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  1. Nice but TV looks to be too high
  2. Ok, found one. Cost me again to view this site, hope I like it : ) MIne was $19.99 though
  3. Anybody familiar with this unit? Seems like a good price.
  4. Very nice, thanks for the review. Glad I have the Blueberry so that I do not have the feeling I am missing out on something. Interesting about the BUgle Boys though. I use a siemans CCA in the 6DJ8 spot. Once I thought it was going bad in put in my Bugle Boy and was entirely un impressed in the sound. Could have been the tube was not perfect or something, but the CCa's are the only way to go.
  5. Thanks for the info. I gave my son an SX1250 and a pair of JBL 100's. What a sound he has. I am looking to get a pair of the ADS 1290 or l810 or up to see what they sound like. Go for the RF7's, I have always liked their sound.
  6. Mine are the SDA1's, definitely an aquired taste. Its a shame you do not live in Florida. There is a pair of RF7's for $500 on Craigslist. SO would you rate the ADS above the others? I really want to hear the the ADS L910's or the L810's. Would love to actively bi-ampthe L910's.
  7. Waht is on shelf number two from the top? Almost looks like another VRD
  8. Well as everyone has opinions I will throw my hat in. I have had most of the Klipsch mentioned. The RF5's are pretty awesome and better on the WAF. However like you said the RF7's would be an ugrade, better. For HT, I think you would really like the RF series, that is how my old HT system was set up, RF3's front. I have owned Forte II (bought new in 96), and Heresys, and I like the RF line up way better. On another note you like the Polk LS90's better than the Jubals, and the ADS1290's? I have a pair of SDA 1's right now, not overly impressed. How did you like the ADS?
  9. You can find the MC240 for around 1k if you are not looking for asthetics. I sold mine for $950, and it was tuned up by Nosvalves.. Had a great sound but the VRD's were just so much better it had to go.
  10. SS stands for Solid State as opposed to Tubes. There are many 2 channel amplfiers that can be bridged Mono. Adcom, older units like Hafler, McIntosh etc. Not familiar with what is available in your area, but I have had good luck when buying tubes from Germany so possibly having somthing shipped overseas could work.
  11. Great purchase. I am extremely jealous. The best amp I ahve heard to date was the MC402 I owned for about a year. Bad times forced the sale. Never let yours go.
  12. Is this just a two channel system? I have had way better luck with tubes and Klipsch speakers myself, but that is just my opinion. If you are gong to stay with SS I would reccomend B&K. I had an ST202 for a long time and to me it sounded the best with Klipsch as far as SS goes. The B&K Sonata series is really good if you are wanting to spend more dollars. I also loved my McIntosh amp,but it was the MC402, go figure. I had the MC 2505 but it did not impress me. ON the other hand the MC240 really puts out some juice for a tube amp. .
  13. Hmmm, I guess my question is "Are they all hooked up?" If not, then you just might be classified as a hoarder. If you start having trouble with storage I ahve a spare bedroom that has enough room for at least two or three pair.
  14. I guess I am now "That Guy", and I even purchased my crossovers from Dean for the Cornwalls, VRD's from Craig, Blueberry from Mark. The names mentioned where correct, mobile homeless, and I believe Eric or something like that were others. But in all those posts were lots of useful information that I continue to use to this day. Thanks again, although I do not post much I can usually be found lurking : )
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