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  1. Lot's of Beatles songs - You Can't Do That - Ticket To Ride - If I Needed Someone The Byrds used them extensively too - Eight Miles High
  2. This one does it for me ❤️
  3. Man, another one! I'm a man. Gimme Some Lovin' See you at that great gig in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I saw a YouTube video with a guy reviewing new Klipschorn AK6 (closed back) and complained about a the same thing. And from the look of those grills something went awry at quality control. IMHO Klipsch make a mistake by making those grills project out from the front of the cabinet. Seems like an excellent way to tear and bruise the edges of the grill. I know some here disagree about the need for using subwoofers with the large Heritage speakers. But, after having used Klipschorns for decades in a near optimal acoustically tuned room the addition of subwoofers (four 2x15) really made for a much more realistic listening experience - provided the recording has this kind of low frequency program material. Most LP do not because of acoustical-mechanical-tonearm/pickup resonance problems encountered for "most" people. On a lot of more recent recordings, even C&W stars like Emmy Lou Harris (Spyboy) have synthesizer sounds that go WAY DOWN.
  5. There is - sort of. But probably not what you're looking to do. "The innovative split of pre- and power-amplifier sections allows the use of the pre-amp stage to drive multiple power amplifiers in parallel, or use long signal cables to connect to remote power amplifiers or powered speakers.[14] This facility became hugely popular with audiophiles, who would seek to isolate this "remarkably fine-sounding preamp section", to use with one or more external power amplifiers" - Wikipedia
  6. Network Area Storage (unit). Hard drive storage that connects directly to your home network without a "computer".
  7. FWIW, I recently had a new McIntosh MA5300 in my system (driving Danley SH50) and thought it sounded really good. My impression was the MA5300 would be an excellent fit with small basic system like the new Cornwall IV, a turntable, and external streamer/DAC like Bluesound Node 2i, CD player and maybe a tuner or tape deck if you like. The main downside for me was the absence of outputs, digital or analog. And forget about connecting subwoofers to it unless you're able to put up with the sub outs from the Node2i. Also, FWIW, back in the 80's when Klipsch started showing up at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show I was surprised to see them using Mark Levinson ML-2 and LMP-2 preamps along with a Linn LP12 turntable with (of course) Klipsch phono pickup. Anyone remember those?
  8. WoW. And all these years I thought it was called a fux capacitor. Hmmm. Doesn't seem so funny anymore (flux) 🤪
  9. If you're looking at Naim Uniti Atom, also take a look at NAD M32 or M33. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.
  10. Agree. So do the four Epik Empire subs I use. That's eight 15" & 2.5Kw RMS/6Kw peak. That warning on the record is for "most people". We are not "most people". "Sock it to me baby" 😎
  11. NAD 3020 is a great amp. BUT, it is only 20w/ch although it does have pretty good headroom. Do you know what version you have? There were some changes made to the 3020 along the way (not all of them positive) "IF" you could expand your budget a bit, I really think you should consider auditioning NAD C390DD. You can pick these up for a song (compared to the original cost). I used one for about 6 years, now using NAD M32. They replaced my Luxman triodes, Wright 2A3 triodes & McIntosh solid state. I've never looked back and don't regret it one bit.
  12. Crown D75 should work fine. IMO not the best choice for driving the top end of Khorns. All of the Crown D series are similar circuitry. The main “sound” problem with them is the op-amp integrated circuits they used. Not exactly what most people would call the smoothest or “nicest” sounding top end. That being said I still have a couple of Crown D60 and D150A. I’ve used them full range on the Khorns and Belle center speaker. FWIW the Crown PSA-2 I had was one of the better sounding Crown amps I’ve used – sold it because the internal fan had to be on all the time – too much noise for my room. Crown K2 are nice too. Overall I’d have to say (IMHO) that any Crown amp being used in a bi-amp configuration, especially with horns, is best suited to for the bass, not the midrange/treble. I also agree with Marvel (Bruce) about Mark Deneen’s modifications on the Crown D45.
