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  1. Hi Brad, We need a bit more information what your trying to accomplish. Are you building this system for nostalgia reasons or highly accurate music production? If it is later, PWK was one of stereo biggest advocates, literally going door to door with a custom built speaker to show the hifi dealers of that time the superiority of stereo. If you do not have two good corners. I would suggest you look at the Cornwall III and/or the LaScala II, both started production in the 1950s I do belive.
  2. Thanks everyone....I am fairly sure I'm keeping the 7 II at this point and I have my wife looking for a center throw rug to start treating the room acoustic issues. Jeff
  3. I have been toggling the XT32 eq on and off to make sure its not having too much influance on my decision process. Having said that I am leaning toward keeping the RF-7 II... Here is a pros and con list on keeping them. PROS: 1. Matching timber for movie watching. 2. Saving 800.00 dollars 3. I think the RF-7 II smaller footprint are easier to place. Staying with the Reference line allows my to mix and match RF for future rooms. 4. Movies sound awesome on the RF series.... zero issues on that front. CONS: 1. So far missing some midrange magic of the Heritage...(subjective...please don't flame me) This could be addressed with room treatments and equipement. 2. While two channel is very good with the RF-7 II....My super fond memeries of the CW are keeping me up at night. 3. No mid range horn. Pro or Con? PK seem to like them. 4. Losing the matching RF set for movies. I guess I was trying to see if I could have my cake and eat it too with mixing the RF line with Heritage line. Please jump in here if I missed anything... Thanks
  4. CECAA that is a huge vote of confidence to the RF-7 II. Its not too bright after I run XT32. It just seem like it has almost a weak midrange from what I was remembering the CW I to have. I then thought maybe it a 2 way vs. a 3 way issue with the CW having the horns xover at 800hz vs. the 7 at 1200hz. So I got started on thinking about the CW III. My dealer says no problem on the exchange just have to throw some more money at him. I know that Ice class D amplifier have some problems driving certin speakers.....But I didnt want to dwell so much on that as I could change the amplifier quite easly. But the decision I have to make this weekend between the RF-7 and the CW III is something I have to live with for years. So your opinions are really respected.
  5. Very good point with the throw rug. What you cannot see also is the wall behind me is pure glass with a triple sliding door. Luckly my Onkyo PR 5508 pre/pro has Audyssey Xt32 which corrects it to a decent eq curve.
  6. Seems like the popular vote is leaning towards the RF -7 ii.....CW III owners please chime in too I should say my music preference are rock and jazz. Im not sure the 7 like my ice powered nht power 5 amp Could be an issue?
  7. Here is another picture from straight on....That is a 55 inch TV for size reference.
  8. Attached is a picture of my current set up....As you can see I have a ton of room to fit the CW-III. The subwoofer is the corner behind me.
  9. My room is 35 x 18 x 9 ft. Some food for thought Budman...The RC64 II and the RB - 81 II (rears) are staying as they fit into the room. I am still within my exchange period on the RF-7 II. So its now or never to get the CW III. My house does not allow for another place for a seperate 2 channel rig so my A/V room has to do both stereo and HT duties.
  10. bobdog - That is great feedback...you heard them both? Can you go into the details of why you would go CW III? Budman - Same question. Can you go into the details of why you would go RF-7 II? Thank you for your help!
  11. CECAA850 if I am reading you right...it sound like you think I should keep the RF-7 II's?
  12. I want to make sure my front stage speakers are the right ones so two channel is done correctly first. In my opinion two channel just has to be right. Then...Timber matching would come next. So has anyone gone from the RF-7 II to CW III? Or the reverse? Anotherwards, is the RF-7 II an even match for the CW III for two channel? Money aside, which would be another 800.00 dollars to go to the CW III, as I will have these for years. My room and wife will only allow a RF-7 II or a Cornwall to be place up front. I cannot afford the P series. I would need to the exchange by early next week so I have to decice quickly.
  13. Let me ask the question another way...Which one would you get for stereo music only? Can you go into a bit on why you would not match the Heritage and the RF II? I would love to listen to the Cornwall III but there in no K dealer in NE FL according to Klipsch. This mean I am going to go on people opinions that have been there. I hope that isn't too much pressure on the forum!
  14. Thank you for your reply, Thats a good idea but my current layout of the A/V room dictates that I go with the RC- 64II center. I did talk to Steve at Klipsch Tech today and while he has never heard that exact combination, he seemed to think I would be ok with movies. It is a very hard call...As I have to live with these for years I really need to make the right choice. My first impression of the RF-7 II is that it is missing some of the midrange magic of my old Cornwalls... It could be that it is my amp maybe a tube amp would bring it out in the RF-7 II? Please chime in here if you have experience with one or the other..or both.
  15. Hello, A few weeks ago I bought RF-7 II for fronts, RC-64 II for center and RB-81 II for rears with an earthquake MKV-15 sub. I have a few days left on the return policy and I am think about exchanging the RF-7 II for the Cornwall III's. There is not a local dealer so I am going off my 25 year old memory of the Cornwall I's I had as a teenager. Is the Cornwall III worth the effort and money? Would I have any timber matching problems or would I be ok with movies? Currently, I use the Hi-Fi system for 60% stereo music and 40% HT. I am running 250 watts x 5 NHT power 5. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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