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  1. Taj Mahal, Love Song in the Key of D
  2. I like "Live in Pompeii" also.
  3. I haven't listened to Jeff Beck in a while, but I caught this performance on TV the other day. I am always at a loss for words when reviewing...this is worth viewing.
  4. callmeishmael


    Thanks jbsl, and you too Colin . I will check it out.
  5. Cadillac Records is a great choice. Chicago Ray Oklahoma
  6. A book by Tom Moon who is a critic for NPR's "All Things Considered". The list is on the web. My doctor tells me I better hurry.
  7. jdm56 Try Junior Brown's 12 Shades of Brown, Junior High and Semi Crazy. Also, Don Walser's Rolling Stone From Texas . Hope you like "em.
  8. Spirit. Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus. Forgive me. I copied the following from another site. The final album by experimental pop/rock band Spirit's original lineup is arguably their best. Combining their most melodic collection of songs with the harmonically rich and uncharacteristically detail-oriented production of David Briggs (Neil Young, Alice Cooper) the group disbanded on a high note and closed out the original era of west-coast experimental psych-rock. So, while it lacks the out-from-left-field impact of their quirky, raw debut, I think Dr. Sardonicus is nevertheless Spirit's most sophisticated and quintessential work product. The title and cover art would suggest that this is a concept album; it isn't, at least as far as I can tell. Other than the eclectic nature of the music and the fact that several of the tracks run together (suggestive of "dreaming," I guess), there is no overriding concept or story that unifies these songs. The record spawned the minor hit "Nature's Way" and probably should have had others – "Animal Zoo," "Mr. Skin" and "Morning Will Come" have a catchy, rollicking zest to them and they suitably capture the carefree vibe of the era. The other tracks are generally artier and exhibit the sort of creative (yet always accessible) musical crossbreeding that Spirit was known for. "Love Has Found a Way" uses a backwards rhythm track and the nice addition of a vibraphone contributes to its tripped-out feel. "Why Can't I Be Free" has an arresting, wheezy ambience to it that prevents the one-minute song from being a throwaway. "Space Child" is a jazzy, psychedelic instrumental that sounds like Steely Dan might have, had they come up in late '60s California. "Street Worm" finishes with a solo that guitarist Randy California (a versatile, accomplished player) described in the liner notes as being inspired by John Coltrane improvisations
  9. Watching the opening ceremony of the summer olympics. Beautiful.
  10. The drought in the southeast U.S. has lessened its grip on my parched garden. The humid, ninty five degree temps have made going outside almost unbearable. I wish someone would come to town, wave a stick in the air and bring to me a seventy degree day. I like movies that tell a story of how some event changes a person's life. I guess the best known of this type story would be "It's A Wonderful Life". I would like to recommend the movie "The Rainmaker" with Burt Lancaster and Katharine Hepburn. Hepburn garnered an Oscar nomination but lost to Ingrid Bergman for her performance in "Anastasia". Lots of stiff competition in 1956. The movie co-stars Lloyd Bridges and Earl Holliman. All actors did a wonderfull job. It is a great movie for a Sunday afternoon.
  11. Colin, Why So Serious? (sorry, i couldn't help myself)
  12. After having to lay off two people today, I gots the blues. Not as much as the two, I will bet. Koko Taylor "Old School". Chicago style with some great guitar solos. I think she was 'bout 70 years young when this was recorded. Check out the song Young Fashioned Ways. Happy trails. P.S. Will someone recommend a place to get Roy Rogers yodeling music?
  13. Hey Old Man, Cheer up! You sound bummed out. I look at the page faithfully. I just don't have a whole lot to add. Spirit. More 60s and 90s stuff. I Got a Line On You. Nature's Way. Animal Zoo.
  14. Have been listening to Shawn Phillips. 'Tis from the 70's. Twelve string with a three octive voice. I guess his most accessable lp is titled Second Contribution. Each album he released, was with a different style. Favorite songs are Song for Sagitarians, Bright White, Lady in Violet, Do You Wonder, I'm An American Child (On A Nuclear Pile), Spaceman, Moonshine and many others. A good show of Shawn's voice is a song from the album Transendence, Take It Easy. Maybe he is not for everyone, but he grew on me. Enjoy!
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    Hello everyone, With the resurgence of the album, I thought I would go to the basement and see if I had anything that was still playable. I came across a couple that are probably unique. One is a Stax/Volt recording, King and Queen by Otis Redding and Karla Thomas. I remember a Stones album, that when opened, it had one of those things that when you looked at it, it showed a picture, but when you looked at it at an angle, it was a different picture. I saw the album later, and it did not have that feature. What neat album covers do you have?
  16. I am stuck in the past. I was listening to Rare Earth. Born to Wander, I'm Losing You, Celebrate and Get Ready.
  17. Speaking of Alvin Lee, have you heard "On the Road to Freedom" with Mylon Lefevre? Great album with Winood, Capaldi, Harrison, Ron Wood etc. Great stuff. Mylon Lefevre is from the Singing Lefevre Family, a gospel group. They booted Mylon out because he had long hair! Check out "So Sad" by George Harrison. It's Harrison all the way. The title track is Mylon on vocals with Alvin doin' guitar. Anyway...
  18. Here it is Memorial Day and I am wondering what war movies will be on the tube, er I mean screen. I guess my most favorite war movie would be "Saving Private Ryan". It stuck with me for days afterward. "Tora, Tora, Tora"? "The Longest Day"? "Hambuger Hill"?
  19. My sister turned me on to Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66 when I was about 12 yesrs old. Thanks Robin, wherever you are. I love you sweetheart. Although I was hung up on Elvis at the time, Brazil 66 was kinda cool. I appreciate them now even more. They are famous for "The Girl From Ipanema", but I especially like their version of "Fool on the Hill".
  20. Play Misty for Me scared the heck out of me.
  21. Traffic. I don't know what to say about them. Always liked 'em. Always will.
  22. Oops. Old people doing their songs from 50 years ago. Too young to die, too old to rock and roll.
  23. I was crusin' around the other day and came across a video of Herman's Hermits doing "No Milk Today". I vaguely remembered the song from mucho years ago. So, I went looking for other songs from that period. There is quite a few artists that had some great stuff. It all seems simple now, but it is good pop. I remember alot of the songs. It just so happens that on PBS tonight is a find raiser program focusing on the British Invasion. Have fun.
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