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  1. LMAO. Apparently I haven't made my point yet. And I'm the one who started this thread. So maybe you should take your own advice.
  2. Sad? What's so sad? I think it could look better than a dressed up Khorn Model D. And others apparently are OK with it. I'm just sayin', for that kind of money (or a little bit more) this could be turned into something really special. Appropriately.
  3. You're welcome. And if you can seriously guarantee I have no idea..............what's the problem? I just dropped the gauntlet. And all you can come back with is I have no idea? I'm talking about appearance, cosmetics here, not physics. Surely someone as smart as you can do something to make this thing look better than some very talented DIY guy who has a nice wood workshop. This looks more like a souped up version of a Klipschorn Model D that someone builds into a wall. My opinion of course. But hey, who am I? Oh, yeah, I used to design things for a living. Things that people like and enjoy and love to live and play in. I don't know anything about good looks (or form and function). I guess that's one of the primary differences between architects and engineers.
  4. When I first saw the "original" Jubilee (with the rosewood horn) I thought "WOW! Is that a new Klipschorn? COOL." It was retro. It looked modern. It looked elegant. OTOH, when I fist saw the current new Jubilee I thought "WTF?". And then some time later, the price. And I'm thinking, "Really?" That is and was my initial gut reaction to those products. I'm trying to help you avoid a white elephant. And right now it looks like a very expensive white elephant to me. File under "curbside appeal".
  5. Oh Really? So you think (guarantee) I have no idea why it is the way it is? Try me. How much money do you have? First of all, I'm not complaining, although I can understand where YOU are coming from because this is your baby, and so you're probably offended. Too bad. I won't cut you any slack just because you're chief bonehead. I treat everyone equally. You included. I think someone could have done better as far as the looks go. And in this day and age, the way the "high-end" luxury audio market is, well it's now about more than just "audio", especially in that price range. And for the record, I am not going to buy one (or two or three) until I've heard it. If it exceeds what I currently have, I'll consider it. And, on top of that, if it weren't for people like me, you probably wouldn't even have a job at Klipsch because Klipsch as we know it would have been up the creek a long time ago without us. It's people like me who've been buying Klipsch for the last half century, having friends, family, or nearly complete strangers come over and listen, and then went out and bought KLIPSCH, lots of it, and that was even before I constructed a dedicated, purpose built "Klipschorn Room" for anyone to hear these things at their best, and before you were at Klipsch. Yes, that's MY opinion. I stated so at the very beginning of my post. I'm trying to help here.
  6. “Form Follows Function” is a design principal from the late 19th century (coined by an architect, Louis Sullivan). However as renown industrial designer Raymond Loewy later pointed out, product designs are bound by functional constraints of math, materials and logic, but their acceptance is constrained by social expectations. He also made the point that for very new technologies, they should be as familiar as possible, but for familiar technologies (ie: Klipschorn, Jubilee, "Heritage"), they should be made surprising. He went on to say if one honestly tried to apply “form follows function” one has the potential to put their clients (company) out of business. And as far as "lipstick" goes, to me, that's exactly what that front panel the 402 is attached to looks like.
  7. OK. So Toyah & Robert may not count since they're not as famous as Brian Ferry. How about this cover.
  8. Yep. And some people just like to complain about other people complaining. IMO, aesthetically speaking, Klipsch can do better on this. Looks half-baked.
  9. I guess what I find most disturbing is that after I posted something that's somewhat confidential - published paid subscription - but extremely relevant and informative, and what the response? More bogus comments about how the Fed has been manipulating the interest rates since 1987** and his 300 year chart of the DOW, and lots more charts that tell us nothing about the future, but yet OP insists that "something (bad) is going to happen". Yes, something is certainly going to happen. Unfortunately it's never what you want to happen, and certainly not what you think will happen, or when. ** Only since 1987? Seems to me that's the whole point of having a Central Bank - to manipulate interest rates, control the money supply. All Central Banks do this. That's the whole point.
  10. Personally, I think the moderators should check out the "newbie" as a possible you know who. It's not all that difficult to get yourself signed up again with a new name and IP address.
  11. "Two completely different people, and accounts, plus the types of charts and suggested trading mechanisms. Maybe it was the intention, but calling one the other insults them both..." Two completely different people, and accounts, types of charts and trading mechanisms has absolutely nothing to do with it. The OP I'm referring to is IMHO much closer to the beginning of their financial journey than I and couple others in here. Interesting how newbies also seem to ignore (or worse, argue) those who have been around the block more than a few times. Provide some insightful and extremely useful real information and what do we get as a response? Five, six, seven or more charts "supporting their view". And that's where most people go wrong. It's not about what they think, or what they think they've found or what they see. The market is already telling you everything you need to know. But most haven't taken the time to learn and listen.
