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  1. Still available? Looks like I am in need.
  2. Digital trends video: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/how-to-quit-cable-for-online-streaming-video/
  3. Does Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) have a pair of Heresys in his lab? The whole video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U46Yo_6z_F4
  4. Bought a pair of La Scala's new in San Francisco in 79. When I got married I traded them down for a pair of Heresy's, but then bought new Belle's in 84. Sold the Heresy's to my brother-in-law who still has them today.
  5. Arco gas station in Sacramento just off Norfolk exit
  6. Next question to Bob... do you have parts for these? Your site only shows KG4 & up. Looking for crossover kit & tweeter diaphragm. One tweeter works, other is pushed in.
  7. Thanks guys.... Title was correct. I am getting too old to ID these!
  8. I was just given a pair of what I thought were KG-2s. Looking up parts I see that the KG-2 had a passive on the rear. These don't. Are they just KGs? All of my searches cant find anything that just says KG. I want to rebuild the crossover & tweeters.
  9. Drop the VGA monitors & go digital, either HDMI or DVI. It's more than just the resolution. VGA is an analog signal, which was fine for CRT monitors, but on a flat panel, it must be converted from digital to analog then back to digital. Signal quality drops significantly. You will see a BIG difference.
  10. I used to get that all the time. My solution was to go audition new speakers. After a frustrating day of listening to very expensive systems, somehow my system sounded SO MUCH BETTER when I got home. In other words.... go buy new music!
  11. I'm always around somewhere.
  12. No matter the sound, I would NEVER be able to enjoy a system like this. It would just hurt too much!
  13. I thought it was an indiana thing! I learn something new everyday! Frys started right here in my home town of El Sobrante as a grocery store! I used to shop there when I was a kid with my mom. When the dad retired, the son didn't want to run a grocery store, so he sold it & opened an electronics store. EDIT: http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/fry-s-electronics-inc-history/
  14. I just went & checked mine... 11 years tomorrow! I shoulda got my BS a while ago!
  15. I am using the almost the same setup. I also have an Unraid server using subsonic. It holds all of my music, movies & photos, & I can stream them wherever I go. When I get in my car, the Bluetooth connects to my android phone & starts the subsonic player & plays music from my home. I use an android tablet in the garage when I am working, & play movies from my WDTV on any room.
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