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  1. I have that book and skimmed through it. Excellent work. I have cited that book on a few occasions. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. This smells like click bait. Moving along.
  3. Asking for a friend? LOL Money is a stewardship responsibility. Give back to the owner of all things the first fruits of your labor (Tithe). Then give generously over an above the tithe in proportion to your ability. Be generous out of your abundance or your lack towards others and you will be blessed and you will initiate worship. Learn to delay gratification through contentment, and invest in your eternal future by leveraging your time, talents, and treasures today.
  4. I should add that I did skip one of those books, the 7 Money types, because after skimming through some of the book, I disagreed with the premise entirely and could see no real value for what I was after. Once I am more interested in off the wall theological views, then I may revisit that book. I did substitute a handful of others though.
  5. We have watched Yellowstone and are currently watching suits, both through Peacock. Having watched the Marvel movies, I am now watching agents of Shield when I get the chance.
  6. If your question was directed at those books I read for research then, no, it is not a joke. Having read those, I have moved on to some other books for additional research. I read for doctoral work in biblical counseling, and I read for future writing projects that I am interested in, or for subjects that I need to bone up on.
  7. I discovered this to be an excellent center for my Forte iii's. The tonal match is shockingly good. https://critesspeakers.com/csc-1-center-channel-speake.html I was able to get it veneered and stained matched to the Forte's. This fit my needs esthetically far more than using a Heresy.
  8. I had some updated/moded Forte ii's and ended up going with the iii's and have never regretted it. Those ii's sounded great, but these iii's are more accurate vocally, and much easier on the eyes for my room in the Cherry.
  9. Foxman

    Mug Shots

    Not that I post much, but here is my fam in Tennessee on vacation last fall.
  10. Agreed. There are a lot of pluses that have been mentioned, but the photos you posted do not tell the whole story. Condition is a big factor to their value. If they were mint I'd easily see them going for top dollar considering the other pluses mentioned. If they are in need of repair, that changes the value potentially a lot. I'm not in the market, but before I made a 4 or 5 hour drive, I'd have to see more than what you posted to pay more than $500. At $500, someone could just hope for the best based on the other pluses.
  11. We have a lab that is mostly indoors. We use a combination of a robot vac and a Miele, which does a good job. We have model SGFE0 like this link https://www.mieleusa.com/e/canister-vacuum-cleaners-complete-c3-calima-powerline-sgfe0-10796510-p It is $699 on Amazon if it is the same model, though we paid more locally. It has taken some getting used to using a canister vacuum and we have had it for 6 months without issue. I don't recall what we had, it was a decent vacuum, upright, and before that we had one of those expensive Kirby upright vacs for like 18 years. But, as I said, we are pleased with this Miele and it seems to get the hair nicely.
  12. I completely understand the pull and temptation being that close. We call that instant gratification and that is very persuasive. Go for it. However, the particular retailer I alluded too ships nationwide included in the price, new in the box. And, I doubt you would pay more... just think it might be worth an email or phone call. If not, pull the trigger, they are fantastic speakers. I am blasting mine now during breakfast. Either way, enjoy them if you go for them whether new or used.
  13. I don't know that $2700 is a steal of a deal in terms of dollars and cents, but I do know that the speaker is worth good money. I thoroughly enjoy our cherry Forte iii's. I might suggest a certain retailer that occasionally logs in here and compare his prices on a new pair to these used ones for $2700.
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