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  1. I don't know? How could I miss it too? Anyway, 9 years and I am still rocking the same speakers!!. (Still only in stereo with the front two due to space and setup.) But, the Duct Tape Mounting System still holds 'em in place!
  2. Feel free to use the new logo I made for them back in 2004!
  3. Yep 8 years later and mine are still rockin'. I have only been using them in 2.1 mode for the last couple though. Not enough room to set them up for 4.1 In other news, I think I need to sue these guys. [*-)]
  4. My main speakers are a set of KG 5.5 and I would like to use them for Home Theater with a receiver and for 2 channel audio with a tube amp. Is there any way to do this? Space doesnt allow me to use 2 sets of main speakers. (Also, money doenst. )
  5. I am copied around the world. http://www.hardforum.com/showpost.php?p=1030932395&postcount=36
  6. Thanks for coming to the Birthday Party, folks. Yes 7 long years. 7 years and they still rock the house. (Along with the KG 5.5s) 7 years for this thread. Is this the oldest still going on thread on the web?
  7. Men are like the original Windows. 16 colors, thats it. (How many different whites do we need?) Women are like WHUXGA (37,000,000 colors).
  8. Go get 'em. If they where close to me I would be draggin 'em home tomorrow.
  9. The Gorilla Tape deal fell through. Too much monkey business.
  10. Does anyone out there still make a DVD player with a Jog/Shuttle knob? Trying to do slow motion / fast scan is next to impossible for me with buttons. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone.
  11. UPS dropped my v2.400 system off on March 16th, 2000. Have been rockin almost everyday since.
  12. They had their chance, (see post #2 of this epic thread, 03-17-2000, 4:28 PM) Now the Tape Juggernaut is too massive.
  13. We are currently in negotiations for the acquistion of Gorilla Tape as the new tape adhesive for our product. Stay tuned for updates.
  14. Yes I am still here. So are Klipsch v2.400. Rock on!
  15. Are you going to make a GMX version? Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System works with all Klipsch speakers.* *(Some Klipsch speakers may require one or more kits to be properly mounted.)
  16. 5 years now. Wow, and my Klipsch v2.400s are still rockin'!
  17. I ran across this review of a set of Mercury HT5800 Home Theater Speakers. Dont they look amazingly like a set of Blo$e Acoustimass 5 series speakers? The reviewer must have thought they sounded like Blo$e with the negative Verdict: Poor sound quality mars this product. http://www.bit-tech.net/review/374
  18. OK I went and updated the original post by adding the screen capture. This contains most of the duct tape pictures that where originally posted. It is had to believe, but in less than 3 months this thread (and my ProMedias) will be 5 years old!
  19. Seeing how they duped a family member into buying their crappy speakers I have desided to make their logo and motto fit. Use it freely.
  20. Talk about Christmas in July. So much free stuff around here lately, Klipsch is going to have to start a Free Stuff forum.
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