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  1. sheltie dave

    Create distressed oak look of Forte IIIs

    Years ago there was a Scottish gentleman who used vaporized ammonium hydroxide to antique age a pair of homebrew JBL L300 cabinets. They came out perrrrrrrfectttt! You need to dig that thread up over on AA or AK. It is called fuming.
  2. sheltie dave

    Fairchild 260

    Larry, it took some digging, as I couldn't access my saved files on our Chrome laptop, but I did find them on Marantz and Fairchild cutsheets. Marantz published at 35 watts, input sensitivity is 1.3V RMS into 250K. Fairchild 255a... less than 1 volt input required for maximum rated output Fairchild 260... input sensitivity @ 50watts, 0.9 v RMS Fairchild 275... less than 0.7 v RMS required for rated output
  3. Awesome decisions that shutter vital lines are incredibly stupid. There is a reason why Khorn were only spec built for over a year. And why the Forte and Chorus were offed for two decades, and why the Belle, Cornwall, and other speakers like the Jubilee were offed, or not offered in WAF format. Again, Klipsch is a business, not a van filled with Deadheads looking for a miracle. If you want awesome, buy some Chorus lls and have SET12 build you some crossovers. Now THAT will be awesome, and cheaper as well.
  4. Why not now? Because now large speaker sales have only 20% of the sales volume that they had 35 years ago. if you don’t believe me, look at what Klipsch is doing. Look at what most of the brick and mortar stores, and the big box stores, are doing. They only bring back a model if it will increase overall sales, generate profit, and be sustainable for a decade or more. the Chorus would scavenge sales from both the Fortes and Cornwall’s. Klipsch has many years of sales numbers, and they are not about to introduce another model that would would weaken sales of two models they already have in production.
  5. sheltie dave

    Fairchild 260

    Larry, I have the 260, two 275s, the 240 mono pre, the 245 mono pre, and three turntables. I still have to find a mono and a stereo Fairchild cartridge, so I can field an all Fairchild setup. the 248 is the ganged Stereo 245. I’ll check on the sensitivities when I get home. dave
  6. sheltie dave

    Fairchild 260

    Warren, I picked the Fairchild up and have restored it. It is quite good, and sounds great on a mono Khorn with its partnered Fairchild 245 preamp. If if you are anywhere near St. Louis you can stop by for a listen. Dave
  7. sheltie dave

    6SN7 Rattle

    Rich, let me know if you need a couple 6sn7gtb.
  8. sheltie dave

    Marantz 8B Amp

    I would grab a good quad of EL 34s, the 6bl6s, and the 6cg7s, march over to his house, install the new tubes, and test the sucker out. It is one of a few “forever” amps, so you don’t allow a reasonable one to float past you without some effort. if it is in the Midwest and you are not going to buy it, let me know. I have a friend who is jonesing for one.
  9. sheltie dave

    Little Rock Area Sale

    Look at the bright side. In the event of horrible weather, or if these are sold to the southeast coast, you can always put them on coffee tables and use them as window interior guards in the event of a tornado or hurricane. Heck, you wouldn’t even worry about damaging the speakers.
  10. sheltie dave

    Little Rock Area Sale

    Good Lord, done up in colonial Williamsburg motif! Bring out the mulled mead and roast duck to stick on top of these turkeys.
  11. sheltie dave

    My Car, Totaled...And a GOOD thing!

    Glad to read that all is good with you, Dave!
  12. sheltie dave

    FS:Mcintosh 1900, Dynaco A25s in St. Louis

    Baron, shipping the receiver is no problem, but I would prefer to keep the case if that is ok with you. I have shipped Macs and know how to build up the corner crush zones, and removing the knobs as to not break the faceplate glass in the event of getting tossed. Give me a ring after 5:30 central time if you can at 314-651-9396. Thanks, Dave
  13. sheltie dave

    FS:Mcintosh 1900, Dynaco A25s in St. Louis

    The Dynaco are sold.
  14. It is time to sell a few pieces of extra gear I have, and can’t justify hanging on to without using. First is an extremely solid McIntosh 1900 with a very intact L19 walnut case. Both are a solid 7.5, with very minor blemishes. All controls work well, all lights work, one channel had static about nine years ago, but a visit to Alpha Tech(an authorized Mc repair center at that time) in St. Louis took care of that issue, and it benched out meeting all specs. Clear signal outputs on AM, FM, phono, and cd run through tape inputs. The only quibbles I see are - the receiver pan lock was never installed, and then lost by the original owner - the black inset cap is missing on the volume knob - the tuner alinment is shifted right by about 0.3 on the FM dial. KSHE 94.7 comes in at approx. 95, and KLUE 103.3 is about 103.6, and stations not perfectly aligned never bothered me. Price is $750 without the case, $900 with the case. The Dynaco A25s have the normal scratches and minor bruises from 45 years of use, and have been used both on side and standing upright. The Irish linen grilles have no pills or tears, but they are missing the badges and are not consecutive serials. I have mainly used them in the living room system with the Citation II driving them, and they sound smooth and sweet throughout all volumes with the Blue Note and 1960s jazz we spin. Price is $200 Both these pieces are living room quality. I am willing to travel to central Illinois(or Chicago next weekend), and most of Missouri to assist in delivery for consideration. Thanks, Dave 314-651-9396
  15. sheltie dave

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Prayers, Bruce.