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  1. OK, who is Mike? I thought it was Dirtmudd.
  2. PM sent, thanks Thebes. Resident Tiger veneer, show me more!
  3. Are you near there? I can send a PM.
  4. Anyone in Ithaca NY that can help with shipping speakers?
  5. Not a complete failure, but light switches start working intermittently or not at all because the tension in the terminal loosens up. The side screws always work well, just need to tighten them down really well. I live in an area where every home that I have owed was built in the 1990s so maybe they are getting worse compared to your 1970's switches. Power outlets also get loose where the plug goes in. I replace these with the medium / commercial grade plugs and they work well.
  6. These look useful for outdoor wiring. Coincidentally, I am going through my house and removing all of the light switches and outlets, replacing the outlets with commercial grade, and rewiring all using the screws instead of the push terminals. The push terminals never last the test of time. I am also putting in new light fixtures and wouldn't you know it, they have push terminals on the pigtails. Nothing a pair of snipers, wire strippers and sum good wire nuts can't fix.
  7. The price is negotiable as he is open to Craigslist scams. Read the ad: "PLEASE NOTE: NO EMAIL CRAIGSLIST SCAMS WILL BE EXCEPTED" He is not excluding scams so he is open to scams. How else can this be interpreted?
  8. There was one when I was in engineering school. Weird feeling. Sound only comes from one direction when people talk.
  9. He paid $6600 and "the price will only go up." That is true if he gets his asking price. I didn't know that there is no risk of depreciation when buying new.
  10. This is libel. I would not expect this kind of outright falsehood form a reputable manufacturer, but PS Audio is a snake oil operation.
  11. What chip amp did you use?
  12. I had L60T's, L100T's, L100 century and still have LX55s (as well as a pair of 2600's that I bought new in 1989). Not very detailed but each a nice speaker I'd describe as "fun." They work well for poor recordings and make it all kind of nice to listen to. Not a knock on the speakers, just my experience.
  13. If you only want to spend $300 or so, get a used QSC PLX for main duty. Great amps at an insanely low price point.
  14. If they have the skills, go for it, but why KLF20s? There was a set of beat up B&W N805s for sale locally for $750, that would have been worth it. Pick up a set of CF4's, K Horns, Belles, etc and maybe the job is worth it. No to degrade the KLF 20's (they may be great bargain speakers) but why put an expensive paint job on a Pinto?
  15. Good choice. Enjoy them, they are special speakers.
  16. Wow, beautiful work, but maybe on the wrong speakers if he needs to sell them at that price.
  17. Wow, those are nice. Think twice before selling.
  18. tigerwoodKhorns

    Eye Opener

    I do feel bad, but the problem is usually solvable. I say "usually" because wages are low. My mother was so stressed out when she retired. I made her a budget, including an amount that she could spend on whatever she wanted every month (she loves to shop). She follows the budget and always says that she can't believe how easy it is now. I tell her that she should have listened to me when I was 20 years old and trying to tell her the same thing.
  19. tigerwoodKhorns

    Eye Opener

    I just though of another one. We know another young couple that has no money and children. They are broke. They received a large cash settlement, I do not know the amount. Since the day that they received it, we have been witnessing trips to Disney land where they are paying for friends to go with them, dinners at really expensive restaurants, more trips, eating crab at home, all for your viewing pleasure on Facebook. A fool and their money are soon parted.
  20. tigerwoodKhorns

    Eye Opener

    I try to tell younger people (they never really seem to understand) that money can buy stress or buy security, it is their choice. We were at a one year old's birthday party recently. The couple is young and not much money at all. The wife insisted on the party because, you know, a one year old will remember this for the rest of her life, right? They must have spent at least a few hundred dollars, maybe event $300 or more on the party ,(multiple cakes, food, decorations, etc.). Depending on where you are in life this is either nothing or a significant amount. This couple is struggling, single income and two kids. A few hundred dollars should be a big deal. The wife was all dressed up and showing off. Glamor you know, gotta show off for the friends. I saw the husband and asked how he was doing. I really like this guy. His answer, I am not making this up. Me: How are you doing? Him: Well, I have the cable bill paid and the power, the mortgage should be OK and I think that I can cover the rest this month so I guess pretty good. He was so consumed with the stress of his bills that he could only think of that. He said that if he could get more side work or make more money things would be OK. I told him he was dead wrong. I explained that he has a bucket with holes in it that are draining faster than he can fill it. Even if he fills it faster the holes will just get bigger. I said that it was up to him to figure out what the holes were and fix them. I don't know if he understood. Most people do not make a real living wage anymore. I remember being young and not making much and it was stressful. But it is also a combination of low wages and either poor or no money management. It is also really easy to blow everything when your attitude is that making it is someone else's problem.
  21. I am adding insulation to my attic to bring it up to R60. I want to add additional fiberglass bats above the existing insulation, but add mineral wool under and near the HVAC units to quiet them down. Anyone have experience with mineral wool? The Johns Manville is much cheaper than the Rockwool at the big box stores. How about a source for this stuff at a cheaper price/
  22. tigerwoodKhorns


    If you cannot find the good doctor, post pictures of the crossovers and the drivers and the community should be able to figure out what was done. Lots of close ups of the crossovers will be needed.
  23. I am adding several can lights and replacing many several can lights with new air tight cans. Using LED type BR30 bulbs. I feel like I am adding old technology and that some sort of affordable surface mount LED is right around the corner, but I want this done, the ceiling sealed up and R60 in the attic before the summer heat comes.
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