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  1. It's always a good thing, a really fun, down to earth guy, and very humble considering everything.
  2. And just like that was your chance, couldn't have been easier, so now when you need, use the same line, not bad really. And, there is another way ? If someone could have got that into my head 45 years ago I would look different at the very least.
  3. 9" would be really nice and as said would feel much bigger and be easier to do thing with. But like you said, you don't have any particular plans for it and would not use it much, then probably 8" is fine, it's not like that is shorter than normal.
  4. Depending on what it is it supposed to work, I remember something about that, people mix up things to do the same, no vinyl so I didn't pay attention much. .
  5. No geritol, I tried the vitamins about 15 years ago, had to quit them after 3 days, I could not stop eating and was always hungry. Your right work is overrated.
  6. They are nice, you just need to watch the guy in the back, to my right, brown/black shirt white hat, he's a bad influence at times.
  7. A while back, but he still has a pile of mixed matched chairs for extras. Hopefully they can find something that's easy to fix and he get's back to normal. There is always a problem when a puppy does not want people food. And a bunch of other stuff, some that will light you up . Sounds like it could be a country song.
  8. Haven't been posting much but reading about Steve's brother and also Jake I couldn't ignore it and not say something. I need to get back here, I miss everyone. We worked on the museum and Rodney had his own projects going on as you can see, but got to be with friends which helped adjust my attitude. Even an old friend and forum member and his wife came to help, "Me Loves khorns", Paul and Amanda from TX. You all seem "normal" after a weekend with these people. Craig took the pic Saturday night.
  9. Hope Jake get's some relief.
  10. Still problems but the cancer free part it great. I would imagine a constant stomach ache would be really aggravating, is it with everything he eats or also when he does not eat ? I would hope the nerves would heal ? No matter your personality, toughness or how you can deal with things constant pain or aggravation will wear anyone down, he is lucky to have you around. Tell him were thinking about him. .
  11. Good luck to your brother and hope he easily get's past this.
  12. True and it would scare me if was perfect, we could never expect that. To be honest I look the other way alot hoping some of the comments will change subject since nothing stays on tract for long. Sometimes it does and sometimes not, this makes me feel like I am dumping it other moderators, because I am. I have been here 18 years and have been helped by so many I have lost count. I wouldn't have what I have without all the advice and friends over that time. That is where the love is, and respect for those who go out of there way to help, and there are MANY here, you can see it everyday. It just get's aggravating sometimes, but it will be OK, everything works out one way or another. I say this because at 63 I have become selfish, only so much time left to spend it on silly things. I am going to spend my time on what I like to do and my family, In the long run no one else honestly really gives a crap anyway.
  13. Part of the problem is some always seem to slip little comments in that are political or meant to be taken that way, it's like an art form to them. Also some discussions can not really be done without some slight political comment, I know it's not easy for a everyone to avoid but we do not like taking any kind of action, but if someone does and it's let go it almost always escalates. It's no fun getting PM's and some want more done and some less, it's really very few rules and we didn't make them. I hate controversy, here and in life, it's a waste of time to me, I have better things to do. About all I do now is sign in, check for spam, approve new members first post and leave. It has gone to the point that I can't even make a fun post, what I am expected to do and what I want to do are two different things, I can not enjoy coming here anymore so for the most part I don't. I have met many nice people here and in person and miss talking with them but I don't want to deal with the constant BS.
  14. Not really, the is not the news or part of it. And if it were to be allowed, someone will positively turn it political, it does even if is just little comments, then others reply if offended or not until it's political even when disguised.
  15. Your welcome, it left here last night heading to you.
  16. dtel


    It's true, and I was a monkey for trying to play the video.
  17. dtel


    Had to look it up he does have 2 your right, must be an old joke ?
  18. dtel

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dean
  19. The smell was not that bad, but if you left and came back in from the back door where the air return was for the heater it was stronger. It usually dries fast and says it's OK to apply down to 40 degrees, it was above 40 but it really slowed it down, took all night to get where you could walk on it. Before 6 hours no re sanding is needed but after 6 hours you are supposed to sand before a second coat. Were hoping since it took all night to get to that point it's going to be OK, probably will. It's going to be a nice place to display PWK's collection of things, and to have listening rooms for different periods of time through the different Klipsch designs. The original Museum will still be in place by the plant, there are enough artifacts to fill both buildings, it will be nice.
  20. I had no idea that was even used back then or later, it was someone's guess as we were pulling it out. Good for you, normal padding does compress and even worse starts to fall apart and is a real mess, smart especially on stairs.
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