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  1. That was a great game and two of the best goaltending efforts I have ever seen in a single game.... Friday is what they play all season for....NHL couldn't have asked for a better season or ending to a great year of hockey. Let's go Pens!!!
  2. Big game tonight - Pen's need to win. Heard Crosby complaining "that I can't do it all" also heard team saying that Guerin isn't stepping up.... Not sure if Crosby realizes that not only is he not doing it all but he'snot doing anything! Huge Pens fan, but if the Pens decide to be stupid like they did in game 5, they will get blown out again. Only way Pens can win is if they get the lead early, keep the momentum and never let Detroit go up by 2. Once they are up by 2 - its over....Malking, Crosby, Kunitz and the gang get too frustrated and start playing stuid. We'll see...and the 12,000 plus won't be outside the area tonight watching - going to be tough....
  3. I think the 650's may be a bit much for what I am looking for. Any input from anyone on the 525's or if you looked into any of the Niles? Right now I am leaning towards the 1) OS6.5's 2) OS20's then 3) AW-525's.
  4. Guy - in need of some help here. Looking into a set of outdoor speakers and I am not sure what to get given that I cannot hear any of these where I currently live. I have selected these speakers based on price range, specs and reviews but I am torn as to which sets to get. Not looking to share my music with the neighborhood, but I do appreciate quality highs and lows when I am relaxing out back during the spring and summer months. These are what I am looking at: Klipsch AW-500 Klipsch AW-525 (are these that much better than the 500's?) Niles OS 6.5 Niles OS20 Any and all advice would be appreciated - looking to pull the trigger in the next day or so. Thanks to all in advance!
  5. That makes sense, thanks for the clarification. Finaly question then, what looks better 720p or 1080i or does it depend on the native resolution of your TV?
  6. I understand the difference between interlaced and progressive. What the article states is that there is no difference between to picture quality between 1080i & 1080p? So why have 1080p?
  7. Interesting article.... I was just in CC last week and got the whole $1000 for blu-ray because of the 1080p line... Based on the article, I have several questions: I am not sure I understand the point behind 1080p if the output is no difference compared to 1080i? Why does 1080p exist? I have always been a fan of Sony, especially for televisions. However many of thier ideas never make it in the long run. For expample, the MiniDisc and Memory Stick. Both were suppose to be the standard, and now both seem to be rarely used. Will the Blu-ray technology follow in the footsteps? Finally, I have noticed that more of the higher end DVD players are in Blu-ray, Sony, Samsung, where HD-DVD are more lower end in comparison, Toshiba, RCA. With that said, if one were in the market to purchase a High Definition DVD player which to go with? The better picture quality (based on the article) HD DVD on a lower end DVD Player or spend the extra cash for Blu-ray DVD on a better quality DVD Player?
  8. My opinion is that it is all preference. I personally do not enjoy watching American Cars making 4 left hand turns for hours at end, but that is my preference. Why I enjoy watching F1 is really because these are the best cars ever manufactured in the world and it takes me out of reality for a few hours - until the wife wants me to help with yard work. To think of driving a 2.4 V8 with 750hp, acceleration times such as 0 to 100 km/h: 1.9 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h: 3.9 seconds, 0 to 300 km/h: 8.4 seconds is mind-boggling, and those are just the specs in 2006. 2004 was much better.... An average F1 car can decelerate from 100-0 km/h (62-0 mph) in about 17 meters (55 feet), compared with a Dodge Viper (considered one of the best mass-production street cars for braking), which takes around 34 meters (112 feet). More than half the distance...that is awesome!! IMO, and it is just preference. Nothing in NASCAR can compare to that, that is why I , and I am sure why others, watch F1.
  9. I must say I am very surprised to see this news. My thought was that it is every race car drivers dream to get to F1. Because it requires the most skill, has the best technology, pays the most and is most challenging. Based on the articles that I have read, it looks like JPM is looking for a "different" challenge. Remember he use to race for Ganassi Target Racing for CART/IRL and was there for only 1 season and finished on top and rookie of the year. He doesn't seem like the type of guy to continue finishing 2nd or 3rd (actually not even that in F1, I think he has 7 1st place finishes in almost as many years....). He probably wants to be back on top so he is going to NASCAR (where I do not think he will do well). IMHO, he should have stayed a few more years in CART/IRL before making the jump to F1. Maybe we will see M.Schumacher join IROC racin' next.....
  10. PMP - Project Managment Professional. It is a certification that is given to indivuduals who manage larger scale IT projects. Similar to what a CPA is to accountants. In today's world so many people are Project Managers in IT, but it is difficult to gauge who is a credited PM and who was just given the title of a PM. So to differentiate, an individual who is PMP certified holds more weight for client or project engagements then someone who is not. Wasn't sure what (if any) response I would get, but figured it was worth a shot, never know. Thanks anyway! JAG
  11. Thanks for the help guys, I knew I would find the answers that I am looking for.....
  12. Looking into this certification and I was curious to know if anyone on this forum is PMP certified? If so could you comment on your experiences pertaining to preparation for the exam and the exam in general. Overall difficulty, how much time did you spend to prepare for it. Was it difficult to pass the first time? Just curious to see what the overall response is from a non-PM based forum. Thanks! JAG
  13. jagangjee

    HDTV - WOW!

    This is great news, that means CBS regular, CBS HD (playe different games sometimes) and UHD!! That is sweet!! Thanks for the tip, I will keep my eyes out!
  14. jagangjee

    HDTV - WOW!

    Only around till 02/28 with my Cable Provider - I guess it is just a promo with the Olympics.
  15. jagangjee

    HDTV - WOW!

    My answer to this is "YES". I have had mine for over 3 years now, and I can still say I get more and more impressed each time I watch it. Watced Olympic Ice Hockey on Sunday on Universal HD, I was so impressed - even three years later. Congrats, and welcome to the HDTV Family.
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