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  1. Okay. Creep factor is already high with all the hospital bedside pharmacy stuff and even the slippers on the floor. But is that a GUN in a holster on the side of the bed in the bottom right of the photo? Scottsdale, AZ. I have not posted in ages but I thought this was worthy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/klipsch-cornwall-speakers-Consecutive-Serials/312118489359?hash=item48abb6310f:g:o0kAAOSwA4Ba4ICF
  2. Got a deal for you OR ME!
  3. I work in the same industrial park as they are located and stopped in one recent afternoon. They owner and tech were listening to a pair of ptototype tube amps to some (ugly) tower speakers. The sound was awesome. They are going all-out on this design with all high end parts. No matter which is the real Jolida, what's in a name?They do an amazing mail order busines. I don't know where their manufacturing is located, but their beta gear is absolutely fantastic and, after talking with them, they are on the constant journey toward audio nirvana that regular folks can afford as well as total blowout systems.
  4. I am giving this away to a new home that has a corner free. I just put it on craigslist washingtondc free section.
  5. Well, I HAVE a LEE Catenoid! This was home made by the father of a customer of mine. This must be a museum piece. Got a museum? I must say, I was totally surprised at how good this sounds from my Marantz 2226B on MONO. I have not even put it in a corner yet.
  6. Just tried MOG. My 19yo son swears by Spotify which "everyone uses." Running on my HT system right now and, no kidding, MOG might make me resurrect my MD recorder. My Creative SB Audigy software has a MD feature that I have never used (I only got this used WinXP tower recently and threw all the good stuff from an old Dell XPS into it. It is my dedicated audio computer). My Carver sub is pumping like never before from the web. Might have to sell my tuna! Nothing on anymore anyway except NPR. There are a few good classical stations in our area though (Balto/DC) but they certainly are not as clean as this sound I am listening to right now. I am just catching up to regularly using web as a source so this came up right on time. Thanks for the reviews!
  7. There is info on the KP 250 but not the KP 250 II. Can't find any info on these. I got three yesterday. No corner protectors. No handles. Cabs are course black. No worry about plant rings here! Big klipsch PROFESSIONAL badges lower right. Metal grills. Were once on stands as they have four threaded holes on the bottoms. About 50 lbs each! Thanks.
  8. McTubes someday. But right now I am using an old Adcom GFA-535 to a pair of JBL L65 Jubals. Sounds great. Big sound stage WITH great imaging. I have not listened to this combo with a lot of music yet. I have sold much of my stuff, including some great amps. I am finding thatt this Stage One has taken me leaps beyond where I was. I guess a good line protector is a good idea sooner than a McIntosh tube amp. Fortunately, the Jubals don't require a lot of power.
  9. No It is different than all the photos I can google up in that respect. Silversport has some answers. But the unit is oddly equipped. See my latest post.
  10. Thank you for your research. I plugged my iPod into the TUNER RCA inputs on the back. Even though the readout on the display shows tunable stations, no matter what station you tune it to, it is acting as an AUX input and I am listening to my iPod as I compose this. They must have blown out the left over boards with FM capabiliity but the assemblers simply did not link it up to an FM antenna but rather installed TUNER inputs instead. How strange. I had the cover off once but I could not tell you what I was looking at to expect there was something strange about this unit. Oh well, for what is worth, ANYTHING sounds good on this pre, even my iPod. The processors in this make CDs (running digitally through fibre connection) sound more natural than even my Sony MD MDS-JB930's Burr Brown converters (I think.) I am going to run my old PS Audio PSIV pre as a PHONO Premap in passive mode for the time being. I don't care about listening to radio anyway. Everything I want is online.
  11. I got this used recently. However, There is a button selector for TUNER but there is no way to hook up an antenna. Compared to photos of otherStage Ones, the place where the coax connector should be is not there, not even a knock out. What gives? When I press the TUNER button, numeric station are there, but obviously there is no sound. Secondly, there are TUNER RCA inputs on the back to the right of AUX RCA inputs. Weird, huh? Thanks for your help.
  12. Too far for me and I am on a buying moratorium at present. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/1219907470.html I know this belongs in another thread but this forum is seen more often.They look like they are in good condition.You could even double your money! EDIT: Ten minutes later and they were gone!
  13. Tucked into the corner, nobody will even notice its there. BTW, http://archives.telex.com/archives/EV/Speakers/DIY%20Manuals/Patrician%20IV%20Part%201.pdf for Part 1.
  14. Is there a way that tube amps can be put into "sleep" mode? Would there be an advantage in this to avoid sudden bursts of power somewhat like power on delays in newer equipment? As I write this, I did a quick google and found this: http://www.n9adg.com/articles/amplifiers/power-on-delay-for-tube-amplifier.html Just wondering.
  15. Is there a joke around the fact that his butt is not on the chair?
  16. I was shifting some stuff around and, upon looking at a Klipsch speaker label, wondered if there was any other audio company where the inspector and tester sign their work. I regard this as a matter of great pride. Not that I would ever call out the inspector or tester if I should ever find a manufacturer defect, I just think it is classy and certainly shows some product differentiation.
  17. I am still somewhat regretting selling mine. I have a TD-125 now but it is still not the same. Next time I find one, I am keeping it. At the time, I did not have the patience or time to invest into restoring it. It was beautiful, kind of like an old Volvo.
  18. Well you can't water down this great deal—stain or no stain. Giving any seller what they are asking is completely professional. I would have done the same thing. They buyer did her a favor by getting those old monsters out of her house. He probably stayed up until 5AM as well (listening to his new Khorns!). Did you copy the picture? I would love to see it just for kix.
  19. I paid around $20 for my Magnavox PP tube amp that I rescued from a console. So, yea, there are cheap tube amps to be had. But, I have not upgraded it or even plugged it in. BTW, I have read that tube and diaphragm speaks are killer. Horns generally need tube amplification. You have to experiment and find the right combo that suits your ear.
  20. I hope he holds out for you. Sometimes challengers bait CL sellers with more-than-asked-for money. I much prefer Ebay. When it's done, it done. CL'ers like to make promises to come over, look at all your stuff, dicker on the price, and hope to sneek out for half your asking price. Give me a break. I trust you are not one of those. I just listed something on CL that had a fair price. Someone offered me a little over half what I am asking. I emailed him tonight telling him to forget it. I can get much, much more on Ebay. I don't have time for squirrels. Frankly, I would like to sell ALL my extra stuff on CL. But those bottomfeeders wear me out. It's worth the effort to pack and ship. Sorry to vent.
  21. Virgil Fox LOVED Bach's music and shared his enthusiasm. I got turned on to Fox via a (former) girlfriend while in college. He was a rock star organist. I have several of his releases. Pipe organ is right up there with bagpipes as an instrument that evokes the spirit and soul. Wife hates it though.
  22. Depends. Is this a one, two, or three-car garage? Are you planning for any acoustical room treatments? Like, a CAR, for example? Imaging could suffer with too much reflection of standing waves, you know. How about the sweet spot? Is it off-axis or dead center? Do you plan any critical listening whilst in the garage? How about toe-in? Distance from rear wall? Do you want to accentuate midrange for vocals or are you one who diggs a tight bottom? [*-)] There is so much missing information.
  23. I work next door to a high end shop. They burn in speakers overnight. A couple of mornings I have walked into work to hear DSOTM coming through the walls. I guess it's what works.
  24. I envy setups with something else to look at besides a dull wall or tv. Maybe some birdfeeders would be nice. Music and nature are companions. Just looking at my audio gear is even distracting.
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