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  1. That's exactly why needing an additional powered USB hub doesn't make sense to me, but that is the solution the Schiit website suggests. I guess the powered hub isn't for the Modi necessarily, it is for the phone, but still seems odd.
  2. @glens You are on to something after all. I found this on the website and am ordering yet another adapter, though, this is it for me. "If you have an iPhone running iOS7 or above or iPad running iOS6 or above with the Lightning connector, you can use the Lightning to USB 3 Adapter from Apple, or the Lightning to USB Adapter from Apple, together with a powered hub to avoid the "this device draws too much power" error. You'll also need a USB cable." It makes no sense to me, but, it is what it is.
  3. @polizzio Yeah, I have been using a lightening to 3.5mm then a 3.5mm to dual RCA's, but have been led to believe that the DAC in the iPhone is not great. What I do know is the comparison between a CD and what I hear from the phone is night and day, though I download the CD's lossless when I put it on my computer. So, the best explanation for the loss of fidelity is the built in DAC on the phone. Hence... the Modi 2. @Schu I am running this into a Pre-Amp connected to my Rotel RMB-1075 amp. @glens I had not seen that on the website, I'll have to download the manual and read that. Thanks. EDIT: From the manual: "This light turns on when you’ve selected a USB source. The USB input is self-powered, so it does not require power from your computer or other USB source to run. However, Modi Uber will have to be turned on for your computer to “see” the USB input." So... I am back to square 1.
  4. I have never owned a DAC and after doing some research, since I really like listening to the playlist I have on my iPhone, I pulled the trigger on a Schiit Modi 2 Uber. I purchase the lightning to USB 2.0 cable and finally get my system put together and... my phone says the Modi device requires too much power. Back to the drawing board. I ask around, look at the Schiit website. According to it, I need the camera adapter from Apple, lightning to USB, and then a USB to USB 2.0. Order the cables, do the update on my phone and.... my phone says, USB Modi device requires too much power. I unplugged everything, I turned everything off and back on. Anyone got anything? Is it worth the aggravation?
  5. Actually just this weekend. I’m bringing some things in and cleaning with a little concert going on. Wow I had forgotten how much bass Pink Floyd’s Pulse has in it.
  6. I have a quote from Mr. Crites, if I can stash them in the basement... out of sight out of mind type of thing, then I might be able to sneak up on a super Corn. At least that is what I think he quoted me. His quote was for a new pair of B-2 crossovers. CT120 tweeters. The A-55G Mids — midrange horn to driver gaskets & the CW1526C Cast Aluminum Frame Woofers.
  7. I just couldn’t wait another moment to see my new speakers even though we’re not ready for everything. Man they look nice in this space.
  8. It would be great if there were a service geared toward to HT enthusiast that places a premium on audio and video quality. It sounds like Redbox is approaching that even if slowly, I went and signed up and noticed their UHD options. I read many forums that list these fantastic disks for audio or video and I am thinking, man I would love to watch that.... but I am like many others, I am probably only watching a time or two. Not nearly enough to justify $20–30 bucks to own.
  9. WOW! 800' of hardwoods is serious $$. Thanks for the comment on the room. I have been really concerned about room treatment, but the Mrs. bought a nice size rug with a good and think pad which should take care of a lot of my concern. Window treatment (blinds) should also diffuse the sound nicely. Add in the furniture and some back wall artifacts, and I am thinking it will all be okay.
  10. I have been a Netflix customer for years and for the past several have settled for compressed streaming, but want to get back to a higher quality. So, I have been thinking of signing back up for Netflix's Blue Ray disk option and was curious if there are Blue Ray and or UHD rental alternatives that anyone uses or is familiar with. I am also an Amazon Prime customer, though not really for the movies, more for the free shipping since I purchase a high volume of books. (School related mostly.) There are so many great high quality recordings with all kinds of LFE and or 4K content that I simply cannot, and do not desire to spend the money to own them. Thoughts.
  11. Timber matching for for surround is generally not as big of a deal. You might consider an in wall, or a ceiling speaker. I sold my RS-7's surrounds due to a remodel which left no wall for me to hang my left rear surround on, so, I purchased a pair of in ceiling Klipsch CDT5800 C2's and they do a great job. You can angle them to the MLP and best of all, they are wife approved... at least my wife likes them (no small feat).
  12. Yeah, I purchased some "B" stock Cornwall 3's and the freight company gouged them with a forklift. The 3's were gone, I neglected to unwrap the boxes and didn't note the damage it was a big mess. Couldn't swing the 4's, ended up with "A" stock Forte's and will be thrilled with them... but man I wish I could have worked it out on the Corns. Not to be, at least not today. I have some older 1's in my basement that I will try to use as a 2 channel system, but everything is up in the air.
  13. Thanks guys. With the paint trimming and the carpet people coming to put down new carpet tomorrow, our hands are full. As much as I'd like the take the new stuff for a run through, I am having to exhaust my patience muscle. Hopefully by Thursday I can begin to dig out all of the gear and begin the fun of connecting and playing around. If nothing else, I really want it all together with the TV mounted to watch my Chiefs Sunday. 1st time since I wore a diaper.
  14. And something from our friends from Kentucky...
  15. Progress... The listening room is much larger with a lot more hard surface area. A rug and thick padding are on the way.
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