  13. Example: A room that is a cube (worst case) and is 15' x 15' x 15' will have a very strong mode at 75Hz. The wavelength of 75Hz is 15'. There will also be a strong mode at 150Hz (wavelength 7.5')
  14. It's more about the ratios of the dimensions. 1: 1.26: 1.59 will get you in the ballpark. There is some variability that can be tolerated. This affects mostly the lower frequencies. The larger the smallest dimension of the room compared to the wavelength of the lowest frequency to be reproduced is what you are shooting for. So, "ideally" that makes for a very large space, something you're not going to achieve in a residential environment. Making the room surfaces non-parallel helps immensely .
  15. Anyone remember these? The Shotglass speaker. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unobtainium-Vintage-Mid-1970s-Stan-White-Glass-Happening-Shot-Glass-Speakers-/301798416286 https://www.psaudio.com/article/stan-white-an-overlooked-visionarypart-2/ https://patents.google.com/patent/US2866513A/en After graduating college I took a part-time job at an audio/video store while looking for full employment in my “degreed” profession of choice. One day a guy brought in some small floor standing column speakers for us to try. In retrospect, I suspect this was probably the man himself, Stan White, since he was local. I have to admit the Shotglass actually sounded pretty good with surprisingly deep bass for the size it was and with such small drivers. Apparently Stan White had previously designed some horn-loaded systems as well as a servo tweeter. Perusing for more info I ran across the following posts. Kind of interesting stuff.
  16. Great marketing department brilliance! It wouldn't surprise me to find that Corona beer sales are down courtesy of "corona"virus. B E E R. Turn it into a philosophy of life 👀 👅
  17. $250 in 1965 = about $2000 today. IMHO that's not too bad for a 65w Fisher receiver in 1965.
  18. I am absolutely not opposed to Mars. I like Snickers. What's your favorite?
  19. WOW. I never thought I live to see this. Hope you didn't mind me playing your axe at Roselle Music without the guitar tech telling you. See you at that great gig in the sky Eddie!!!
  20. The digital "problem" is that yes, error correction works, BUT, the more error correction that's required, the more sound degradation occurs. Yes, none of this would work at all if it were not for error correction. However, error correction itself is not "perfect", and enough of it occurring, at different points in the data path via multiple components can (will) result in subtle degradation of the audio quality. It's the nature of the beast. The only way to minimize this is to eliminate the media itself. The media itself has always been a quality control issue whether it's tape, LP or digital disc. And it's one of those things the industry has been trying to eliminate for quite a while. Yes, of course streaming has error correction enabled. But how much error correction is going to be required when you are sent a digital file (packet) directly to an amplifier which is also a direct digital amplifier which is also the "player"? Virtually NONE. All the other digital "artifacts" created by traditional digital media/players/DAC etc such as jitter are also reduced to levels (as in near non-existent) not achievable by using media such as CD.
  21. A band I was in back then (Gene Hawk's Ring) opened for Steppenwolf at The Aragon Ballroom (Kinetic Playground) Chicago.
  22. Not sure. It depends on what counts as "Your First Album Purchase". When I was about 10 years old my parents bought me a "stereo" record player for my birthday (portable Sears Silvertone). To go with it they also got a Sing Along with Mitch Miller LP and a comedy LP The First Family (a spoof on the Kennedy presidency). So probably more for them than me, LOL A few years later after my father passed my mother bought me "Introducing the Beatles" even though I didn't really like the Beatles at that point. This particular version/release is apparently worth a lot of money now. After that I'm not sure. Probably The Rolling Stones "You Got Live If You Want It" is probably the first I actually purchased with my own money. Hard to believe, I still have all of them.
  23. I don't see anyone I know but I see one of my favorite bass amplifiers of all time - that Acoustic folded horn with 18" CV driver.
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