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    Samsung 60" Plasma - PN60F5300AFX
    Sony UBP-X800m2
    Sony BDP-S350 Blu Ray player (cottage)
    Klipsch RF3-II (main)
    Klipsch RP-440C (center)
    Klipsch KSW-12 (sub)
    Klipsch CDT 5800-C-II (rear)
    Marantz SR5007
    APC-H15 Power Conditioner
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  1. Hello Klipsch Nation, I need your opinions.... I currently have Klipsch CDT-5800-C II's as my rears in ceiling and they are amazing. I'm going to add another pair of speakers in the front to achieve a Dolby Atmos / more fuller sound. If you are spending my money which option do you choose? 1. Add another pair of In ceiling CDT-5800-CII's 2. Add a pair of RP-140SA and place them on top of my RF3-II's? Thank you
  2. I've requested info on Blu Ray players/Universal Disc players from Klipsch Nation before, I have received outstanding info and have done some research.... I am 90% sure I'm going to purchase the Oppo 103D, which is at the top of my price range. My 10% concerns are "future proof" related, I don't want to make another disc player purchase for another 5+ years. I don't currently have a 4k TV, but would love to get one in the event one of my current models quits. I know the 103 doesn't support 4k, but does it matter??? Please respond to why or why not I should make the purchase. Thank you
  3. I had some custom oak floor stands made for my RS-3 II's I used to have, they are beautiful and very functional/sturdy. I'd love to send you a picture of them, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to attach a picture to this post....I go to image, it asks for a URL and I'm lost. I would also sell them if you ever made it up to Wisconsin
  4. This is a question for a buddy of mine, which I couldn't answer. He wishes to do a 5.1 speaker configuration with the rears being in-ceiling and the fronts being in-wall. My response was to get the best Klipsch in-wall/ceiling speakers he could afford and buy 5. His response was....if my center channel speaker is so important why doesn't a company make a "beefed up" center to match the other in-wall speakers? Crickets....is what he heard from me. Thoughts from Klipsch Nation? Thank you
  5. Let's say I decide to jump into the new Premiere series stuff, what is a fair price to ask for my RC3-II on craigslist? It's in very good condition no cosmetic issues.
  6. Now that the Reference Premiere series is making the rounds, just curious if someone could tell me if the RP-440C will sound better than the RC3-II? Any and all opinions are welcome. Thank you
  7. I will not be using it for SACDs. I just based my response on hearing so much about the Oppo. So......If I am primarily going to be using it for Movie watching could you please recommend the best BDP player and if possible a model that could also be used for 4k if I make the switch in the future? Thank you
  8. My disc player is only for movies. That's when I want my system to preform. I stream music for "get-togethers" but not nearly at the volume level as movies. So The Oppo is my choice?
  9. The Marantz I would get is the 5007, which retails for $599. How does the Oppo-103 compare to the Marantz-5007?
  10. Its been forever since I thought about buying a disc player. Please suggest a nice one. I could spend $400-500ish but for that much you would really need to "sell" me on why I should want it. I do not plan on upgrading my TV to a 4k until my current model stops working. As always any and all help is appreciated. Thank you
  11. Where are your 4 - 5800's placed? If I had two 5800's in-ceiling for rears and two in-wall 5800's for front.....and then added a RC-64 II for center would the RC-64 II blow the whole show out of the water or would it be a seamless sounding outfit?
  12. I don't have the answer to the Dolby atmos question. Why may I ask would you be wondering?
  13. I have Two 5800's in the ceiling for my rears
  14. It is in my basement which is open and around 1,000 sq. ft. however, my listening/viewing area is really compact. I am sitting probably 12 feet away from Center channel.
  15. Why do you say it wouldn't match? Would it match the CDT-5800-CII's? Thank you
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