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  1. I purchased 3 Rane MA-6S amps, 16 JBL Control 28T outdoor speakers, 1 Rane ME 15B Graphic Equalizer, 1 CP 64 Commercial Processor, and 1 large commercial stand up rack with fans and electrical outlets for $100.00. Needless to say I felt good about the purchase. So I already have the amps. I am currently using one with my Yamaha receiver which is dying and the rest of the stuff is not being used. It was mentioned earlier to consider a processor instead of a receiver to run with the amps. That was something that I didn't think about. I will have to do a little research on the processor option. So If these Rane amps are a good power source, then do I look at a low watt receiver with quality components or the processor or what?
  2. Ok, Lets say everything in the chain is ok. I've got the power. Question 1 Does anyone here know about the Rane MA-6S Multi channel amp and if it is quality power. I'm sure it's strong enough here are the specs.. Please give your opinions. 100 watts minimum RMS per channel into 8 ohms 150 watts minimum RMS per channel into 4 ohms 300 watts minimum RMS per two-channel bridged operation into 8 ohms FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5hz - 80hz. +0/ -3 dB TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION less than 0.2 % (1 hz ) INTERMODULATION DISTORTION ( 60 HZ ; 7 khz @ 4:1 ) LESS THAN 0.1% SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: better than 96 dB (EIA A-weighted) SENSITIVITY: +0 dBm (.775V3 for rated power output INPUT IMPEDANCE: greater than 9k ohms DAMPING FACTOR: 300:1 at 1000Hz INPUTS: "A" RTS phone jacks, automatic balanced/unbalanced OUTPUTS: Terminal Blocks CROSS TALK: better than -60 dB at 1kHz, any channel to any channe LIMITER PERFORMANCE : Range: 15 dB Maximum input level at clipping: +15 dB (4.4) Attack time constant: 10 ms Decay time constant: 10 ms Detection method: full-wave peak SPEAKER IMPEDANCE: No less than 4 ohms for single channel operation. No less than 8 ohms for bridged operation. LED THRESHOLD: Signal present: -20 dBm (78mV.) Limit: 90W output into 8 ohms (26.8 VRMS) single operation 270W output into 8 ohms (46.5VRMS) bridged Clip: 3 dB before actual clipping. OUTPUT RELAY: Activates approximately 10 seconds after power is supplied; drops out immediately after turn-off; drops out anytime there is DC output voltage or high level subsonic signals. Now see why I ask these questions, it's a completely different language. I don't have a clue! Thanks, Jack.
  3. I have a Yamaha RX V630 receiver that got zapped by lightning about 2 years ago which damaged my banana plug inputs but not my speaker lead inputs, go figure. I believe now that the receiver is slowly passing away. This brings me to the upgrade question. I want tons of power for headroom (bragging rights) but my main emphasis is sound quality. I love clean sound but sometimes I want to feel it and that's another reason for the power. Here is where my head scratching starts. I have 3 Rane MA-6S multi channel amps (tons of power) that I can use with a quality receiver, or I can spend more money on a quality receiver with a ton of power. Where is the sound quality? Is it the amp or the receiver? I would much rather spend less money on a quality receiver with less power and use the amps that I already have. If the receiver controls the sound quality then I can knock it out of the park with the amps If the amp controls the quality then what kind of sound quality do I have with the Rane MA-6S amps? Does what I'm trying to say make sense? Thanks, Jack.
  4. I did the exact same thing that you are thinking about. I have a pair of black LaScalas for my fronts and decided to paint three Heresies for my center and surrounds. All I did was carefully sand the cabinets trying not to round off the corners or edges. I can't remember the type of paint that I used but it came from lowes and was out of a spray can. The condition of my speakers was 7 out of 10, so I had no grief about painting them I put four light coats making sure I had no runs in the paint and only painted once a day allowing plenty of drying time, they turned out great and the finish matches the LaScalas. To the untrained eye, you would think they we all purchased as a group. As for value, like some have already said, it probably wouldn't be that big of a difference besides you're painting to use them not sell them and the real value is you doing what you want and enjoying them. From what I see, there is no real shortage of Heresies, I have 4 pair (don't ask me why, just know it gets addictive) and was able to pick which ones to paint. I would not paint a 9 out of 10. I would take the advice given here on how to do it, they know a lot more about painting than I do and try to get the same paint Klipsch uses. Good luck. PS. If you are going to use them as surrounds and need stands, grinder stands painted black work great. I got mine from Harbor Freight Tools I think for $29.00 each.
