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  1. I have two of these- one upgraded and the other not. If I were in the market for a tube pre, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If I just had a lot of $, I'd buy it anyway. Beautiful equipment. SSH
  2. ssh

    WTB Crown amps

    I bought a used McIntosh. Thanks for all of the response. SSH
  3. ssh

    WTB Crown amps

    Gnote, send me a pm with a price. SSH
  4. ssh

    WTB Crown amps

    Thanks, but it is no longer available. SSH
  5. ssh

    WTB Crown amps

    No. Inexpensive, but not cheap, lol. My Marantz 8077 folded and the seller suggested commercial amps since my surround setup is all commercial Klipsch. SSH
  6. ssh

    WTB Crown amps

    I'm looking for three 2 ch Crown amps to run a 5.1 system. SSH
  7. I've installed about 3/4 of the acoustical room treatments and temporarily placed speakers in the room. The 396s got hooked-up and sound pretty good. It was nice to spend a few hours with some music. I cleaned the JFL 2A3s a bit and will hook them up to the Khorns tomorrow. It's been an 18 month remodel in the house, but I'm starting to get some use out of it, even though it's still a few weeks from completion. SSH
  8. Dee did some tube rolling with that Peach, but he didn't have any upgrades done to it. I've posted before that the first time I met Dean he was soldering on that Peach at Dee's house at a Scott, AR gathering. Dee and I had several conversations about tubes in a Peach. I have no idea, of course, what tubes are in it now. SSH
  9. Like others here, I had many very good interactions with Gil for years. Once again, we get some sad news. Be as well as possible, friend. SSH
  10. Six hours for perhaps a lifetime of use? SSH
  11. You need to hear them for yourself. I have IIIs and a couple of pairs of LaS, and they have very different sound signatures. I also have Khorns and quite a few others, including 396s. The new LaS are magnificent speakers. Plan a road trip and find out for yourself. SSH
  12. I tried a post a long while ago about rust on the transformer and got zero responses. I just need to clean dust and dirt, but if you have a suggestion for the rust on the transformer, post it, too. SSH
  13. What cleaner do you use to clean the top plate and transformer on your tube amp? SSH
  14. Yes, but I don't list any of them as favorites. I would call them important. SSH
  15. ssh

    Happy Birthday Carl

    Happy Birthday Carl! SSH
  16. So long, Roger. I hope we'll meet again. My condolences to his family. SSH
  17. RickD, It happened to me @ 120 on an interstate and it took both lanes for me to regain control. When I pulled off to get myself together, my helmet was cracked. SSH
  18. Prioritize. What's more important to you? Is the raised height of the TV "too high" for YOU? Your compromise might not be mine. SSH
  19. Jim's Dope From Hope recently announced that dtel is the recipient of the Scott Yocum Award, given for outstanding service to the museum. Congratulations, dtel! Scott is no doubt smiling on you. SSH
  20. Do you think a few folks might be at work, Schu, lol? SSH
  21. I'm getting eight 2'x4'x2"Microsuade panels from ATSAcoustics. I'll start there, anyway. SSH
  22. Is Roxul or acoustic foam more efficient for H/T use? I'd like to cover with framed posters but am thinking that the glass would negate the absorption. SSH
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