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  1. It's wasn't an inspection signature, but I know Bob Carver had a habit of signing some of his components, mostly his Sunfire amplifiers...one in particular might have been an actually Signature Series, I'm not sure...like PWK did to some of his loudspeakers back in the day. Didn't Matthew Polk of Polk Audio do the same thing at one time?
  2. Wouldn't you like to know, Gregg...[] And that mounatin range is beautiful. Reminds me when I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver...my then-girlfriend and I spent a lot of time driving thru the Rockies! You don't see sights like that here in flat, swampy Florida.
  3. Nice Golf, kaiser. My younger brother up in Niagara Falls still owns his '92 VW Golf GTi which has been modified over the years (he's had some engine and suspension upgrades done, but I can't recall what at the moment). Has about 30,000 original miles on the odometer and he stores it in his heated garage during the winter (except for this pic several years ago). His daily driver is a 2007 VW Passat turbo.
  4. Thank you, Jeremy. They are great sounding monitors. And that Pioneer is really nice...looks like it just came off the assembly line (and it was 1978 all over again). Bet it sounds as great as it looks too!
  5. So true, Mike. With the RB-75s and the power meters on the G-7000 just peaking at 1 watt each, you have to shout at another person in the same room just to be heard!
  6. Yep, you had sold 'em to Ben Clarke, and later he sold 'em to me...and I love them! They sound fabulous with SET, PP and even '70s monster SS receivers!
  7. Welcome to the Forums, John... I haven't heard the Trends or Kingrex yet, but the el-cheapo Sonic Impact my brother owns convinced me that Tripath technology is leaping in bounds soundwise to equal solid-state (and even vacuum tube) characteristics. I would bet that buying a Tripath amp would indeed improve your stereo-only experience with your RF-82s!
  8. Thanks, Mark. They certainly don't make receivers like this one anymore...and you should've heard how clean these 85 solid-state watts are with your old cherry RB-75s! The TimeFrames are virtually as sweet sonically; I could get used to this setup for quite some time.
  9. I don't think you'd do badly with either the Cornwalls or RF-7s, but I'd vote on the Cornwalls simply because I'm biased (my '79 Cornwalls rocked being driven by a McIntosh MC7200 blasting AC/DC and Led Zep)!
  10. This 30 year old beast has been retuned and is still impressing the hell outta me. At the moment, I'm not really missing my 300Bs or 6L6s...have I gone too far off the deep end?
  11. Just for $hits 'n' giggles, I'm lovin' transistors again...this time with my 1978 Sansui G-7000 pure DC stereo receiver, driving my bro's '85 DCM TF350 TimeFrames (giving my glass bottles and horns a little rest).[Y]
  12. Yep...I was a Carver fan since '80 when I first heard my dad's friend's two M-500t amps driving four Klipschorns in his monsterous music room (which also housed a complete 1927 Marr & Colten theatre pipe organ). While stationed in Germany in '83 I bought my first M-400t, along with a C-1 pre, TX-11 tuner, and later their DTL-100 CD player. Excellent gear; never had a problem with them (except for the transport mechanism in the 1st generation disc player). In the '90s I later purchased the TFM-35x, a beautiful brute of an amp that sounded quite sweet, yet tight, clean and powerful driving my Magnapan MGLR1s and later my Cornwalls! It was the best amp by far that I had owned up to that point...only the McIntosh MC7200 edged it out in sheer dynamics, and not by much IMO! I also bought a new SD/A-450 disc player and a used C-4000 pre to upgrade the C-1, and another used M-400t for a DIY sub I had at the time. Had my financial situation been different, I would've kept my Carver gear instead of selling it off for other equipment. I still dig the '80s Carver Corp. components...maybe someday I'll be able to own Carver gear again, and consider any updates/modifications that might be available...
  13. Thank you all very much...very thoughtful of everyone to think of me as I turn 46 (sheesh, and I still remember when I was 26 and stationed in Germany...seems only like yesterday).
  14. Times are indeed tough! Due to lack of sales, my employer's biggest distributor cut off our weekly orders until further notice, thus only a fraction of our products are going to customers (thanks to the lousy economy and sky-high prices). My hours have been cut from 40 to 20 a week, and good local jobs are scarce. I haven't been able to put anything away in my IRA account for over a year now...you can say I'm a bit worried about my future.
  15. Looks like he never knew what hit him...ZZZAAAAAPP! Wake up dead.
  16. That's exactly how I do it! After my service in the Army, I got a job in '86 with a small specialty art firm commissioned to do portraits and silhouettes out at Disney World. It was on-the-job training, concentrating on just the outline of a person's profile, all the while learning how to control the scissors and learning different cutting techniques. We all had art backgrounds already, so it was basically learning how to draw all over again, but with scissors. Bad part was you can't correct mistakes...once the cut's made, that's about it (you can only trim so much...too much and it's trashed). Took about 6 weeks to learn and about a year to master. I was laid off in 2003 due to lack of business, and haven't done it much since...until recently. I love the art form and I have no problems making them; just trying to drum up business now which is hard to do when the economy is down the toilet and people don't have the spare cash for such things these days anymore. I'm just hoping that its uniqueness and old world charm will attract a crowd at the art gig I have going on this weekend.
  17. If anyone happens to be in central Florida next weekend and wants a unique gift for themselves for the holidays: http://www.freewebs.com/jt1stcav/myeventspage.htm It's obviously not audio related, but if any of you in Florida want a centuries-old art styled in the likeness of your profile (in shadow form), or have family members you'd like to have a silhouette of...please stop by and have one created.
  18. Funny, in my mind I kinda pictured OB as a spitting image of his avatar (an old coot)! Looking at his photos, Rob looked nothing like the crotchety old man he lead us to believe he was. Even with Rob's declining health he looked better than I would've thought. Hell, Eddie Van Halen was born in '55 and he now looks like a meth-head in his 70s (what hard drug use will do to a man...ask Keith Richards)!
  19. ...to include the late OB, and Andy Barr (HDBRbuilder) and other present-day military Klipsch members who are on active duty today serving their nation as we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  20. That's a dollar well spent, especially when it drags you by force back thru time and you enjoy it so much you feel like you're actually there reliving the event! Cool...
  21. Great read...and fine examples of Carver amplification that'll continue to live on for many more years!
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