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  1. tigerwoodKhorns

    The Barry Williams Show

    I agree. Peter Gabriel's Melt (iii) is his best followed by Peter Gabriel Plays live. Maybe his early Genesis stuff after that. Then (iv). It takes a while to get to the 80's stuff (pretty much like any bank, the 80's were dark times, they were.).
  2. Have you tested the 2" horn yet? How does it sound?
  3. tigerwoodKhorns

    Is Atmos here to stay / worth it?

    I have the wire, any probably two or three J Boxes, and maybe a few covers. So if I call pull off a pre-wire for under $5 is guess it is worth it for another useless technology designed to make the end user replace everything every few years. Quote: Planned Obsolescence is the deliberate shortening of product life spans to guarantee consumer demand. The article that refuses to wear out is a tragedy of business - and a tragedy for the modern growth society which relies on an ever-accelerating cycle of production, consumption and throwing away.
  4. tigerwoodKhorns

    Is Atmos here to stay / worth it?

    We do not watch many movies at all. I am using a receiver from 2000, a Denon AVR5800 via an optical out from my TV. I really like the receiver and it has very stout amps. I doubt that I will "upgrade" my receiver, and if at all, no time soon. I have six extra Klipsch in ceiling speakers. I want to use two in the master bath so that leaves four. I'll probably put those in my dining room and just run 16 ga wires to four ceiling locations in old work J boxes.
  5. tigerwoodKhorns

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    If you have a place to use them, do it instead of selling for such a loss. Even if it is a corner. You will be happy in the long run as you fell in love with them when you bought them. I bought Palladium P37s to try out the line and then got P38s. I am using P37's as surrounds and was going to sell because it seemed like a waste of a speaker. Now I am used to them and like them as surrounds. Even though they do not make much sound, they sure look pretty.
  6. tigerwoodKhorns

    These look interesting

    Interesting, what do you think? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/ele/d/anthony-gallo-reference-35/6617538620.html
  7. tigerwoodKhorns

    B-52 APT-50's

    Looks like the older one. The terminals look like the newer one though. What horn should be used on this? Can I adapt K77 Horns or is there an easy screw on horn that works well?
  8. tigerwoodKhorns

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    This was Al's complaint. He did not want anyone changing the design to lower quality parts and then blaming the design for poor sound.
  9. tigerwoodKhorns

    New Heresy III speakers arrived damaged... WWYD?

    It only takes one idiot a little time to do a lot of damage. If the boxes are undamaged, the damage happened before the product left the factory. One moron banging things around and hiding the damage is all that it takes. I had my car and motorcycle bags painted at the same time. The guy had his brain damaged son pull my car around a corner to park it. Apparently he could not handle the task and the motorcycle bags slammed around in the trunk and had to be repainted. One moron... At one of the major hotels, they had to replace all of the brand new plumbing, as well as remove the drywall, because the drywall crew decided to flush the unused drywall mud down the new toilets instead of taking it to the ground floor and dumping in a designated clean out. A whole tower's brand new plumbing ruined. It only takes one idiot...
  10. tigerwoodKhorns

    How to burn CD collection to FLAC

    I need to burn a CD collection to I assume FLAC. Some help please. What is the easiest way to burn and to have everything tagged with artwork. I assume FLAC is the way to go. Currently using media monkey to play, might change when the home network is updated.
  11. tigerwoodKhorns

    How to burn CD collection to FLAC

    Tell me more about how you have this set up. I am running a lot of low voltage wire in my house right now and have several systems which is not ideal.
  12. tigerwoodKhorns

    How to burn CD collection to FLAC

    We will give it a try. About how long does it take to rip a single CD?
  13. tigerwoodKhorns

    How to burn CD collection to FLAC

    OK, "Rip" it is. I have about 500 or so CDs to rip. My wife can do the work a little each day. He computer has eight cores so I imagine it can work in the background while she does other stuff. It looks like the choice is EAC or DB Poweramp. My wife is handy and was able to download Gimp, figure it out and fix all of our wedding photos that were crappy because of a bad photographer, so she can figure this out. Is the paid software worth the extra money? This appears to be a one time thing. https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-cd-ripper
  14. tigerwoodKhorns

    Close To The Edge with LaScalas

    Huh? Can't hear you over the music!
  15. tigerwoodKhorns

    Woot! Partial cold smoke solution!

    Homemade is much better. Easy too.
  16. tigerwoodKhorns

    Woot! Partial cold smoke solution!

    I don't know much about cured meats, other than Pastrami is the most sensual, but I am making a huge batch of homemade sauerkraut tight now. Been sitting since last Friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvSEVOIbEMU
  17. If you look at any serious cooking setup, the oven should be electric and stove should be gas. If you have a range, go gas because you use the stove more. In any event pre-wire for electric. Solar is getting cheaper and we might all be on solar in 10 to 15 years.
  18. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    At the insistence of a good friend, I just spent a weekend in one of these. I do not like to use other people's toys but he insisted. He is getting an Atlas and wanted us to try the Airstream. Nice experience although we didn't know what we were doing. Do you guys (and gals) RV? Give me some tips.
  19. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    The real problem with any vehicle, including motorcycles and ATVs is that if you cannot fix and maintain it, you are at the mercy of a dealer and that can make any hobby expensive and frustrating.
  20. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    That sounds like a nightmare. I always thought that they were money pits based on fuel alone, and not practical because of maneuvering and parking. I liked the Class B Van, hopefully it is not such a disaster.
  21. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    Yep, my car takes premium at about $3.50 per gallon and diesel is about $3.20 to $3.30.
  22. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    The RV that I used gets 18 MPG and accelerates uphill. Small turbo diesel. That is a big selling point.
  23. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    No, only you so far...
  24. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    A car will hold together, even with a sunroof, trunk, doors, etc. but they are made by robots nowadays and QC is quite high on certain models (I have an old Lexus that is like new). RV's are still "hand made" so issues come up. The chassis on this is Mercedes and the insides are installed by Airstream. The penetrations are going to be the issue (like on a house) for the AC, solar power, etc. on the roof. I would expect the seams of the vehicle to hold together. I fixed about 5 or 6 interior items that were broken. Very easy for me to do as it was just using better screws, fashioning spacers, things like that. The owner should be happy. There is one item left but it needs an inexpensive part ordered. On the negative side, someone rear ended me in a roundabout so I will have to fix a small dent in the side of the bumper.
  25. tigerwoodKhorns

    Anyone here go RV'ing?

    Good advice. I did read the owner's manual. The van has a bath, kitchen and shower, but I want a bike rack to go biking when staying. My friend likes to stop and crash in hidden places. He loves it. The water thing is in the manual. The grey water is really nasty too. I had trouble emptying and then there was a line at the dump site so I finished in a bucket in my driveway. If you ever do any plumbing you know what the grey water is like. I put it down the toilet and it was gross. Stunk to all hell. Jeff, the manual did say something about the seals begin checked regularly. Hmmmm....