  5. Those directions were very helpful. Im finally on my way to getting this stuff organized. Thanks again.
  6. thaddeussmith, Keeping it simple is what I wanted, I am going to print the directions that you gave me and give it a try, it's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Jack.
  7. Some of the formats are WMA some MP3. I'm not concerned with compressing as I have an 880 gig hard drive. I would like to be able to put all the files in one music folder and have them catagorized. I would like to have all of them loaded into itunes for my ipod. Also I will need to be able to rename some of them so they would be filed correctly and I will need to rename before I transfer to itunes. There is one format that wont load automatically into itunes ( can't remember what it is right now), it goes straight to Windows media player so I will need to some how retag or convert those files so itunes accepts it. Thanks Jack.
  8. Ok, here goes, I have alot of music some in different formats and in many different folders. I just bought a portable hard drive and would like to put all of the music in one folder, have it organized, and be able to play the music on my Ipod. Is there a web site that will instruct me in how to do this or do you have to buy software.I have looked on the internet and it's hard to tell what direction to go or what product to go with. I thought I would ask here and maybe someone with hands on experience in what works well and what to stay away from might offer some advice. Thanks.
  9. I have about 20,000 songs and want to organize them on a portable hard drive to use with my Ipod. I just want to post it in the right section. Thanks.
  10. Problem solved, I ran a ground wire from the chasis ground on the amp to a ground terminal on the back of the reciever and the buzz went away. Very easy and effective fix. Now WE BE JAMMIN, Thanks for the help. Jack.
  11. I'm in a bonus room over a two car garage, it's a finished room with correct wiring. I think I'll try and tap off the ground terminal of a receptacle first, if that helps then I'll see if I can run a dedicated conductor from the ground bar in the electricial panel. Thanks for the help.
  12. I was considering the ground terminal on the receptacle just didn't know if it would cause any more problems than it would cure. I didn't see any chasis grounds on the other equipment just the amp. If the electrical ground is good I'll do that.
  13. I have a Rane MA6S amp connected to a Yamaha RXV630 reciever. There is a buzz coming from all the speakers, I spoke with tech services at Rane and they said to ground the chasis of the amp and that should cure the problem. There is a chasis ground terminal on the amp, the equipment is in the room over the garage. What is the best way to get a good ground and is there anything else in a system that should have this type of ground? Thanks, Jack.
  14. There is a restaurant that has been out of business for a couple of years, everything inside is for sale, I walked through and found some Rane components. 1-Rane CP 64 commercial processor, 1- Rane ME 15B graphic equalizer, 3- Rane MA6 multichannel amplifiers, and 1- component rack with some Rane controls and 2 cooling fans. This equipment hasn't been used for about 2 years, condition is very dusty and unable to test because components are out of the rack and scattered about. I'm sure some of the system is missing as previous owners or occupants probably helped themselves before leaving. There is also 16- JBL 28T outdoor speakers throughout the building, 11 of them inside only and 5 outside. This building is scheduled to be torn down soon and the items inside have been for sale for quite some time. The sale is not advertised nor active. I personnaly believe the management co. doesn't have a clue of the value or lack there of about anything in the building. I spoke with the lady yesterday and she said she would meet me there and see what I was interested in and talk about a price. I am interested to know if the components work, would it be good equipment for home audio of theatre. My main goal was to get a couple of speakers for my back porch but when I saw all the other stuff I had to come here and ask for opinions. My secondary goal is to score all this stuff really really cheap. Thanks, Jack.
  15. Mike, I guess I should say I don't need more bass a far as the HZ goes, the sub I have hits low enough, just not hard enough. I thinking I need more power to keep up with my mains. Bands to name a few. 38 special, Fleetwood Mac. Van Halen, AC/DC, B-52, Stevie ray Vaughan, Ozzy, Nazereth, Kid Rock, Garbage, Eagles, Dire Straights, Jimmy Buffett. RichardP, Sorry if I misled anyone, I am not a stage sound guy. I was a member of IATSE Local 333, I worked as a stagehand helping set up concerts, sporting events, theatre, and movies. I understand what I want just having a hard time explaining it. The sub is connected to the sub output in the reciever. Jack.
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