  12. "Humor. It is a difficult concept." Lieutenant Saavik
  13. Price charts have a place and purpose. But making trading or investing, or market timing decisions based on them is not one of them. Analyzing the financial markets, or their individual instruments is a statistical (mathematical) problem. And therein lies the caveat. As Benjamin Disraeli once said, "There are lies, and there are damn lies. And then there's statistics." Right now, we are experiencing one of those grandest of statistical lies. How is a price chart going to help you navigate through that? (HINT: it won't)
  14. "Often, it something by The Beatles, so from simply awful to execrable. Think Peggy Lee trying to attract a younger crowd." Try this.......................
  15. Also take a listen to Klipsch RP600M. Should sound a little more "balanced" than an older model used Heresy. The Heresy will definitely kick *** better but it will also be more "in your face" and not as refined as the current version.
  16. I guess what I'm saying about the new Jubilee (cosmetic wise) is, as an architect, this is something Frank Lloyd Wright would call "half-baked". And as I also mentioned, at the price point this looks to be selling at, it could (should?) look a lot cooler. Also, I should mention that "for me" I don't really care that much about the looks in my situation. All my racks of hardware are off to the side out of line-of-sight, and the speakers are actually silhouetted with back lighting flooding the wall behind them. I don't want to see this stuff. For me, that enhances the so-called "illusion". Don't need my eyes closed to "see" the orchestra. Make that K-402 tractrix out of rosewood or something, a show piece, like the original one. Even if it costs more. So-called "high-end" audio doesn't really exist anymore. It's morphed into something called "luxury audio". Why stop at $35K?
  17. I made one of these a couple decades ago. However, I was told to use only a 10 to 15 watt incandescent bulb. It is supposed to act like a fuse if the caps were bad and something went catastrophic. The bulb is supposed to "glow" when full input line AC voltage from a variac is achieved, but not glow "brightly". Therefore, I'm confused as to the use of a 250 watt bulb. What am I missing here? (this was for a tube preamp and some 50 watt tube power amps)
  18. Here's my dumb question of the day. I'm pretty sure the answer is as usual......"it depends" With that in mind I'd like to hear some arguments for and against, why, and why not (as in don't bother, or why solid state regulation would be preferred) using vacuum tubes for voltage regulation in tube power amps. More specifically, in SET amps. And even more specifically Decware Super Zen Triode 25th Anniversary Edition (Model SE 84UFO25). Fire Away!!!!!! 🤩
  19. OK. If you say so. I think you entirely missed my point regarding the relationship between "Equities, Debt and Cash". OTOH, , not to be mean, it looks to me like you are a data miner. You go looking for results that fit the exploration instead of doing the exploration and finding the results, if there are any. May I ask how long you've been doing this? And what your background is? Personally. I couldn't care less about Wave Theory in the financial markets. It's just another coined term for what many, many have observed through the ages. Grand Cycles, Super Cycles, Secular Cycles, Cyclical Cycles, whatever. Different names for the same things. And, these are extremely poor tools to use these as a guide to what the future brings (market timing). The variation in cycle length is much too broad to be useful other than it's historical perspective. The real question is - What is your investment or trading plan? What are you going to do to manage your assets and risk before, during and after the "storm"? What's your strategy? Do you have model that you use - or several of them? I also have to say some of your comments are kind of "out there" without any real proof or documentation - like your 300 year chart of the DOW, and "going back 5000 years interest rates have never been at Zero" (really now). It sounds to me like you've been influenced by the doom and gloomers. Here's one for everyone. I'm not trying to show anyone how smart I am. I didn't invent or create this. However, I have been using this as a primary tool in making investment and trading decisions for maybe 15years now. I use it every day. It requires a tremendous amount of calculations. It's all math. Google "ERSA" and see what you get on only the first page results. Then go to the second page. Do a few more if you like. I'd be interested in what you find.
  20. 🥱 I'm In https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-lazy-day-august-10/
  21. The problem with charts like that is that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Stretch that chart out and it starts to look like a horizontal line. Squeeze it and looks parabolic. On top of that - the DOW? - The S&P500? - NDX? So what. DOW = 30 US stocks, all large cap. S&P 500 = 500 US stocks, all large cap. There's really not enough "market" information in these Index anymore. What does your analysis say about the Bond Market, especially as it relates to the Equity market? And of course Cash. The value of cash is actually the "benchmark", not some indexes. 🤑 I'm a clear firewater guy my self, but Miller is OK. 👍 EDIT: By "cash" I am referring to the U.S. Dollar, the return on the value of a dollar. For that I use the 1 to 3 month US Treasury Bill ETF (BIL)
  22. Fascinating. The DOW (Industrial Average) has only been around less than half that time. The DOW Transportation Average slightly longer. "B Waves" "C Waves" Anything predictive in stock market analysis is bullshit. And that goes for Elliot's Wave Theory too. Entertaining? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Predictive? Not more than anything else can be including astrology. It's in the "Anything works for a while" category. Even the losers get lucky sometimes.
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