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  1. Thanks kind sir. That is what I call a bummer.
  2. I know Marantz just announced their new 2020 8K models, in-line with the Denon 8K avr's. The 2020 Denon and Marantz offer pre-amp outputs that disconnect the amp offering a cooler unit with a lower noise floor. This is new to the lower model Denon's, but the previous model year Marantz units also have Pre-Out's. My question is, does anyone know if the previous model year versions with pre-outs also shut off the built in amp in order to run cooler with a lower noise floor, or is this a new for 2020 feature on the lower end models IE: The SR5000 model's?
  3. Looks like the vinegar solution did the job. Thank you sir.
  4. I'll try the vinegar, but a key part of the detail I left off is, I am trying to sell them and the buyer doesn't want them with the spots. Maybe the vinegar will do the trick.
  5. I've got a pair of 1982 Heresy's with K22-E woofers. One of them has some white spots on them. It is purely aesthetic and does not impact the performance of the speaker, but it is noticeable. What would a fellow do to replace that driver? I have googled around a bit, but the information I found was old. Any thoughts on the best solution for the person who can't live with these spots? Does anyone have one sitting around perchance?
  6. Amen. Sancho, God knows the hairs on our heads and calls us by name. While things in this world do not make sense to us, that you are asking for prayers is a great thing because He hears and answers our prayers. As Chuck Swindol says, His answers are yes, no, or grow. I am praying for a profound yes, and in this, all involved will grow in the knowledge and love of the One who first loved us.
  7. It is most unlikely that you would push them beyond their capabilities with what you have unless you are intentional about doing so, or unless you are virtually deaf and must utilize the full capabilities of the power just to enjoy the music. Enjoy the Forte's ability to reproduce those vocals with fantastic clarity and accuracy... I know I am.
  8. I appreciate your insights Chris. Thank you. I am fine with used actually, but I'll keep on poking around. For now, what I have works fine, its just limited.
  9. Bad experience with the MC-700?
  10. I do both, but my focus on updating is primarily for HT and surround sound music... and to be able to run my software through the HDMI in order to calibrate my system better. I am currently very limited in what I can do with what I have and it isnt going to get better.
  11. Okay, so if I decided to go with a new AVR and I set a budget of $700 max. I need at least 5.1 pre-outs and 4 HDMI and 1 HDMI out, prefer 4K capable. I see an Emotiva MX-700 that is in range, and a Yamaha RX-A880. Any other prospective units or suggestions. I would have to modify my entertainment unit to fit the Yamaha, but the Emotiva would fit. Suggestions?
  12. Mission scrubbed.
  13. http://cs.pn/2AdLIrb You can watch it from the link.
  14. Exactly. When I sold for a living my happiest customers were not happy because they negotiated every dime out of the deal. In fact, those customers were almost always the least happy ones. The happiest customers I had were almost always the ones who saw that the value in the product was greater than the value of the money they paid. Regardless of the level of profit for me. Those sales are always win/win. Whether it is because I did a good job of building value, or because the customer perceived the value is debatable. What is almost without exception is the customer who feels like the deal was good, is happy. Those negotiations are always handled with respect. Value is not binary. Take used heritage speakers for example. A spreadsheet may say that some Heresy 1's are valued at $400 (as an example). The value of that speaker to the seller and to the buyer may be completely different than the spreadsheet making it nothing more than a talking point. At the point in which the buyer sees the value of those speakers as equal too or greater than the sellers price, the spreadsheet no longer matters. I ran into this multiple times a day in the car business when people came in loaded with all the latest trade in values and invoice for whatever they wanted to purchase. Those numbers are not binary numbers. There are many MANY other factors to consider.
  15. I think this gives me the answer to my question. Basically, the higher the HDMI # the better the image that comes out of the AVR/Processor.
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