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  1. So what do you all look forward to see with Klipsch subwoofers in the future? For finish--I would like to see a nice piano-white or piano-black Klipsch. For feature--I would like to see some built-in equalizer to help smooth out room modes.
  2. minn_male--some of these fellas have like a thousand posts, yeah! Some of them do contribute to other areas of this forum. It just has taken me aback here, because I don't see it in other Klipsch sections. It would be like people going to the Klipsch main speakers forum and talking all the time about how great B&W speakers is, and then going to other parts of the Klipsch forums and talking about Klipsch. I think things have reached the level here where these guys who talk about SVS so much should create their own forum. That is my feelings on the subject.
  3. I have stumbled upon these forum. Great place, where we can talk about our Klipsch products and learn more about Klipsch products. I really need to ask -- is this a KLIPSCH FORUM? Anyone with halfway decent eyes will see that this is an SVS FORUM. Look at just this main page: 5 new start posts alone by bruinsrme about SVS! Driving up talk about all of SVS products. 5 new start posts alone by easylistener about SVS! fabulousfrankie has a couple new start posts and several responses to other SVS threads, moon has a couple new start, and there are some I might be missing. Some people are even talking about other like TheEAR as salesman for SVS. I know all of these people are going to react very defensively. This is just what I see. Is it too much to ask these people to start their own forum to talk about SVS? We all know how much you guys love them, but taking over this forum is not very nice. Most of the time here it looks like driving some form of hype, or pushing people. I go through here, and I am almost led to believe that nothing else good exists out there! We should know that is bullcrap. Why can't we concentrate on technical support for Klipsch subwoofers here? Why can't we talk about different Klipsch subwoofers we would like to see in the future, instead of turning this place into a one-branded love-fest? Can I get a what, what?
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