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  1. Well Happy Birthday Babadono, hope you had a good one !
  2. The chili turned out good, had a pile of different seasonings and a couple big dried Ancho chilis, plenty of onion and garlic. 27 right now but steadily going down.
  3. Exactly, I couldn't deal with some of those temps. 17 for a low here tonight and warming up the rest of the week. Since it was going to be cold tonight we decided to cook Chili. I called it 3 animal chili, Beef, Deer and Pork, almost equal parts and it's good. Will probably eat it tomorrow night also since it's about 4 gallons left after we eat, then freeze the rest.
  4. They are even less accurate then a weather forecaster, and it seems they guess most of the time.
  5. dtel

    Big Cold

    Can't complain after reading here, 37 at 11 pm (now) with a low of 17 tomorrow night which will be our coldest night for the week and year. But things can change. .
  6. dtel

    MCM 1900

    Claude, this is for you, Mrs. V.
  7. dtel

    MCM 1900

    That's exactly how it happened, Roy was sitting in front and even said WOW after hearing them. And we were only listening to one speaker, when my wife and daughter said that's what we want, I thought they were kidding considering the size. This was the first time this combination was ever heard together, after it came out of the anechoic chamber.
  8. Yea and that's an important job And most of all she is charge of quality control.
  9. And a couple of ice cubes for me. Just beautiful 🍻 That's what I was thinking good looking puppy.
  10. dtel

    MCM 1900

    Since I'm telling how it happened.... I built the house MWM cabinets from Oak plywood. But I knew the right dimensions because a different forum member (mark1101) was selling an extra pair of singles he had, he lived about half way up the state of Georgia, 7-8 hours from us. We drove to his house and Mark and his wife was kind enough to let us stay the night to drive back the next day, they even cooked dinner, it was very nice of them and was fun. But to haul them home I had made what I called the "redneck speaker carrier", if you want something bad enough..... Well we made it back home no problems, thought for sure we would get pulled over. It is like the racks you see on the back of trucks to haul 4 wheelers or ice chest but just big enough to haul MWM's. Still can't believe I did that. I think Mark thought I was nuts, might still ? 7+ hours driving like this, you should have seen the looks.
  11. dtel

    MCM 1900

    No you don't want that, I am old and cranky, that's what my wife says anyway. I got really lucky, in 09 a forum member (JWC) was selling a pair and I was able to get them. He lived about half way between us and East Tennessee, so we picked them up from him and went to the mountain's for a week. To not carry them around with us in the car all week I put them in our bedroom in the chalet we rented. The 402 horns on vacation with us......
  12. dtel

    MCM 1900

    It is a great sounding setup, you need that. Same thing I use but the 1502 instead of the 1802. Only a very small difference in a house, about 3 Db less bass at full blast, which is alot, it rattles the house and everything in it... In a good way of course. Same here. The 942's would just muddy it up no need for them. A friend had Jubs and 2 942's, we listened then the next morning switched out the 942's for a 1802, MUCH better, much cleaner and deeper. Not even close, the MWM and 1802 OR 1502 is all that's needed, you will not miss the 942's. I told Roy direct radiators SUCK, he laughed, in this comparison they did suck
  13. Very true, he couldn't have asked for better.
  14. Sorry to hear that, good luck to Jake, hope he at least feels better soon.
  15. Good luck with Jake. Those are crazy temps, anything under +20 and I'm not going to be outside long, and I am being really generous with the +20 number.
  16. Not for money, I would be a donor also.
  17. One of the reasons we heat with wood, we will not be cold, unless someone steals the firewood. Another reason is it's cheaper. But even not being cold it can get boring fast without power, during the 3 weeks after a hurricane I played cards more than I did in the previous 40 years.
  18. dtel

    Identity Restored!

    Glad you got it fixed, we had a problem twice in the last few years, luckily the bank helped alot.
  19. I don't, but if I had a burglar alarm I would connect it to the largest, loudest speakers I have, this alone would run anyone off when surprised.
  20. At 100+ db and connected to a burglar alarm also.
  21. Close but no, but they do both only get out every couple of years. But Fender Steve was with a popular band. Yes it was time to drag out that pic again Disclaimer........I did say with, not in
  22. Don't be close to him with lightning around. Some people want to be different so bad they do stupid things, it's like, look at me, look at me I'm different. But many times it's not in a good way, who could ever think that looks good, and it can be much worse .
  23. Well I think it was the driver designed for that cabinet, the K43 can take more power and have a slight advantage before being fried, and they still were. But these were designed for pro and they knew they would be pushed. There was a funny story Jim Hunter told of once at the Hollywood Bowl they actually caught some cabinets on fire. They were supposed to wait for the Klipsch people to set it up but didn't and overpowered to the point of fire. I don't remember the whole story but that's the general idea. I have some K43's in the 2 cabinets I use outside which is now in my new workshop, on top is a copy of a split LaScala top with an AA crossover in the cabinet for each bass bin, sounds really good.
  24. That was original for pro work, but the K33 works well and goes a tiny bit lower for home use when not much power is used. A simple design that works great. What the inside of the singles looks like.
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