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  1. Pathos

    rf 7II

    This is what drives some of us mad. I finally saved up enough to get the RF7-II's last year and now they come out with something else that I absolutely need. I mean, who doesn't need these?
  2. I had my walls down to the concrete and regret not putting in conduit to pull cables through. I thought I had everything I needed, I tested all my cables, everything was good to go, but one HDMI end was crushed after everything was framed in. Almost impossible to run another one without opening up the walls. Good call Gnote and I can't agree with you more.
  3. Tnycman, Don't rent a truck, rent one of the movers like you would when moving your household items. 15ft enclosed truck. But yeah, the Smart car could be a good option.
  4. What do you drive? Lets hope is a small Geo Metro or something like that. I envision, stopping by a mattress store and buying a couple queen size box springs, put the screen between them and strap them to the roof of the car. Don't go past 90mph if you take the interstate. Cornering over 45 will cause them to shift also. Joking aside, I did the same thing when buying some furniture once, rented a small Uhaul and had it all back to them for about 26 dollars total. You can buy/bring some straps to secure it to one of the walls of the truck.
  5. Everyone here will be happy to chime in on what to buy and why. To make it useful for you, help by providing a budget, timeline, and any ideas you already have. Atmos or no? 5.1 or 7.2.4. Things like that will help. Welcome and be ready to get into the weeds with this stuff.
  6. Nice, Very clean looking setup. Do you notice the addition of the Atmos speakers? I mean how much Atmos is there with a KC touchdown? Lots of cheering and noise for sure, but I wonder...
  7. I totally agree that adding a sub is very necessary. However, having lived in apartments/condos/townhomes, they do add that thump that can often tick off the neighbors. You are missing some very nice sound without that low end bass, but maybe you are keeping your neighbors happier. Once I added one I talked to my neighbors about what they felt was acceptable and only turned it on then. (for the most part) Now that I live in a house with the Sub in the basement, my wife gives me the neighbor treatments sometimes..."Turn it down!!!" I can get away with it when she is watching a movie with me.
  8. Wake, Nice, those should work just fine for Atmos, you will never notice them. 7.4.2....Count me as jealous. I thought that I would always be drawn to my projector when I first mounted it...I thought it stuck out too much. I don't even pay attention to it anymore. Keep me in mind when/if you cycle the RS-3IIs out of your inventory.
  9. Youthman, Congrats on the find, I don't think I have seen those in white. Did I miss what Wake is going to do with the old RS-3IIs? I have a set of RF-3IIs and never did buy the rear surrounds. If you guys need a buyer for those please let me know. Pathos.
  10. Very cool...Nothing that fell off the back of a truck is always good news.
  11. I agree with Pbphoto, let Qnap do the raid on the disks. It looks like that Qnap supports raid 5. This is striping with parity, its not bad for writing, but it is very fast reads. If you lose a drive the volume is only degraded speed wise, but you don't lose data. You can replace the failed drive and the raid will rebuild itself. You can do raid 5 with 3 drives at minimum. If you want you can tell Qnap to use 3 active and 1 hot swap drive...or just let it use all 4 in the raid. (Not sure if the Qnap supports Hot spare or not) The more hard drive spindles in use the more performance you will get. If you use 3 drives you will have 8tb usable space, double the read performance and all 4 drives will give you 12tb space with triple read performance. At this point I might not be answering your question exactly, but hope to point you towards using the Qnap's raid technology instead of disk by disk read/write...I also agree with backing up to something outside of the Qnap if you are paranoid.
  12. Instead of splitting the HDMI, why not run your HDMI to the TV and Optical or Coaxial cable to your receiver? That way you get both without having to split them.
  13. I like the 103D too. I was pleasantly surprised when I started using some of the other features as well. Roku stick in the MHL port in front and that you can use it as a video input source and single output. Many, many features. There are a ton of posts on here, I don't think anyone has been disappointed that they purchased it. I had a Sony BPD-something before and this is much faster turning on, opening, and loading.
  14. Thanks guys, I am helping my father in law spec out a complete new setup after a fire destroyed his previous one. I was going to recommend the RP-280FA system. His new room would be an easy ceiling installation so I can have him skip the RP-280FAs and go right to an RF-7II system since he wouldn't need the upfiring speakers.
  15. Ok, thanks for the replies. If mixing them isn't a good idea, what is the preferred deployment? Upfiring or Ceiling?
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