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  1. Nice tubes, Jim. Reasonably priced. Someone should pick these up quick. SSH
  2. Condolences to his family. I met Kirby at the Pilgrimage, and we were both surprised to find out about each other. When he found out that I was from El Dorado, I learned that his dad was one of my grade school principals and his uncle was one of my high school principals. As a college student in Little Rock, I saw his dad walking through the mobile home park where I lived, and we later had many conversations. When I told Kirby this, he talked about their house at an old runway site two blocks from my residence. I said, "Yes, I visited there several times." I mentioned the noise on Saturday nights from the Benton Speedway races, and he laughed and we told stories back-and-forth. RIP, Kirby. SSH
  3. Arkansas is playing pretty well and I'm looking forward to seeing them play in the SEC and NCAA tournaments. SSH
  4. I didn't vote. My four LaS & HeresyII center haven't been hooked-up for awhile. I'm working on my house next door to get back in my old sound room with 396s, 362s, 2500s and maybe the 201s. The Khorns will be moved, too, for 2 channel. The Cornwall IIIs will take the Khorns old spot in the big house. SSH
  5. I get one @ 3:15 today. I've been on a couple of lists for weeks, called the local hospital this morning, told them I'm 70 and they asked if I could come today. SSH
  6. ...and probably none can get by with it today. When I taught Comp I & Comp II, we used Turnitin.com, which catches plagiarism down to the repetition of phrases (if desired) used in published and student-published writing. In a parent meeting, after awarding a zero to a student's final research paper in Comp II, I showed them on a SmartBoard where the plagiarism occurred. They were astonished to see the entire essay highlighted. It was bought from a research paper web site. They had stormed in with loud exclamations about suing, but quietly, meekly left. SSH
  7. So is the seller, lol. SSH
  8. Dish was crap for me many years ago and so was cable. My Direct went up $10 w/o notice last month, but it's the best quality I've had. Somebody's going to get your money whether you think they deserve it or not. SSH
  9. 14 gauge. It won't need to run more than 10-15 min at a time, and no 220, lol. SSH
  10. Electricity is still on here. Five natural gas heaters can be used for backup. If needed, my generator is a 10 hp that I have to hand start. I ordered a new carburetor last week-it will run, but not "perfectly". I have 300 ft of extension cord to keep the four houses on this end of the block's refrigerators & freezers going, if needed. I could build a fire in the fireplace, but I'm too lazy, lol. SSH
  11. I've been using a really good whiskey sour recipe: 2 oz Bourbon 1 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz Maple syrup SSH
  12. ssh

    Any Knife guys?

    I use diamond stones and a two-sided leather strop- one with rouge and the other smooth. SSH
  13. Yeah, he had a pretty good gig. RIP. SSH
  14. ssh

    Any Knife guys?

    dirtmudd, That was a down right silly post. Maybe you should watch more "Forged in Fire" episodes, lol. The Forschner knives are good commercial knives. One reason is that they are a great value, just as commercial knives from other makers are. Butchers don't expect one to last thirty, forty, fifty years. I don't cut-up cases of chicken daily, but I'm no "poser" either. SSH
  15. ssh

    Any Knife guys?

    I was a jobber for Eye Brand decades ago...very heavy kitchen cutlery. My favorites are the Cordon Blue. SSH
  16. ssh

    Half time show

    Randy, My brother-in-law flew KC10s on the Gaddafi raids (Maj. Gen. Jack Ramsaur). SSH
  17. ssh

    Half time show

    I turned off the halftime after a pathetic couple of bars of monotonous notes. The opening, with the car, I thought was in very poor taste. Pitiful. It was the first game of the season for me, too. SSH
  18. Hey, Rockhound! That's someone else's purview. You'll see them and a lot more when the book comes out. Maybe someone will post those pics. SSH
  19. The pics from the book that have posted on Facebook are fabulous! SSH
  20. My condolences to Michael and the family. Bob was a genuinely good person who was able to make his love his work. SSH
  21. ssh

    It's On

    It's all good. Some of it's hot, too. SSH
  22. No. I'm good for a few lifetimes. SSH
  23. I've had five Oppos; all are still in use. SSH
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