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  1. @HenrikTJ Hi Henrik, My user name used to be ][udson on here. Not sure when they axed showing special characters. I joined over a decade ago. It's Hudson. 😃 Thanks a lot. That's the product I came to through all of my reading. It looks like it will support the ten pounds. But will I be able to get firm control over speaker position? It feels like they would just dangle loosely. I was wondering if I couldn't get a tight flush mount with the double headed Bear Claw screws I ordered. But I'd worry about them falling after time through vibration... Hudson
  2. I have 4 Klipsch RP-500SA speakers coming to do a 5.2.4 setup with my RF7 Reference ii system. They have one keyhole on the back, I believe. They weigh 8 pounds. This is for Dolby Atmos. I can install them as front and back height speakers, or fire the rear ones upward to bounce sound off the ceiling, but I know that is least ideal. I would love to grab control of the buggers with ceiling mounts. But I am pulling my teeth out trying to find ceiling mounts for speakers that have only keyholes (no threaded holes). Can anyone throw me a bone? Thanks!
  3. Here's a pic of the room, accurately measured. You can see the room is very long. There is an inset (left in pic) that was built for a wood burning stove. It is raised 15 inches off the ground is as a nice area for the display. As you can see, the room opens up to the left of the setup. It contains various things like computer desk where I work from, component rack, etc.
  4. Thanks Arky and tkd. Tkd, I will look at the Denon. I wonder if the new Yammy is worth looking at too - the 3800. A review of the 2700 stated it was warmer than previous models, so maybe I would like it more than my old 2500. If there's one thing I worry about with Denon it's the interface. I saw my brothers a couple of years ago, and it was basically just text, and very non-user-friendly.
  5. It's hard to know it all when you've got a real life going on with work, wife and kids... so yeah, receivers are a hell of a lot easier.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. If I go separates only, I am going to want all the latest like HDMI 1.3a and the new decoding stuff. So it's not just about power. There are other reasons to upgrade. Where can I go to start learning about separates? I can't seem to find good sources of info. Random reviews are just a spewing of techno-verbiage. I need to know the basics, and then be able to establish a list of brands, models, and get a budget in order.
  7. What is the cross over thing about? Is there a thread about it?
  8. David, that is super generous. I would love to do that. I live 20 miles off 96 though. Maybe we could arrange a weekend sometime. I'd need help from you anyway in getting things set up I imagine. We can talk about this in PM if you want. Gonna have to research seperates...never had anything but a receiver.
  9. Dr Who, thanks for the long post. Interesting to hear about a similar sound. I guess that can be expected, and it's a jump in quality rather than a change as you say. I don't know anything about those other lines you mentioned but I would guess they're hugely expensive for me. But I'll have to look =). I don't care how big speakers are, nor do I wish for ear splitting stuff. I just want thick and detailed sound. But a pant leg rattle or two doesn't hurt... If I can fix this with power and setup, that would be great...
  10. Thanks so much for the help, guys. It sounds like it's everything but the speakers =) I think I will look at a new receiver. This is 3.5 years old, I think I can justify it. For the new bells and whistles too. The Denon line sounds like a popular one. I have to look more closely at the specs and get up to speed a bit. Still 140w, and I was hoping for more power maybe. Does a seperate amp really make the difference? Would you not want to power the center/sub too? I know nothing about this. I also wish I could find two HDMI out... I moved from a small 15x10 room to a 16x44 furnished basement. It sounds better in here than it did before. The floors are carpeted (vs wood in old room), and the couch and chairs take up some waves too. I will try to get a pic posted of the setup. Maybe I need treatments too, and to solve a space issue. What's a crossover upgrade about? Tkdamerica, thanks for the link, I will definitely go for a read. Are there any other receivers I should be looking at? And I would not know the first thing about getting a seperate amp... BTW, I should mention I demo'd top of the line Polk, Paradigm, and Infinity I think, before picking up the Klipsch. I auditioned the R7 line before anything else, and nothing else came close to how awesome that first demo was. I went back after the rest, and it confirmed it for me...the Ref 7's were just the best experience by far to me. When I think back to that day, I just know I don't have them working like they should...
  11. It's not that I am not happy with them, I just don't feel as thrilled with them as I would like. Half the time I know the source is just not good (TV, some dvds). The setup shines with Blue Ray movies. But I find if I turn it up to enjoy, it's just a bit harsh, and the sound seems to change. I don't know if that's the receiver/settings, setup, or just my ears...or hey maybe it's the typical complaint of inherent "harshness" on Klipsch I never wanted to believe. When it sounds good, without going too loud, it really does sound good. When not, things just sound "thin", brittle, not enough mids, not smooth enough, and muddy sub action - which I admit I have not nearly played enough with. I am virtually all about movies, btw. But I dig music at times, not to mention in movies. P.S. If I want to sell, I guess here is a good place to start. Those Ultras sure do look nice. I am outside of Grand Ledge, btw, in a hugely small town We just moved back from Florida. Brrrr.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I will try to find some time to play around with it more. I am sure half my problem is lack of experience and knowledge.
  13. Does anyone know how these system stack up? Anyone move from one to the other? I am thinking of upgrading, and wonder if I shouldn't slowly replace them with Ultras. I feel like I should upgrade my receiver first though, which is a lowly Yamaha RXV-2500...
  14. I have an upgrade itch. I've always been half happy with the RSW-15. I don't know if it's my setup and settings, but often it seems to have more of a muddy one note rumble than deep and tight performance with lots of range. Does that make sense? Does anyone know if the RT-12d provides a worthwhile upgrade?
  15. Thanks a lot CECA, I will try both out and make the call. It seems the large worked well with really nicely recorded programming like NUMB3ERS, but not so much for lesser shows/sports.
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