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  1. Thanks. Seems like a no-brainer then. Not sure why an end user would choose different audio input than HDMI.
  2. So, I am finally upgrading my 20 year old Rotel processor (works great but no HDMI) for a used 2016 Anthem that offers a wide variety of connection options. For video, the clear winner seems to be HDMI, but is that true for audio? I have the option for HDMI (7 inputs), component (5 inputs) , optical (3 in puts), & Coaxial (2 inputs). From what I understand, I can assign any audio input with any video input. Since I haven't had to deal with this many variations, what is the preferred order of operation. Any in put (pun intended) would be appreciated. The ones I am unsure about that I will be connecting is a Tivo device with a variety of options & an external DAC which I run my phone through. I'm pretty sure everything else is HDMI only, unless my Blue Ray offers a component or Coaxial option.
  3. I am in need of MS Word advice. I have used the border shortcut ### in a word doc in several places. But, I have two of these that will not delete now that I have decided to do something different. I can't even select them and delete them. I have shut down Word and even restarted the computer and still nothing. Does anyone have any solutions for this? If it matters, it is Word for Mac.
  4. Football is largely a game of chess mixed with deception. By allowing the lineman to retreat and set-up for whatever the call was, they are in a better position to execute their plan.
  5. Foxman

    Duh Raiders….

    Being a Chiefs fan from KC originally, I have been raised with a certain loathing for all things Raiders. But, I kind of feel for the team and absolutely hate what this does for Gruden's future. Not apologizing in any way for what he communicated at all. But, having experienced my share of having to eat humble pie, he has some really long days ahead for him of reflection, regret, but tremendous potential for personal growth. But no matter where he goes or what he does in life, there will likely be people who will always remember this moment in his past and hold it against him regardless of what he does to grow as a person. And that is sad.
  6. The form the wall based on the call of the ST coaches on what they hope to do on the return.
  7. Literally just started the 1st chapter of the book, "If Christ Were Your Counselor" copyright 1993.
  8. If I message you one of the graphics, would you judge the complexity of it and know what you would charge?
  9. In the for what its worth department... I'd like to be counted among the "and others" for that cinnamon coffee cake and we can call that even! 😀
  10. That is a great point. Ownership is the key. I do want to be fair. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. I hope he needs more than my contribution to retire! 😀
  12. I had a guy that is a member of the church I pastor design 3 variations of the same logo that I hope to use in publishing and for personal application. We never discussed price and when I asked him what I owed, he said whatever you think it is worth. So.... now I am a bit stuck. I ran a google search and it looks like the going hourly rate for freelance work in my area is around $27 an hour. Does anyone have any experience with this that can guide me? I'd like to pay him for his work, but I don't want him to think I am lowballing him, but don't want to break the bank. I was thinking $100.00. Thoughts?
  13. The Legacy Journey by: Dave Ramsey
  14. I have had two versions of the Denon 3900, they are so tempting because they are designed to do everything we want them to do.... but they are an epic failure. Don't throw good money after that turd. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Both of my Denon's ended up in a landfill and that was is what they are made for. You miles may vary.
  15. So, I was also always the one people came too for advice. That says something about you. Wise, trustworthy, good listener, kind, compassionate, good/big heart. Those are all positive character traits that have a side affect. Hopefully mixed into those character traits is a willingness to be honest when being honest means correction and having to be stern. The side affect is, some people mistake kindness for weakness and take advantage and it stings the tender hearted, which can lead to hard heartedness. As much as is possible, my advice is to guard the tendency toward hard heartedness which becomes skepticism, but at the same time, learn to set healthy boundaries with those who hurt, take advantage of, and abuse your kindness. Boundaries are for your protection and the protection of the relationship. Loving others through service, which includes being a good listener, is more than a positive thing, it is important and healthy for all parties. I'd suggest a book titled, Boundaries: When to say yes How to say no To take take control of your life. https://www.amazon.com/Boundaries-Updated-Expanded-When-Control/dp/0310351804/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=boundaries&qid=1628427317&sr=8-4 I hope this helps. Part of my calling into the ministry was the preparation process of being one of those who people came to for advice. Everything is part of the process of becoming, God wastes nothing.
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