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  1. My solution is to have a piece of glass cut to sit on top of the speaker with felt pads on the outer corners of the glass. That helps prevent future dents and scratches. Less than a week after unboxing my F3's, an electrician sat his drill on top of one of my speakers leaving a scratch. I was sick, he is a friend and I just try not to think about it.
  2. I absolutely agree. THE only downside to the F3 is how delicate the finish is. Otherwise, it is an outstanding sounding speaker and like you, I like the size in my medium sized room.
  3. I struggled finding a timbre match for my Forte iii's and a Heresy was a perfect timbre match, but wouldn't work for my wife. I ended up purchasing the B&K Sound CSC-1 from Bob Crites at the link below, which is a more traditional center channel, and the timbre match is phenomenal. I would fully expect it to match the Heresy iv as well. Good luck on your search. https://critesspeakers.com/csc-1-center-channel-speake.html
  4. I do recall having this as a kid (still have it actually), but I am certain it was bought for me.
  5. Rush Moving Pictures purchased around 1983
  6. Just from another perspective. Sometimes dysfunctions can be resolved in times like this. Hardships can play an integral role in reconciliation. Some of our perceptions of issues from the past might be nothing more than misunderstandings that can be cleared up by finding things that shed light on what was really happening, which can be very cathartic and bring closure on the deep wounds that are created in the mind which grow with every passing year. I know a bit about dysfunction within families and have learned a lot about the impact of reconciliation. I am sorry to hear about the situation as a whole.
  7. There is a Netflix series called Mars based on Elon Musks drive to set up a colony on Mars. It is interesting for sure. Personally, I have no desire to invest 8 years to be able to go to Mars, but, I am not opposed to the idea of others going.
  8. I have that book and skimmed through it. Excellent work. I have cited that book on a few occasions. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. This smells like click bait. Moving along.
  10. Asking for a friend? LOL Money is a stewardship responsibility. Give back to the owner of all things the first fruits of your labor (Tithe). Then give generously over an above the tithe in proportion to your ability. Be generous out of your abundance or your lack towards others and you will be blessed and you will initiate worship. Learn to delay gratification through contentment, and invest in your eternal future by leveraging your time, talents, and treasures today.
  11. I should add that I did skip one of those books, the 7 Money types, because after skimming through some of the book, I disagreed with the premise entirely and could see no real value for what I was after. Once I am more interested in off the wall theological views, then I may revisit that book. I did substitute a handful of others though.
  12. We have watched Yellowstone and are currently watching suits, both through Peacock. Having watched the Marvel movies, I am now watching agents of Shield when I get the chance.
  13. If your question was directed at those books I read for research then, no, it is not a joke. Having read those, I have moved on to some other books for additional research. I read for doctoral work in biblical counseling, and I read for future writing projects that I am interested in, or for subjects that I need to bone up on.
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