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  1. Great news everyone. I just pulled the trigger. Two Heresy IV's in Black Ash being prepared for shipment!!! Thank you everyone for all of the great info!
  2. Well I don't have it yet. I ordered one but it's on backorder. I would like to have the phono section anyway just in case I build another system for another room.
  3. I'm thinking the $1500.00 range. I want to give the Heresy's every advantage without my Wife killing me.
  4. I guess that I should mention that it's for a fairly large room. If I remember correctly...don't quote me...16 or 18x26 ceiling runs from 7ft to about 13ft
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for an integrated amplifier for primarily spinning vinyl? I'm running a Fluance RT85 and will be running the Heresy IV's with a Schitt Mani 2. I would like it to have Bluetooth capability and obviously a phono input. Right now I'm running a Dayton Audio HTA200. I know. I know...it's what I could afford at the time. My Son can't wait for me to give it to him. Don't get me wrong...it does get the job done and actually doesn't sound bad on the current speakers I'm using. I'm just getting too old and impatient to deal with all of the idiosyncrasies of tubes. I should have gone solid state from the get go. My Son gets a win out of it, so there is that. So any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I know that last post is way off topic. I just wanted to share my good fortune in the hope that someone else here might also benefit.
  7. Small but VERY IMPORTANT piece of advice for everyone. If you live in NY or have something similar where you live. Go right now to your regions Comtroller website. I received a letter from The New York office saying that I have unclaimed funds. Well...a check just showed up today that gives me 4 figure discount on my new speakers. In NY all you need to do is go to the Comtroller's website and do a free search. I'm certain that it must be the same nation wide. You never know unless you try. It was a very pleasant surprise that at first made me very skeptical in today's world of scamming.
  8. So, after thinking about it, speaking with the folks at Klipsch and taking in all of the great advice from all of you, here is what I think that I am doing. I'm probably going with the Heresy IV'S. If for some reason I feel that they need more bottom end I'll pick up a Rel HT/1510 at some point. This also gives me the opportunity later on to move the entire setup into my 20X20 spare bedroom/studio in order to grab something higher end and a set of Cornwalls for the living room. Who knows, maybe at that point I'll do something ridiculous and go larger than the Cornwalls.
  9. Thanks for the great advice. I'll certainly keep my eyes open. Everything else has arrived with the exception of the Schiit Mani 2 which is on backorder. The Fluance RT85 will be delivered tomorrow. I already have the primary Amp., so after delivery tomorrow all I really need to start playing music are the speakers.
  10. Will check in tomorrow. Have to head to bed. 5am gets here quickly
  11. So...any thoughts on the Forte IV's in front of the window if it has very lightweight curtains? As seen in the photo.
  12. Very true. I'll never tell him that I was cranking the likes of Rush, Malmsteen and Gary Moore out of them when I was a kid. Shhh.
  13. Well it helped that my Father played studio sax for Capital records when he was younger.
  14. I count myself extremely lucky being in this area. As mentioned I am a drummer and the location allowed me to take eight years worth of private lessons during my last few years in elementary school all the way through high-school with Joe Morello. Dave Brubeck's drummer, who played on Take Five. He lived in Hyde Park which is very close to us.
  15. As requested. I'm located in Dutchess County NY. About 73 miles north of NYC. Very close to Poughkeepsie.
  16. Thanks for all of the advice BTW. Much appreciated.
  17. Well the ceiling goes from low to high in the length. I planned on putting the setup on the low ceiling end facing across the room to to 13ft ceiling. The floors are hardwood but have two very large area rugs that can be moved or adjusted as needed. All of the walls are stucco, that would be a tough thing to change, not to mention expensive. Otherwise the room is fairly open with the exception of a couple of plush chairs a wood stove and a plush sofa, and a very large and thick glass coffee table. There is the other common items like a set of shelves and various framed pictures on the walls. The area rugs definitely contain any echo which there was plenty of without them.
  18. Well I've been a Drummer for over 50 years. So I'm not sure if I want to spend $$$ when I have $ hearing.
  19. If you have the money or great insurance Oticon is the only way to go. They are like the Klipsch of hearing aids
  20. Did I ask the wrong question?
  21. I just realized something in regard to the window situation. There will be curtains between the glass and the rear of the speaker. If I go with the Forte IV'S would that be better for the rear passive or worse? Anyone have any thoughts?
  22. Any suggestions on what to replace the Dayton Audio with once I get the chance, or is it going to work for the foreseeable future? I checked out a bunch of videos and articles regarding the use of this Amp. with higher end speakers. At the price point I decided to take a gamble. I hope that it's not a horrible mistake. At least I can return it if it is. It arrived yesterday, it's much larger and heavier than I expected.The exterior build quality seems nice.
  23. Well that didn't work. I just called the old man and asked if he would be interested in selling me his Heresy's that he purchased new in the 80's. I believe the exact words that he used in response were "DROP DEAD!" Can't blame me for trying.
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