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  1. tigerwoodKhorns's post in OT - Computer Monitor Question was marked as the answer   
    I took the easy way out, 2 more Dell 17" monitors.
    I do not maximize windows, I keep them big enough to fill the screen without maximizing so I can drag them anywhere I want without having to "un-maximize." So after thinking about it, I just picked up a few more 17" screens that were available for $50 for the pair. I know they will work, not max out the new video cards, and fit on my desk.
  2. tigerwoodKhorns's post in Khorn shipping boxes was marked as the answer   
    I have done this before and my buyer bought air-crates. But the boxes were not necessary. Get a pallet and a bunch of 4' x 8' sheets of 2" styro-foam sheets from the home depot along with a few rolls of shrink wrap.
    Basically, K Horns face to face on the pallet with foam between then and encase the outside in the styrofoam. Shrink wrap until they are one solid unit and strap them down to the pallet with rope or nylon straps (avoid metal unless you have heavy cardboard or wood to protect the speakers). If you really want to, you can put cardboard around the outside of the whole package (not a bad idea).
    I did all of this and shipped a pair of factory made K Horns in Tigerwood (one of about 6 pairs made - how I got my forum name). The buyer put them in storage and they died in a flood about 6 months later. He never even hooked them up. Sad story.
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