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  1. Which one. I need one for a circuit board. The Hakko looks nice but expensive for very occasional use.
  2. It's $8.95 to ship and I am basically at $100. Need the caps to match others but I do need other stuff. Like the Home Depot, I always need something. Last time that I ordered they gave me coupons but I was too tied up to use them. Labor day is soon, I have been putting this off since the holidays so I can wait a few more weeks. I did see this which looks nice: https://www.parts-express.com/Stahl-Tools-DSDS-Variable-Temperature-Digital-Solder-and-Desolder-Station-374-400 I could have used this last time I built some x overs. Solder sucker is not efficient.
  3. Because I cannot count, I need $8 worth of capacitors at Partsexpress. I do need some other stuff and not want to get to $99 for shipping. Anyone have any codes for Partsexpress? What are some must haves there that I need to buy?
  4. This should happen all of the time where you cannot even tell where the speakers are. OK, I was getting worried. My heritage are all either waiting to start restoration or on the verge of being complete. Have not heard them in a very long time. I am using Palladiums and B&W 800 speakers and imaging is not an issue at all as you cannot tell where the speakers are, just a smooth sound stage with depth and instruments in various spots. You say often, not always, hmmm.... did they need to be out further from the walls? That makes a big difference.
  5. No intentionally, just being sloppy, but this story is not accurate. Who is the third juvenile? I only counted two. Then they say only one jumped the counter. Is this a clerk or the owner? This is also a very bad idea. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!! This guy needs to consult a criminal attorney. “I don’t think he planned on getting stabbed that day obviously, but if you try robbing a store you are taking a risk,” Nguyen said.
  6. Same experience in Las Vegas. I will never pay to go the the House of Blues again (or even waste my time if it was free). I walked out because I could not hear the music in the 8th row.
  7. Hey, I can justify with the best of them, but its not for everyone...
  8. And here we go...someone wants to buy some 'big Fortes' and you recommend pro speakers, on a 30 wpc amp too. Some people, not us, but some people think that speakers as big as a refrigerator are not domestically friendly. Crazy but let's humor them...
  9. There was a shooting in a room at the Mirage last week. This is a very nice resort on the LV strip. Private matter between some rough people or maybe a bad drug deal, but if people get their news from clickbait headlines they will think that people are just shooting tourist. The DA needs to let this one go, there is a huge industry to protect and LV cannot be seen as letting criminals do what they want.
  10. One passive looks like one that I fixed recently. Wet it a little then use a cloth and vacuum to pop out. Then painted it and it looks like new. Looks like someone tried to fix the other and messed it up. Best to just buy some new dust caps, remove the old and glue in new ones. I did see the veneer but could not tell if it is raised or just a bad pic. If raised and cannot be glued this is a problem. I agree. If not raised, I would lightly sand with some 220 on an orbital and out on three coats of polyurethane. They would look beautiful. They need some badges too. On the plus side, they are walnut and if someone has some minor skills and can get the price down a little more they can be very nice with very little effort. I restored some Forte IIs and would not sell at twice the price...but they are not for sale.
  11. Best result here is no permanent damage and everyone moves on and these kid get on a better course in life. The shop looks nice, but this happened is a kind of bad part of town, by no means the worst, but I will go there during the day if I must, but avoid it at night as there seems to be murders and killings in that area over the years in the news.
  12. FWIW, I bought my Luxman just because I have various heritage speakers. I knew I would need it sooner or later and it seemed to be a perfect match of some low power Class A amplification. So if you are in LV, nice walnut pair of Forte I for sale at a very nice price. A very light sanding and rub on some oil (assuming they are oil finish) and these will look like new. The passives are not pushed in that badly and can be usually be made to look like new with a vacuum cleaner and 79 cents worth of paint from Michaels. I just did a pair last year. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/las-vegas-speakers-klipsch-forte-horn/7514881358.html
  13. The clerk was calm until the idiot decided to 'flex his power' by coming back. The clerk looked like he went into panic mode when the two idiots jumped the counter and he just reacted. His composure completely changed. He did stop stabbing moron #2 long before killing him. Being robbed sucks, you don't know what will happen or if you will be shot and being second guessed by prosecutor and then a jury is not good.
  14. I girl I knew in engineering school worked at a video rental place and followed a thief into the parking lot. He bet her so badly I think she had some permanent brain damage. Another friend in my 20s has some kids / gangbangers throwing rocks at his car. Went outside to fight the kid and his buddy stabbed him through the heart. Not good decisions in either event, but the people that I knew did not go out to commit a crime and each paid a huge price. Here the moron would be robbers made a decision to commit a felony. The clerk was forced into a situation and had to make a decision. Now he might be in jail and the kids parent are definitely going to sue the store because their little angel got hurt. Anyone could have gotten scared and made this decision. It stinks that he might be in a horrible situation and unfortunate that there were cameras.
  15. Yea, this is tough. The law does not look like it is on his side, but to argue his case, he was calm, asked them to leave and then got scared when they jumped the counter. They did not come directly after him, but one was blocking the door and the other was now right next to him. Sad thing is that he was just doing his job and was thrown into this situation by these idiots. He didn't ask to be part of a crime and he reacted in a way that most can relate to. He got scared and tried to defend himself.
  16. I don't know our criminal statutes, but generally you need to have a fear for your life. We are in an election year so the DA's response to charge the guy will be a tough pill for voters to swallow. I hope that he is not charged, it will be a very stark contrast to Seattle and other places where criminals just go into Walgreens and take what they want. Anyway, let's not go political here. Anyone have a statute for the castle doctrine? I am pretty sure that we have the 'felony murder' statute where if anyone is killed during a felony that you committed, you are responsible, which means the other guy could get charged if the kid dies. Some criminals might actually think twice. The law school question was what happens if someone dies while you are committing a felony by cheating on your taxes?
  17. This might be disturbing to some. You are warned. I hope that the owner does not get charged. Bad message to send. if the kid dies, the other robber can actually get charged with felony murder, which would really hit the nail on the head.
  18. I remember a bunch of discussion here years ago about live vs recorded and it went on and on. Amplified and mixed music. The 'live sound' reference is an orchestra where you hear the imaging and micro-details. Or maybe a piano and accoustic guitar and percussion. Not an amplified concert. And yes, you were lucky to have good sound at all. Imaging is what really adds the special sauce to an audio system. Try Rudy and Crime of the Century by Supertramp or The Chain and Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac on a great system that images well and you will have your answer as to why it matters so much.
  19. I put one of those on. That is basically what I was referring to as 'druggie dance music.' Sounds really good on a good system, especially one that images very well. The Crystal Method from the 90s is similar where they have a lot of effects that really sound good on a great system.
  20. Of course, but who listens to the radio anymore? Harder for me to get exposed to it.
  21. Oh yea, and the Beatles good really good after they went to India and did a bunch of drugs with the Rolling Stones and Mia Farrow and her sister, Prudence.
  22. I have Pink Floyd played by a symphony, and I am not a fan, but there is also Metallica played by a symphony which is pretty good.
  23. I need to actually watch the video. If we are talking about Zeppelin, I remember an interview with some famous musician in the 80s who said he would never do a 'ooohhhh baby baby' song which of course Robert Plant did with Zeppelin.
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