacements, especially since I'd probably have to add a subwoofer (yech) of some type to make up for the missing bass (GOTTA LOVE BIG BOXES!)
  24. OMIGOD, it's gorgeous! I do wonder how the RC7 woofers work with Altec x-over and if the designer copied the Klipsch cabinetry (port) design exactly! I do like the idea of a wooden horn though, as most of those old Altec's were metal and had a definite 'ring' to them. Good luck with the sale.
  25. Help! I'm in a wonderful predicament! I'm the proud owner of 1975 Cornwalls, rebuilt within last 10 years. I dearly love the 'big box' sound of these speakers and they are the mains in my home theatre/hard rock sound system. I'm also using a newly installed RC7 and some Definitive Tech bipolar's for rear speakers in my 5.0 setup. Currently using a Yamaha 850, which is 80 x 3 + 30 x 2, underpowering the rears, although I plan on upgrading to a 3300 with equal 110 watts x 5 (7). I've stumbled upon an opportunity to purchase Klipsch speakers at substantial discount(30-50% below list), have about $2,000 to spend and wonder if anyone has any advice for me. As I see it, my main options would be to : 1. replace (?) Cornwalls with slimmer, smoother response, better dispersion RF7, to match my RC7. what is the best price any one has found on these? Then what to do with the Corns, hook em up in garage or basement? what a shame. 2. keep the Corns, but replace bipolars with more efficient RS-7 surrounds. 3. I'm not a great believer in powered subs, but if option 1, should i invest in a RSW15 as well? 3. I already own two pairs of KB1.1's for office and have another set of 4 with KSC C1 for a 'second room ' small theatre system, so I don't think I need any more 'little speakers' . Thanks for your help, this is kind of a 'dream list' of mine. I live in Indianapolis, and am taking the Klipsch facility tour next week ! WWWOOOOO HHHOOOOO !! Michael
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