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  1. This is still kicking around... Local pickup is ideal (and free) or shipping is from H2P2S2 region in Montreal...
  2. This has sold locally. This is a single KLIPSCH K-22-EF 12" functioning woofer from a Heresy I. DCR 7.4 Ohms. I replaced both woofers in a set of Decorator Heresy I speakers because one was blown. Although not pretty to look at, this other one works fine for someone working on a DIY where it isn’t visible. What is a fair price? thinking 20$ locally (Montreal, QC).
  3. Thanks for your input… I guess those class D amps look like bargains in their kit forms, but lose their price advantage once you start adding all the other required hardware that isn’t included. Given the Heritage series high efficiency, power isn’t an issue even with Class A/B amps…
  4. Greetings sir! The green plot is something I've been noodling here. The K77M can actually remarkably good at higher sound pressure levels "if" you use the green curve. To use the green curve however requires other changes to occur and that's where things get very interesting. it's possible however to take the Klipschorn to a much better place without having to take a second mortgage out on your house. More on that later. Did I miss it? The suspense is killing me! Ditto....
  5. formica


    I’d agree with Carl on minimizing vibrations if you decide to install those drivers in doors. I’m feeling the weak point will be the handle where the door isn’t firmly attached to the wall. My IB is firmly braced with ¾” plywood and screwed to concrete, and I still get hairline cracks between the mouldings surrounding it (the wall is black which makes it easier to spot plaster). Making holes in the wall would give you a better foundation for an IB. Having a baffle with a perfectly symmetrical woofer layout does cancel out a lot of vibrations. Unfortunately real life is not perfect and compromises are made… I wanted to squeeze a cornscala between mine... (sorry for the poor picture quality)...
  6. I've always been curious on the buzz about D-Class amplifiers used as a main amp... are those Hypex boards where buzz is at these days? ... Anyone else experiment with kits and what were your reactions?
  7. I know it plays DVDA (I have some of those) but I don't think it does SACD... Mark, reply sent...
  8. I know, it's been awhile... guess life really got busy (actually I had gotten involved with a woman who created quite some havoc) but that is in the past, and life has settled down. The IB is still purring along... recently changed projectors and AV reciever (the reason I'm getting rid of the DSP1124P)... I should go update my profile... Still building more subs?... I miss any drama on here?... ROb ETA: wow, you've certainly racked on the posts since!...
  9. This was the player that put Oppo on the map, as it was the highest-rated DVD player in 2005 Benchmark Review by "Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity"... this player is in very good condition and has served me well. It was bought new in 2006 by me and comes with it’s original remote, packaging, and DVI to HDMI converter. More info about the player at: http://www.projectorcentral.com/oppo_opdv971h_dvd_player.htm - Up-converting DVD player scalable to 576P (PAL)/720p/1080i for LCD/plasma/DLP displays for better picture - Faroudja DCDi technology produces superior, crisper, clearer images on DTVs - Plays DVD, DVDaudio, DVD+/-RW, MPEG4/DivX/XviD, VCD, SVCD, CD+R/-RW, HDCD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, CD - Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound, PAL/NTSC compatible I would like to get 45$US or 60$cnd plus shipping (or free pickup in Montreal) Thanks for looking, ROb
  10. I'm clearing out some equipement, including this Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro BFD DSP1124P. As some of you know it is a 24-Bit Dual Engine Digital Feedback Suppressor / Parametric EQ, which I was using simly as a parametric EQ for my IB subs in my home theatre. It’s in perfect working condition, comes with all the manuals and packing material. It’s in excellent condition, used only in a residential setting by a non-smoker, and never rack mounted. I'm asking a reasonable 55$US or 70$cnd plus shipping (or free local pickup in Montreal). Thanks, ROb
  11. Ironically just installed a 5030UB on Sunday replacing my Panasonic I’ve had for many years (9 years!). I was strongly considering the Panasonic AE8000 because I do use 2.35:1 ... and being able to automatically adjust image size might be worth a small image disadvantage (according to reviews). I ended up with the Epson because the Panny wasn’t readily available in Canada, and it came with two 3D glasses and a free replacement bulb (via mail in offer). One major deciding factor for me was placement flexibility, and maintaining enough zoom to be able to change from 2.35:1 to 16:9 (which is about an additional 1.3 zoom once placed). Both the Panny and Epson had that flexibility. They are both very good projectors… sometimes its hard to go wrong... ROb
  12. I've heard alot of great feedback on those units as well (including my local dealer), but I guess some were not so fortunate (I think this is the user he was refering to, and the issues he was having: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/1886822.aspx ) ROb
  13. I'm with Coytee... how about your MF / HF section in the middle with a Lascala bass bin on either side to keep it under 36" ?
