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    Belles in Durham, NC

    If only I had the room, these are about an hour and a half from me.
  2. I thought the screw was holding the magnet. Maybe it is just a screw and the magnet is in the grill.
  3. Thanks guys, I’ll get those parts express ones for sure.
  4. I’d really like to buys some speaker grill magnets Like what Klipsch is using on the Forte 3. does anyone know where I can get them or how to contact Klipsch about buying some from them?
  5. I should add this and I apologize for not stating it. I had been planning on building a center from a Heresy. The issue of size became unavoidable. I finally submitted to that reality and that is what led me to the solution with the CSC-1. I knew I could make the center and it would be fantastic using the Heresy, but I also knew that no matter how I configured it, my bride would not be satisfied with the height of it. It is just not worth the disagreement to stand firm on that. Out of respect to her and her wishes, this solution became a win/win as we each gave a little and got a lot.
  6. @MC39693 Here is the specs off of the Crites website: https://critesspeakers.com/csc-1-center-channel-speake.html Dimensions are: Width 34 inches, Height 10 1/2 inches, Depth 10 1/2 inches. Weight is 48 pounds. Construction is 3/4 inch Russian Birch void free plywood. Bass Reflex with two 2 inch ports. Frequency Response 80 to 18khz plus or minus 4db. Nominal Impedance about 6 ohms. Crossover frequency 2000hz. Power Handling over 100 watts. Sensitivity 98db at 1 watt/1meter Components: 2 Faital 8FE200 Woofers, Selenium D220TI 8 ohm driver, Faital LTH102 Tractrix horn. The speaker grill is sold separate but does not include the grill cloth, also sold separate and I have both, I just haven't done anything with it yet. It is a raw plywood cabinet. I will have mine veneered and stained to match the natural Cherry Forte as close as I can. I have a friend that does veneer, and I have some stain. This is similar in size to the RC-7 center channel by Klipsch, but where as the RC-7 is a perfect match for the reference line, the CSC-1 is a perfect match (somehow) for the Heritage or at the very least, for the Forte speakers. I traded my RC-7 when I switched to the Forte because the difference in Timbre bugged me quite a bit. Now, your miles may vary on this as I learned both my wife and my son had no idea what I meant when I pointed out the difference. But, they both acknowledge the superior sound quality we now have. I have owned this center for about a week and have tried to consume as much content, surround sound music, Blue Ray movies and network television, in order to gauge the timbre and overall sound and I can say that I like the speaker more today than last Saturday as I have gotten it more and more adjusted to the system. My 3 reservations were the overall lack of any discussion about this speaker, although I have found some, there is little info. Secondly, I really wasn't sure a 2 way speaker would give me what I wanted for vocal reproduction and overall sound quality. 3, the 6 ohm thing bugged me because I have never had anything beside an 8 ohm speaker in my home theater system and was unsure what difference it would make. Given the fact I knew where I had been with center channel speakers, and it wasn't acceptable, I knew I had to move in another direction. Absent any other viable alternatives, after speaking with Mr. Crites, I decided on the spot to roll the dice and I couldn't be more satisfied. He assured me that while not hearing the CSC-1 with Forte 3's, they were a great match with the 2's. Second, I had to bite the bullet with the 2 way thing. I had that with the RC-7 for 17 years and it is what it is, there are going to be bass limitations, but vocally, it is spot on the money and the timbre match is fantastic.... though I have no idea how. Credit to Mr. Crites and his team. 3rd, the 6 ohm thing is not a big deal. I had to adjust the output by about 6 ticks and it perfectly blends. I could hear the timbre difference from the 7 compared to the Forte from a mile away. I have sat on the floor between this center and a Forte about a foot away and cannot hear an appreciable difference.
  7. Nothing in the way per se. I have 18"–24" on either side. I really havent given it a ton of thought, but, I might tinker and see what the differences are. Funny thing with the Forte to me is, most of the reviewers talk about how critical placement is and when it is right it is amazing. I snagged some Forte 2's last year, plopped them into about the same spot and never gave them so much as a nudge, they blew me away and proved to sound better to me than the RF-7's I owned for 17 years. These 3's are even more detailed than the 2's and haven't touched them once I set them in place. I am either just that lucky, this spot is just that spot, or, they just aren't that sensitive. One way or the other, I love them.
