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  1. Also your mobo would have come with drivers for the SATA. I know my ic7 did, and they had to be installed when installing windows XP, originally I couldn't find a way to get them working correctly without a reinstall. Now i just have to get it overclocking correctly and everything will be all good...
  2. Scipio80

    HTPC ?

    This is the predicament I am in, do i take the guts from my old computer which was just upgraded and build my sister a computer, or do I build a HTPC for myself, I'm leaning towards sister, I could use the good karma.
  3. That first one was to the husband from the wife and mistress. They were none to pleased with his actions. The guy who carved it was looking and thinking something looked strange and then it hit him. Funny but true.
  4. You do have enough friends to put butts in these seats right actually I'm guessing friends won't be a problem, you'll be the Lebron James of your town's home theater market... don't forget who your true friends are.
  5. I'll recommend the (i believe self titled, either way its their only one) album by Denali. The lead singer can really sing, plus she's super hot.
  6. depending on where he gets them from he would have the option to trade them in towards the newer speakers for a certain period of time. He could look into that.
  7. Don't shoot the messenger! The speakers are designed to reveal every part of the recording. Whatever you had previously probably added distortion to everything you listened to, so you didn't hear the differences in the CD's. Now that you have speakers which are free of distortion themselves you are now able to hear the imperfections in the CD's. Of course if you don't like the Klipsch sound take them back. Its not for everyone and you shouldn't feel compelled to use something that is unpleasant for you.
  8. Go, its definitely worth the money. "FREEBIRD!"
  9. No, I'm pretty sure the last time he was knock down-sloppy drunk he promised to give it to me...
  10. The above is solid advice. I have the Infocus X1 its solid, I see the rainbows, but its something I've been able to ignore, they don't bother me at all. And with the higher speed color wheels I hear they are becoming even less of a problem. I still can't get over how great projectors are. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back... its sad really.
  11. Scipio80


    I am interested in an RC-3 if any of you are still offering.
  12. Hmm, that thing would pump air around a room like a ceiling fan... that's bolted to the floor.
  13. Hmm... maybe I missed the point...
  14. Oh man, where were you 8 years ago! I coulda really used that back then!
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