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  1. sheltie dave

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    There were thousands of S shorthorns made, but very few T shorthorns. The value is driven by how much you lust after a pair.
  2. sheltie dave

    Brook 12A Clones

    Iain, nice job on these! I have a Brook 7 preamp(unrestored) that you can have on an extended loan, if you need a second pre for a stereo pair. Congrats on the projects:-)
  3. sheltie dave

    WTD: Pair of Rebels and info

    Everyone is interested in a pair of rebel cabinets with 15” coaxial a in them. On on the other hand, I have a pair of Barzilays with 15” coaxials in them. How high are you willing to go?
  4. sheltie dave

    Audio Nirvana 300B SET Amplifier

    I live 15 miles away from the owner of this enterprise. There are a number of better 300b amps. A local friend has a pair of Welborne 300b amps for $1800, which are far superior to the ANs.
  5. sheltie dave

    Blueberry Xtreme - NEEDS REPAIR

    Pm sent as well. dave
  6. sheltie dave

    OH Estate Sale

    These were often used with AR1s as the tweeters, and they are quite smooth.
  7. sheltie dave

    Moth Audio 45

    Generally,a lot.
  8. sheltie dave

    FS: McIntosh MC30 monoblocks

    It is customary to mention who serviced them, if you are proud of the service.
  9. sheltie dave

    Moth Audio 45

    It is the Klipsch site, one and done. Did the hum go away after you lifted the grounded wire?
  10. sheltie dave

    Moth Audio 45

    Theo, if you want, I would be glad to buy it for the $1100. I was the one who strongly recommended you buy it, so I’ll back you up. there are a couple tube amps here in St. Louis for sale that can put you in a happy spot, both private and listed at Gateway Audio Society. check your private message here.
  11. sheltie dave

    FS Cornwalls in St. Louis $425

    These are Steve's speakers. He will send photos to cell phones, and the sale is pickup only. He moves slowly due to unfamiliarity with his phone, so please don't whip me. you can pm me with ph #s, and I'll pass them on.
  12. sheltie dave

    FS Cornwalls in St. Louis $425

    These are decorator Cornwalls that have had quarter rounds and detachable black grilles added. the original owner had a wife who loved potted plants, so one large stain and one stain with lifted and roached veneer, hence the price. Good otherwise No shipping dave
  13. sheltie dave

    JBL EV SLS Klipsch HPS Renkus Heinz Altec EAW

    John, try 314.566.7372
  14. sheltie dave

    Lost our home to fireworks!!!! Updated...

    Jordan, our prayers are with you. Go out and buy your dogs a steak!
  15. sheltie dave

    Altec 817 Cabinets (JBL 2226 drivers)

    So the two 817As and the four JBL 2226s, nothing else, for $750?