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  1. Bet the cones are pushed in.
  2. If you have any ability with electronics and soldering, go check out the Bottlehead web-site. They will also build them for you I believe. Amazing value if you're itching to get into S.E.T.'s. And I can't imagine a better speaker to pair with them than the Klipschorn.
  3. Wow Brandon, it's like looking through a time machine at what our houses will look like in a few years. Thank you Ghost of Hi Fi future!!
  4. Just got a reply from the seller, they are sold. Sorry for the post! John
  5. They're a little natty, but I look at that as an opportunity to get the price down some. I live close so if somebody needs "eyes" on them, let me know. John
  6. http://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/3980186008.html No Affiliation (but he is a friend). John
  7. You got one hell of a home theater set-up there, just add a big plasma and an AVR. You sure you want to sell?
  8. I'm so glad to see these beautiful speakers finally found a new forever home! I just hope you didn't have to (b)endover on the price! (I'm probably banned now....) Seriously-congratulations! John
  9. Boy, I almost PM'd you with a "sold". But it doesn't play 78's. I have a 1219 and it's awesome, good luck with your sale. John
  10. Thanks Bruce, I'll take you up on that sometime. You too.
  11. Agreed. I ordered a pair of assembled Terraplane's in 2007. Still waiting. Since then I bought a pair of Laurel II's on A-gon, and they are very nice. Do not give that man any business.
  12. Holy crap! I'm sittin' on a gold mine!
  13. I've never seen a "rating" set-up on "Garage Sales" for sales between forum members so I thought I would leave a quick note. Received the Denon very quickly, the unit is in as desribed condition. Rick is a very good seller and very quick to reply to questions. I'm very pleased with the purchase and I wouldn't hesitate to use Rick again!
  14. Stee-yull! Too far away and I'm on a 12 step program (darn).
  15. Purchased recently and never used. Still in unused mint condition. See link to e-bay ad I bought from. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261161582779 Make an offer, would like to get my money back but since I have now acquired a pair of La Scala's I won't be needing this. Thanks! John
  16. Hey Bruce...Bill is in Savannah so we met sort of in the middle - in this case just south of Atlanta.
  17. We met about halfway between us (almost) for the sale. Bill's a great guy and the Scala's were exactly as described. We talked a bit too long I guess, just chatted for about 15-20 minutes. I was pulling away and I noticed a black guy walked up to Bill and was I thought "panhandling" him (asking for money). Didn't think too much of it because of the neighborhod we were in so I kept going. Got a call from Bill 10 minutes later, turns out the guy showed Bill a Glock in his waistband after he asked for bus fare. Bill ignored it and got in his SUV and drove away, I guess the man was hoping to scare him into giving him money. I felt awful cause I picked the McDonalds to meet at and I drove away while my new friend was being threatened! I'm sorry Bill! Just goes to show, two white guys standing around in the wrong neighborhood exchanging cash for expensive speakers is not the best scenario for safety.
  18. Got 'em home, thanks Bill! And sorry for the life threatening situation my meeting place got you into. Makes me glad I carry! John
  19. And remember, asking is just that - asking. Go see them, hear them, and make an offer. I've never met a seller that was willing to turn away a reasonable cash offer. Especially as was noted in another post the item is a high ticket purchase in an area where there aren't a lot of potential buyers. If you get him down another $100, even better!
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