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  1. Yes, at home, serious listening, not mobile.
  2. artto

    Babes on bass

    Here's another 18 stringer.
  3. artto

    Babes on bass

    Kathy Valentine - from The Go-Go's. This girl knows how to GROOVE. Tal Wilkenfeld and Esperanza Spalding are at the top of my list. Actually, I think Esperanza is a lot more technical (?) or more versatile/well-rounded. But they typically play in different genre so not really comparable IMO (as a fellow bass player).
  4. artto

    Babes on bass

    Uhm....... They don't stop at 6 strings, either. How about 18 strings?
  5. Who amongst us still uses analog FM radio instead of streaming? (EDIT: At home, in your best system for serious listening) If you don't have good internet speed. can't afford it, etc. I get it. I was there once. However, for those who have a choice, are you still using radio instead of streaming? If so why? Please include the relevant things like location and station(s), distance, antenna, tuner/receiver used, etc I've just concluded an long term (informal) "experiment". I don't want to reveal my conclusions until I hear some of your experiences. Thanks!!!!
  6. Quite honestly, your room is so "open" - multi-use, windows, appliances, irregular, I have to ask - what do you expect to accomplish by adding dedicated acoustical treatments? FWIW, most "listening" spaces have the most problems in the bass range. If that isn't bothering you in any way then there's probably very little you can do to audibly improve your situation with specialized acoustical treatments. Good (the best) listening rooms start by having not only adequate size and appropriate proportions, even many angled surfaces (which you already have although this preferably should be symmetrical), they also have a very low noise floor. So, for instance, having an appliance like a refrigerator near by (essentially in the same space) which is generating at least 55dB of midrange noise 80% of the time................. not good. If you want to try something "acoustical" you might try some large floor to ceiling bass traps in some of the corners as a starting point. IMHO, running REW on a room like this is a waste of time. If you don't like the way something sounds just use the tone controls, or move your seat a foot or two. Way less time and low cost πŸ˜‰ As an example - just FYI - in my listening room (purpose built) the noise floor is around 30dB. Even then, that's with the HVAC turned off. The air flow through the ducts will easily add 5dB of noise and that's with the HVAC set the slowest fan speed. Even lights - especially low voltage lighting or anything with transformers, add noise to the room.
  7. Surely you jest πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ
  8. Sorry. No such thing as "Demastering" - at least not the way you are doing it.
  9. Yeap. Still available. Just to clarify the description. These have two plate-like (mirror-like) top getter. I don't know if technically this qualifies as "one" getter or "two".
  10. Actually, yes, they are. At least I'm pretty sure they are. Don't remember selling them. I'll check.
  11. Oh, here we go again. Chris making comments that show how much he really doesn't know (again). Lots of conjectures with little or no evidence to support his conclusions. Chris, I'm sure a guy you has read Danley's patent on the Synergy Horn but just in case you haven't, please do so. If you have, then I have to say that you don't fully understand it. Your very poor attempted execution of trying to make a Synergy Horn out of a K402 with some drivers tacked onto the horn sides proves this. Just like your "de-mastering" BS. If anything deserves the BS button it's your idea of "de-mastering". The Hyperion looks very similar to the SH50 + Epik subs combo that I've been using for a number years now. What I'd like to know about the Hyperion is how much of the performance (ie: flatness & smoothness of frequency response and phase response) is achieved through use of DSP (as opposed to physical configuration of drivers/horn design). The built-in amplifiers might also be a draw back for lots of people. We shall have to wait and see I guess.
  12. Been too way much of this the last year. See ya at that great gig in the sky, man!
  13. "That member" does not "de master" anything. It is not possible to "de master" any modern audio recordings using the methods he describes. As a matter of fact, his description, definition of what he is doing merely shows how little he actually knows and how little experience he has regarding audio recording and mastering. This same member obviously loves to spend more time attempting to tweak things he can't do too much about rather than just listen to music. Do what you like. But please, stop this "de mastering" non-sense. You need the original master recording to do this. Furthermore audio systems which are not properly balanced (in other words have some kind of bias) will tend to exaggerate (or attenuate) certain aspects of system performance. The closer your "system" (which by my definition includes the room) gets to neutral the less annoying so-called "bad recordings" sound.
  14. No offense. But that's because I'd be willing to bet you've (like most people) never actually heard an all-digital recording/playback system. That being said, I understand where you're coming from.
  15. Obviously this depends on YOUR needs and requirements. Nowadays I'm in the less is more state of mind. IMO the MA5300 would be a great match for a simple Cornwall IV system. The main caveat for me though was no outputs - analog or digital. And for hi-res streaming you'll need to add something like the NAD/Bluesound Node2i.
  16. I added Dolby Atmos a number of years ago - when Gravity came out on 4K BluRay. I only have Atmos speakers in front on top of the RF7ii. I can't say that it adds much. In this configuration it seems a lot like stereo - I have to be in the sweet spot to get the best out of it.
  17. This is one of fav's. But I like it so much I often watch it anytime.
  18. The real James Bond πŸŽ²πŸ‘ˆπŸŽοΈ Who among us never fantasized about being 007? Peace be With You, Sir
  19. I'll start with IT............and Death Becomes Her
  20. I didn’t see this until just now (unfortunately). Rocco Prestia, bassist for Tower of Power past away September 29, 2020. This one hits me a little harder than most, for several reasons. 1) We’re about the same age – months apart. 2) A number of years ago one of the best musicians and guitar player I ever knew and played with said to me β€œMan, you smoked it! That was just like Rocco Prestia!” when we finished the set and left the stage. Personally, I don't think I've ever played as well as Rocco, and never will. But, it's nice to get that kind of respect. See you at that great gig in the sky Rocco!!!
  21. That's because you've never played that kind of music. Professionally, or otherwise. Never been in a recording studio, recording it, either, have you. Nor are you a bass player. I am. And I agree with Carl on the Tom Petty thing. Good subs help full-out the bottom end and give the "added weight" to the bottom that even an acoustic upright bass produces.
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