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  1. Thank you all for the great information! I really appreciate everything that was sent. Since this area is in my basement, I'll have carpet with pad on a concrete floor, so I'm looking more to have a forward firing sub. I'll be heading over to the SVS site to see their offerings, and trying to find a store in town that has the Klipsch 12 inch up and running! I'll keep you all posted!
  2. Ok, its time to ask those that may know! I'm currently finishing my basement and I'm bulding in an area for a Home Theater. I have a pair of Klipsch KG 4.2's that I'll be using as my main speakers with RF-3 II center and rear effects. For now, a Yamaha RXV-850 will be driving things, but an updgrate to the RXV-2300 will be comining. So I have a two part question... First, which Reference series subwoofer would match up with the speakers I currently have? The 10 or 12 inch. I'm more interested in good solid base and low effect rather than bringing my house down. Second, how do the Klipsch subs maatch up against the SPL series from Velodyne? I got to hear the 10 inch SPL, and it was pretty nice. Of course it was in showroom conditions as well. The sales person said some Klipsch subs can be 'boom-y', but I find that hard to believe. Thanks for any information you can pass along! inframan.
  3. Hello all. This looks like the right place to ask this question! I'm currently setting up a home theater and want to use the existing components that I own for now. I'm running a Yamaha RXV-850 with Klipsch KG-4.2 main speakers. These have been great for me over the years and I feel will serve well going forward. My question is on center and rear speakers. I wondering if the RC-3/RC-7 and RB-3/RB-5 will match up with the mains. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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