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  1. Awesome, I hope that you have a great time., and yep...there are certainly quite a few of us drummers floating around.
  2. As I always say, all music is subjective. I took lessons with Joe Morello for eight years. He is considered one of the greatest jazz drummers if all time, and I learned a ton from him. That being said, his playing is just not my cup of tea. It doesn't take away from the talent and knowledge though. Same thing with speaker choice I suppose. Some folks hate Klipsch...I love them.
  3. I think it's great. As previously mentioned I am in fact a drummer. Zonder actually plays on two tracks, as well as a true drum God Bobby Jarzombek who in my opinion is on another lvl. If you have never heard of him YouTube him playing the song "School". That's a song from his Brothers band Spastic Ink. So no worries from the drumming end of things on this album.
  4. Just arrived.
  5. MSG received and understood
  6. Wow!!! I'm not making light of any of that but I bet it could also power the space shuttle. Amazing stuff!
  7. I'm sure that it is! 😉
  8. Until you mentioned it I had never even heard of ROON. Thanks for the education, I just looked it up.
  9. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of turntable is that? It's beautiful!
  10. Friggen thing is gorgeous!
  11. Blue Oyster Cult! Nice! I opened for them at the New Haven Colisium....well when there was a New Haven Coliseum. Lol
  12. Been a while for this one.
  13. FINALLY DELIVERED!!! And sounds sweet!
  14. This just in. I would have loved a non-picture but I don't believe they made one for Lateralus. So far it sounds just fine.
  15. Thanks for the laughs and the info. I was schooled today.
  16. Thanks. That's the exact info that I was looking for. 👍
  17. I'm not even sure if it's required at all. I've never even thought about it until seeing it done. So I am also wondering about results.
  18. So I have seen quite a few people on YouTube pulling out the horns and dampening them. Does anyone have experience with doing this? Is there any major improvement with sound quality and is it really worth doing if you don't have a "Golden Ear"?
  19. It just sounds amazing on the electric. Matteo grew up with a Father who is a classical guitarist. He saw his Father playing in that style and always thought that all guitars were played that way so that's how he started playing.
  20. They are all fantastic. If you would like to check out the next generation of OMG guitarists. Make it you business to take a look at Matteo Mancuso. Players like Di Meola and Vai are all stunned by this kid. Check him out on YouTube. His style of playing is just incredible. Classic finger picking on electric guitar.
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