  8. Last summer as my wife and I began discussing a remodel, I knew it was time for some new speakers, which led me on a journey into Heritage Klipsch. Below is the story and review of the struggle with finding a Heritage center channel that meets my bride's satisfaction (Something very important to me) I began with RF, RC, RS-7's which I had for around 17 years. I paired them with a SVS 20-39PC Plus sub woofer. Since that time, I purchased dual SVS SB3000's, a pair of Klipsch CDT5800 C2's for surrounds, I went through various used Heritage speakers before purchasing a pair of new Forte 3's in Natural Cherry. The challenge is and has been the center channel. The RC-7 simply did not even come close to the timbre and it really bugged me... a lot. Enter the Heresy 1. What a beautiful speaker that matched perfectly. One big problem is the wife strong dislike. After various mental exercises and attempts to smooth that over or recreate a more pleasing version, I rolled the dice on a B&K Sound CSC-1 from Crites speakers. The build is solid, it is a 6ohm speaker and it is not a perfect timbre match like the Heresy. But, it is very, very good and close enough that from my seat, I cannot hear a timbre mismatch. It comes unfinished and the grill is sold separate as is the fabric and I still need to veneer, stain, and mount the grill and cloth, but I am a happy camper and best of all, my wife is satisfied. The CSC-1 is only slightly larger than the RC-7. So, that is my brief review and below you see the pics. I love the sound of this system.
  9. Well, here she is boys. We are not 100% done, and I am not done with the center channel, but this is my view currently and I am well pleased.
  10. That's exactly why needing an additional powered USB hub doesn't make sense to me, but that is the solution the Schiit website suggests. I guess the powered hub isn't for the Modi necessarily, it is for the phone, but still seems odd.
  11. @glens You are on to something after all. I found this on the website and am ordering yet another adapter, though, this is it for me. "If you have an iPhone running iOS7 or above or iPad running iOS6 or above with the Lightning connector, you can use the Lightning to USB 3 Adapter from Apple, or the Lightning to USB Adapter from Apple, together with a powered hub to avoid the "this device draws too much power" error. You'll also need a USB cable." It makes no sense to me, but, it is what it is.
  12. @polizzio Yeah, I have been using a lightening to 3.5mm then a 3.5mm to dual RCA's, but have been led to believe that the DAC in the iPhone is not great. What I do know is the comparison between a CD and what I hear from the phone is night and day, though I download the CD's lossless when I put it on my computer. So, the best explanation for the loss of fidelity is the built in DAC on the phone. Hence... the Modi 2. @Schu I am running this into a Pre-Amp connected to my Rotel RMB-1075 amp. @glens I had not seen that on the website, I'll have to download the manual and read that. Thanks. EDIT: From the manual: "This light turns on when you’ve selected a USB source. The USB input is self-powered, so it does not require power from your computer or other USB source to run. However, Modi Uber will have to be turned on for your computer to “see” the USB input." So... I am back to square 1.
  13. I have never owned a DAC and after doing some research, since I really like listening to the playlist I have on my iPhone, I pulled the trigger on a Schiit Modi 2 Uber. I purchase the lightning to USB 2.0 cable and finally get my system put together and... my phone says the Modi device requires too much power. Back to the drawing board. I ask around, look at the Schiit website. According to it, I need the camera adapter from Apple, lightning to USB, and then a USB to USB 2.0. Order the cables, do the update on my phone and.... my phone says, USB Modi device requires too much power. I unplugged everything, I turned everything off and back on. Anyone got anything? Is it worth the aggravation?
  14. Actually just this weekend. I’m bringing some things in and cleaning with a little concert going on. Wow I had forgotten how much bass Pink Floyd’s Pulse has in it.
  15. I have a quote from Mr. Crites, if I can stash them in the basement... out of sight out of mind type of thing, then I might be able to sneak up on a super Corn. At least that is what I think he quoted me. His quote was for a new pair of B-2 crossovers. CT120 tweeters. The A-55G Mids — midrange horn to driver gaskets & the CW1526C Cast Aluminum Frame Woofers.
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