  14. Time and space i'm guessing... congrats for your daughter... I'll admit I shyed away from an outdoor sub given I'm in a pretty dense area... but now you have me rethinking it...
  15. Off topic, but: I've heard alot of good press on the MRX series, what kind of issues were you having?... ROb
  16. Looking fantastic... better safe than sorry?...[A] ... what's next on your list?... []
  17. There are several companies making nice horn loaded subs like Danley, as well as some very interesting DIY designs floating around on the net. Check out some of Carl’s (CECAA850) projects on here... he’s built and owned, built, sold, quite a few of the current designs... and would be quite apt at comparing them. Of coarse all af them are large. I also noticed you are using a dbx expander... so I’m thinking “dynamic” would describe how you like your music. I’m using a IB sub with khorns on my main system... once I tried it, there was no going back… ROb
  18. That is capable to produce the volumes you will be listening to, without distortion. I feel the sonic “characteristics” are not as obvious when in the sub-bass regions... and placement, room effects, and adjustment will play a bigger role assuming you are not distorting. If you do all your listening at low volumes, or your musical preferences are not very bass’y, then your selection is quite big … but if you enjoy uncompressed, dynamic, music at louder volumes, your selection will diminish. That is one of the issues when mating a subwoofer with speakers capable to reproduce over 120db. What do you listen to and what are your sources? (vinyle, CD, flac, Bluray, etc…) I’m using DIY units in both my systems and am not up to date on the current subwoofer models (the subwoofer forum may be of more help there)… but if you want an efficient subwoofer with good bass extension, Hoffman’s Iron Law (that relates efficiency and bass extension to enclosure size) certainly applies, and the reason many heritage owners are using such LARGE subwoofers. If you do look around for a subwoofer, try and figure out before hand what budget, size, WAF, potential placement, etc... you are willing to live with... ROb
  19. I share the opinion that the Lascala and Belle will resemble each other more than to the khorn given the lost bass extension, but either could work with a proper subwoofer. The Vittora can also be had with it’s subwoofer. On paper, the LaScala is the more similar (same horns, same x-over frequencies, etc…) but this, on the other hand, will also make the lost bass extension more obvious. The Belle probably sounds more balanced given the higher midrange crossover and dropped overall efficiency, making the lost bass less apparent (I’ve never had the opportunity to listen to a Belle side by side). And despite being a direct radiator, I always thought the Cornwall’s bass a better match to the Khorns… am I the only one? Volti does offer a pre-packaged “cornscala” in his Alura... ROb
  20. I believe you need to resize them to fit in a typical browser window before uploading them... otherwise they are displayed (partially) full size...
  21. Never heard of them before. Well, I know Jack White and Beck? ... [A]
  22. D@mn... i'm still to young to buy this disk... []
  23. Got to luv the CataPlaysample playlist... with jems like "alive", "live and let die", "cemetery gates", "Dragula", Stairway to Heaven", "I would die 4u", "the Funeral", "Heaven"... etc... [<)]
  24. My thoughts exactly!... [8-|]
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