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  1. sheltie dave

    Forte iii as replacement for Large Advent

    Steve, you will always be fighting the battle dictate by the room dimensions, unless you have the speakers throwing onto the long dimension, and the long dimension can handle a full wave length of the lowest frequency generated by the speakers. You otherwise are fighting nodes of standing waves, and also the constrained passive that I mentioned. Getting the bottom anchored as best you can helps create the proper balance for everything else.
  2. sheltie dave

    Marantz 8B Question

    Yes, that unit has done a shitty service. I would send it to Craig and ask him to do the works.
  3. sheltie dave

    Fairchild 260

    Warren, I have a line on a 260. Do you have one with the black/silver label, or the long gold line label, and is yours the 1614, 6l6, or EL34 output tubes? Dave
  4. sheltie dave

    considering trying a tube amp

    I would get in touch with Mike Galusha at Audiocircle, connected with the Denver Audio Mafia. He can set you up with something good.
  5. sheltie dave

    St. Louis GAS get together Saturday October 27

    Fifteen people made it over, and Willie’s Wurlitzer were the cats meow. Wow they were good!
  6. sheltie dave

    Forte iii as replacement for Large Advent

    Your bass is a little weakened until you move the speakers out away from the wall a foot. The passives on the back like to breathe, and the bass performance will improve. your sheltie will tell you when you get it right - he will sit on the couch and tip a jaunty ear. Beautifyl setup!
  7. sheltie dave

    St. Louis GAS get together Saturday October 27

    We have a full house.
  8. sheltie dave

    St. Louis GAS get together Saturday October 27

    We have rsvps from Steve Bo Kent Debbie Phil Ken mark Kevin Mike Don Willie Gordon Susan Adrian Gabe anyone else?
  9. sheltie dave

    St. Louis GAS get together Saturday October 27

    Final call for attendees until Wednesday...
  10. sheltie dave

    St. Louis GAS get together Saturday October 27

    Doesn’t anyone in Missouri or Illinois want to come in for a listen?
  11. sheltie dave

    WTB: Oris Horn

    I’m running them up to Jon ver Halen in Chicago, at Lowther-America, Rudy.
  12. sheltie dave

    WTB: Oris Horn

    Guys, I have a pair of Oris 150s, but I have sent off the Lowthers to get them reconed. If I don’t like the results next summer with the Lowthers in the 150s, you two would be welcome to split them if you have not sourced others. Btw, any idea what this is? I think it is a legacy Azura lecleach, with a 17” axis, a 1.75” throat, a mouth that is 24” x 17”. The material is white fiberglass, with the matte white flow coat on the exterior.
  13. sheltie dave

    WTB: Oris Horn

    How can you differentiate size between a 150 and a 200 horn?
  14. sheltie dave

    Forte with 3 watt SET

    10% distortion at full output(3 watts?) Yikes. And a review done with speakers that are 24” and 29” apart. Sometimes the devil is in the details. while $200 is not a lot of money, I would have suggested a used Decware SE84 for $400, which would have put you in a less compromised amp with some quality parts.
  15. We will be hosting a music listening session on Saturday, October 27 from noon to 6 pm at our house in south county. We are almost directly off 255/270 at Telegraph, so it is quite easy and straightforward to get here. Of special note - Willie will be bringing his 1938 Wurlitzer push-pull 45 amplifiers that he has modified and restored. We will have these playing with Altec 19s, a Juicy Music Merlin preamp, an Arcam cd player, Denon TT with a Denon MC cartridge, and a Eastern Electric Minimax step up preamp. Willie has done an incredible restoration, and it will be worth your while to hear what pre WWll technology can deliver. In the den, we will feature Thiel CS3.6 speakers, driven by a Threshold Fet1 Series 2 preamp, Threshold S300 Series 2 amp, Thorens TD125 turntable, and Sony cd player. In the family room, we will have IMF Reference 80 MKii speakers, a Ming Da 2A3 preamp, Harman Kardon Citation ll amp, and a Sony cd player. If weather permits, the patio system will be Klipsch Cornwalls, an Eico HF81, and mongrels barking. We had 16 people at last month's GAS gathering, and likely will have a large crowd for this month as well. If you plan on attending, please bring a hors d'oeuvre and let me know in an rsvp. Thanks, Dave